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REPORTING · 17th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
New Picture Added
It was a fairly clear case of inexperience and foolishness; driving a car in a joy riding spirit on a gravel road too fast. Almost as if attempting to repeat one of those TV commercials where the text at the bottom of the screen says "Professional Driver on a closed course", which should be followed by, “Hey you, yah you, new driver! Don't try this!"

Sliding back and forth on gravel can be fun, even spinning a car around. But don't learn how to do it with three passengers. Yes, there were four people in this car. And don't do it on a City street with people, curbs, signs and power poles in your path. Try the Terrace Speedway with safe instruction.

On the 3800 block of Eby Street today, June 17, at just after 6:30 pm, at the entrance to Parkside School where a youth group was preparing to meet, this is just what happened. Witnesses saw the car with the youth speeding and swerving in the gravel. The driver was likely laughing. The passenger in the front seat certainly wasn’t at the end. With blood leaving her body, a concussion and an ambulance ride to the hospital, we are reminded of a Saskatchewan driving responsible campaign. “Don’t be a Bloody Idiot.”
Note the back of the car has no N sticker and the comments all claim to be youth.  Is this another violation?  Is it criminal?  You can see the skid marks in the gravel as the car slid into the pole.
Note the back of the car has no N sticker and the comments all claim to be youth. Is this another violation? Is it criminal? You can see the skid marks in the gravel as the car slid into the pole.
On that note...
Comment by Editor - Terrace Daily on 18th June 2011
Everyone here has learnt a thing or two, vented a bit and got to have their say. We will be shutting down the comments. Let's all be thankful it was not a fatal accident.
Hey citizens of Terrace
Comment by Trollin' on 18th June 2011
Way to showcase the civil manner in which we conduct ourselves on a public website, it really shows off the intelligent side of our townspeople!

This is a life experience, a mistake and a lesson hopefully learned by kids being irresponsible with their lives, their friends lives and their privilege to drive. Life goes on. Move along, people.

Comment by Krystin Bennett on 18th June 2011
You reporters need to get your facts straight.

Yes, teenagers do make stupid decisions and make mistakes. But does it give all you people a right to nag at them? For the majority of you people commenting, are YOU their parents? No. So get out of their business. This wasn't even supposed to be reported.

Yes, what they did may have been against the law, but if they get in trouble, then their lessons will be learned. They don't need people they don't know trying to baby them for their wrongs.

And get real for all you reporters who just want to spread rumors. Instead of hating on the fact that they did something wrong, be thankful for the fact that they're even still alive.

If they were dead. would you be commenting about how stupid they were? No. You'd be commenting on how sad it is for people to lose lives and how close people are affected by it.

Imagine if these were your children ; would you be impauled by what they did? Or would you be happy that your young ones still have lives to live? I'm sure you would be upset and disapointed, but you would be more grateful to have your babies in your hands.

We ALL make mistakes. Others have done worse. Too many thingd that have happened in this world, this is only a minor situation.

To those who have been in this accident, I hope the best for all of you to get better. I'm relieved that your feet are still on this Earth.

Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th June 2011
I went to parkside school for 4 years.
Comment by mee.. on 18th June 2011
yeah i was in the accident ..and you wouldent be laughiing if it was you bud so be mature and keep your rude comments to your self yeah sure we made a stupid mistake but we learnt our lesson and we sure hell wont be doing it again and those to who are saying our parents dont give a damn they were there for use as soon as we called them im glad i didnt die and im glad my friends are still alive
Comment by Car Buff on 18th June 2011
Thanks for sounding like the Jackass you are.

As for your little rant about all of us making mistakes yes we all do.

Sometimes I leave the milk out and it goes sour and oh gosh I need to go to the store and buy some more.

And some people get behind the wheel of a car and cause an accident that could not only hurt themselves but others.

Now there are two examples of mistakes.

In there first case my mistake only affects me.

In the 2nd case the mistake affects not only the
people involved but others as well.

If you and other dummys still dont understand that most basic of facts then you are hopeless, worthless and should never be allowed to breed.
Comment by LOL!!! on 18th June 2011
Ok... Yes, by writing this I too am guilty, but WOW ALL of you from parents to Merv sound ridiculous acting like children ALL AROUND! Yes he missed a kid or 2 and did sound a bit like an amature writer, but the simple facts are there... What they did was stupid and let's hope the lesson is learned and be happy everyone is ok!! Those of you who think their kids will go through life not making any mistakes..... Ha ha ha .... Good luck with that! We are all human and will do so more than once... He who has never made a mistake has never really lived at all..
Dear Myself
Comment by Look ma, I can be annonmous to on 18th June 2011
Sorry Jack, my browser does not have a spellchecker.

I'm far from perfect and I'll be the first person to admit that. However, my parents taught me to take responsibility for my actions. Maybe you should do the same. I have only seen one parent in this chat room who are willing to let their children learn that lesson.

What decisions would you have made if you were in this situation? Are you happy your kids broke the law? Is that the lesson you want them to learn? Go ahead and break the law, we'll prevent there from being repercussions by shaming anyone who calls you out? Are you going to shame the RCMP if they charge the driver?

I've heard: "But they're just having fun" enough times to cover up near misses. If someone was paralyzed or worse, killed, would you be singing the same song?

Speeding and reckless driving aside, it is a criminal offence to put 7 people in a 5 person car. If these are, as you say, kids, this means the driver must have his full license as there is clearly no N on the back of his vehicle.

Teach your kids to grow up by growing up yourself. By posting the way you have, your teaching them they could get away with anything and Mommy and Daddy will always be their to fight their battles when they f up.
+ 1 vote for stupidest criminal vote
Comment by Car Buff on 18th June 2011
Thank god some actual sane and reasonably intelligent people have started to comment on this story.

Parton ???
Comment by CArrie Upperhill on 18th June 2011
Ok, Dolly PARTON, maybe next time your kid drives to Parkside, he should be dropping you off at grammar school.

Pardon me if that seems rude , but yes, your kids are stupid. No, this wouldn't happen to my kids, because they drive in the Formula F1.
Comment by Bob Underwood on 18th June 2011
The sheer ignorance here is astounding. It seems that parents these days have just as atrocious grammatical habits as the children.

Also, kids, you "f''ed" up, and crashed a car. Iay may be embarrassing, but the article is true. Ok, they got one fact wrong .. you had packed the car with MORE people , and you came here to admit it. Now the journalist is guilty of spreading lies ? Ok, sure.


+1 for the stupidest criminal vote .
Comment by Car Buff on 18th June 2011
Hey at least the people involved are getting there anger out through comments.

If this was Vancouver that black car would be on fire by now and a wave of blue and green would be rioting as we speak.
Facts for the dummys
Comment by Car Buff on 18th June 2011
Okay this is too much to hold in as I am crying laughing at the idiocy of these commenters.

They claim missing facts such as that there were 7 people in the car and not 4 is grounds for anger LOL

They whine about there pics being taken.
Its in public you little spazzes its perfectly legal
so continue your butthurt its so epic.

You want to sue this paper you realize you would need to then admit in court who was involved and incriminate yourselves.
No wonder you were in an accident if you are all this FN stupid.

Too the parents whining....ha you are only doing PR for your own kids, damage control on your own kids idiocy. Words cant even being to describe how stupid you are.

Also all you dummys are incriminating yourselves and giving police the evidence needed to charge you everytime you you know what an IP address is kids? that aint anonymous.

Thanks for the laughs.
Dear look ma, .......
Comment by Myself on 18th June 2011
I beg your Parton??? What these children did was extremely stupid and should be made public, the story should be told and made an example of what consequences their decisions create.....
I'm not in any way defending what my child has done but I will NOT sit here and nit say anything when perfect people living in a perfect world such as yourself cast such judgement upon them... You don't know any of them to assume that they are simply stupid! What they did could have happened to anyone... Including your children...
Is the car okay?
Comment by Car Buff on 18th June 2011
After reading all the parents comments and the comments of those involved in the accident I can safely say I only feel sorry for the car as it seems to be the only thing in this accident that can be repaired and be useful to society again.
On and on
Comment by Myself on 18th June 2011
There you go again... Did you not yet graduate young man? Funny you can compare yourself to the real news where grown up reporters do their jobs.
Embarrassment here ?? Nope. I see you write your assumptions rather than facts often... This is a "NEWS" paper not a Merv assumed or Merv's personal opinion column.... Learn the difference...
Punctuation mark shortage
Comment by c. sandecki on 18th June 2011
Merv, do you have an extra box of periods you could hand out like mints to those who have already used up their lifetime supply? And order more to keep on hand for the future.
Would make reading some of these comments easier.
Parents who dont give a damn
Comment by Look ma, I can be annonmous to on 18th June 2011
You know, the parents who posted on this article have shown me and the rest of Terrace why this accident happened. They don't care their child has been in an accident, they care about how their child's image looks on the front page.

Accidents like this are the reason it takes 2 years for kids to get their liscense. Accidents like this are the reason there is a Dry Grad at the highschool in Kitimat (with 40 wet grads in and around it).

Regardless, there were too many people in this car and if the driver had an ounce of brains or responsibilty, he would have made TWO TRIPS rather then one.

You are ****ing lucky your stupid children did not get killed because they were idiots.

Finally, you don't want to be humiliated in the newspaper: DONT DO SOMETHING STUPID IN PUBLIC.
Comment by front passenger on 18th June 2011
please stop assuming things about this. everyone shouldnt make any comments about this situation. the only people who should be making any comments are the people who were involved with. not some pretend journalist who is making up such lies and non sense. if you cant get the facts straights, please do not post any articles about anything until you have the truth
Comment by Eric on 18th June 2011
"We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." ~Ronald Reagan

As someone who wrecked a perfectly good vehicle doing something stupid when I was 17, let me say this. My accident was at one of the busiest intersections in town. It made the paper at the time. Most everyone in town that I knew passed through while the RCMP & tow truck drivers were there cleaning up the mess. This was 14 years ago. I took responsibility, "faced the music" for it, learned from the experience and moved on. So what if your pic is splashed on the internet with you standing next to your wrecked car? Own up to it! You're still alive. The car can be replaced, you can't. My accident made me grow up. It put a desire in me to become a better driver. Yes, I earned the nickname "Crash" for a while from friends & family but did it offend me? Not in the least. To those of you in the car, glad you're all still with us, learn from the experience, take the heat like a man/woman, and move on with life.
who can learn from this?,..Our/ your children!
Comment by V on 18th June 2011
my child was in this accident, we are truly blessed all are safe and home, thankful my daughter and her friends are alive!,..she is the girl who's blood was leaving her body,...i hope this will let our children know that a drivers licence is a privelege, and not to be taken lightly!,..please talk to your children, dont get into a car if you don't know the driver, don't drive recklessly,..lives are in your hands,..we should hope young people will take notice and see the real issue, be safe, live to see another day your lives are precious! it could have been soo much worse,..lets be happy for that.
RE:Terrace Daily Pricks!
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th June 2011
As far as I understand it there's no laws against taking pictures in public places.

I vote for seeing all the photos just because of Brads ignorant comments
Comment by gk on 18th June 2011
I think your statement about all the troubled youth in the community being sent to Parkside to be educated is umworthy of print. Not all the students who have attended Parkside are troubled, they may have gone there because in mainstream Caledonia they have problems because of bullies like you. This is sad this accident happend, I have seen this car around town and by the driving habits of the driver knew an accident was bound to happen. I hope he/she is sincere when they say they have learnt a lesson. It could have been so much worse.
dear a-wholes
Comment by Me on 18th June 2011
im sorry but really this is pathetic i am thankfull that no one was killed and i take responsibitly for my actions not once did i say that i didnt so seriously people get a life we have to live with this on our concience for the rest of our lives and sheldon you must feel so wonderful, because your so f'n perfect right ? whatever you people seriously make me sick you might as well take this off of here its offensive and untrue yes it was an accident and yay u got the f'n date and the street right good for you but u got so many things wrong and you made it sound like iit was some comedy stunt show its offensive why would you make a tv analogy seriously do u have a heart you must not have children do you yeah sure spining can be fun but its what caused the accident thats a little insensitive to be making jokes about this dont you think and we were all laughing until we hit the pole, she had a little bit of blood on the side of her head enough to give her a concussion of course witnesses saw it we were by a bunch of houses
yeah we were idiots but again f'n insensiive you deserve to be fired an also we said no names no faces ... i can clearly see faces i suggest you take this down before someone decides to sue you and yeah there was and ambulance ride i was in it
Comment by Myself on 18th June 2011
Thank you Linda... This is what is important, I am thankful to still be able to kiss my child goodnight.... And pray a tough lesson is learned.
Well done!!! give the man a cookie!!!
Comment by Myself on 18th June 2011
Merv, the maturity level of your writing is at about the level of the children involved! Sounds as if you are not a parent or understand how one would feel about someone making a spectacle of a serious situation... A good reporter would keep a non judgmental manor who shows compassion.... And would take criticism and use it to better himself...
May I remind you this is NOT a highschool paper...

And the Premier of the province gets to shout out to all the media, with full pictures of those involved, with full clarity, "Who is this kid’s parent?" Criticism is great but not when it is vindictive due to a person's personal embarrassment. The report was accurate and concise. Non- judgemental?, Do you watch any TV news? The only difference here is we have taken the time to defend our writing against irresponsible children and parents. Stop delivering ad hominum attacks. Address the story and the issue, a serious accident by immature people. The reporting only exposed those immature passengers and driver, now apparently also the parents.

We seldom respond to any writing but this is a serious issue. All parents should take notice. Some of your friends who have children are just as irresponsible as their children.
Terrace Daily Pricks!
Comment by Brad on 18th June 2011
Who the f do guy think you are... Teens were hurt in this accident and they asked No faces and no Names I clearly see 2 of my f'ng friends faces.... I hope you guys get sued or something.... "we are reminded of a Saskatchewan driving responsible campaign. 'Don’t be a Bloody Idiot'.” That was a bulls#!t thing to say...... F'ng ignorant f's!

Oh, sorry to edit your words a bit Brad, but this is a family site. Are you saying those people in the pic's were in the car? What are their names so we can let everyone know how their friends talk. We are understanding the Darwin refererence a bit better now.
Dear me, is it my turn to be offended?
Comment by Merv on 18th June 2011
Don't know what I am talking about? First sentence; inexperience, foolishness, joy riding spirit, gravel road, too fast? Hmm, that all seems accurate.

Next sentence TV analogy?, yup, all true there.

Next sentence, swerving back and forth on gravel?, you know what? that's good too. Spinning around? Yup that can be fun.

Ah yes, the number of passengers! We were informed of four. Wouldn't have expected the stupidity to be greater, you got us on that one.

Terrace Speedway is a great place to learn how to drive and to take out you energy, your driving fast enthusiasm. Well well, that is true too.

3800 block Eby?, yup, June 17, yup, entrance to Parkside?, yup, youth group preparing to meet?, yup, witnesses saw it?, yup, speeding and swerving?, yup, bloodied girl with concussion?, yup.

Maybe the driver wasn't laughing, unlikely, but then we did say only 'likely laughing'.

Ambulance ride? Yup.

Bloody Idiots?, Yup!

Don't use the youth card on this, a twelve year old knows better. We used to argue against the new tough driving regulations arguing 15 and 16 year olds were responsible enough, that they shouldn't have to be forced to wait until they are 18. Guess we were wrong, even the youth don't want to take their own responsibility let alone their parents.
bad drivers
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th June 2011
Not only should these kids stay riding peddle bikes, but they need to learn how to use proper punctuation.

Stay off the road kids! Don't forget your helmets! Its the law!
Comment by Linda on 18th June 2011
We really do have the right, when you endangered people in a public place, you gave us that right.
I am personally glad you are thinking about what you have done and hope you mean it when you say it won't happen again, instead of being angry and defensive, be thankful, no one was killed, someone up there knows you have more to do in your life and you've really been given a new chance in life. Wish you well.
out of proportion
Comment by shaking my head.... on 18th June 2011
I was NOT defending my child for stupidity... We all agree they where all in the wrong .....
My point is that Merv might want to know what he is talking about before he goes off like he does in and out of the paper, show a little respect for others involved dont go making something so serious into a form of entertainment. nobody knows anybody involved to go and judge the way they are.
Know your facts before you write about it...
bashing the parents, children and now the school ( someone obviously doesnt know much about what it has to offer or its purpose) is not productive.
majority of the kids do not even attend the school, not that it matters.
Take a peek outside your white picket fences, noses out of the air and dont kid anyone into believing that any of us are perfect parents with perfect kids who never make mistakes... this could very easily happen to anyone and should be a reminder to think, speak and choose wisely in any situation, your life could depend on it.
GFY People
Comment by Me on 18th June 2011
You people have no right to judge us at all yes we were stupid enough to get into an over capacitated car and yes we know we should have been wearing seatbelts but you know what we were not thinking about that at the time we were thinking this is fun ok it was very stupid and irresponsible and we all learned our lesson, and dont be gettin all high and mighty because u think your child is wonderkid get over yourself no one is perfect we all f up yes i feel tremenbdously stupid for even getting into the car and for not saying something about the drivers speed but that is something i am going to have to live with my whole life so i dont need to hear this s#!+ from someone who doesnt know me or my friends from a f'in hole in the ground so get serious and grow up you do realize what your doing is picking on underage kids yeah makes you feel big and tough eh whatever think what you want say what you wanna say but keep it to yourself and dont post it on here where everyone can see how immature you can be you people make me sick
Comment by Linda on 18th June 2011
Sheldon, I consider myself a very educated person, but your math does not add up. Please explain.
The worlds dumbest Criminals
Comment by Rick on 18th June 2011
That is what this reminds me of, The worlds dumbest crooks, "Man, you gat it wrong," says the yet unknown robber as he calls the cops, "I stole 5 walkmans not two like the radio reported."

This is truely hillarious, can't wait for more. Where is Darwin when you need him. Sometimes the gene pool needs a little skimmin.
troubled youth
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th June 2011
Our troubled youth get sent to parkside for education.

The accident happened right out side of parkside.

You do the math.
Comment by Me on 18th June 2011
ok really as a passenger of this vehicle i find this article to be a total lie if your going to print something get your facts straight before you do it seriously its not that hard there were 7 people in that care yes i know we were dumb to do it yes it was highly irresponsible yes we wont do it ever again but we are teenagers we make mistakes and we learn from them you cant say youve never made a mistake because this article counts as one of them and take it easy on the parents like its not enough that their child was almost seriously hurt or could have been killed, get serious and learn how to do your job properly.
the truth
Comment by Member Of Accident on 18th June 2011
okay i am going to set the story straight. car swirved. and it hit the pole. there were seven individuals. one ran off for undisclosed reasons. and there were three males and three females. the three girls were hospitalized and the two male passengers were checked up but did not require any hospitalization. i am one of the males in the accident and was the one who encountered the post and am lucky to be alive. no one had interviewed us upon the accidents comings. only a couple police officers taking down names in relation to such happening. for those actually thinking they know what happen,i say this to you. do not assume what you dont know. do not assume we were drinking and driving. do not assume anything was taken prior to or during the accident. when it comes to the relation about injuries. the three males only suffered minor infractions. the (3) females in the car accident were alll hospitalized but have been relased. i am very disgusted with how this is being taken. i woke up this morning and was shown the article with very false and mis- represented information and would like to say next time anything is posted about this accident do not say you interviewed the accidentees and do not make up information.i will say one thing on a positive note for those of you who can see past all of this, i was wearing a seatbelt upon contact and can say it saved my life.

Ed Note: Just to be clear, the article said nothing about drinking or seatbelts. Nor did it say, or did the comment state, we interviewed the participants in the accident. It would have been irresponsible to interfere with the police investigation or with the paramedics and the passengers/drivers. We did however interview witnesses, one of which was a leader of the youth group. No falsehoods were stated unless you wish to claim there were more victims to this foolish incident. We were asked to not place the picture of the young girl bleeding so you don’t see it with this article. Very little identifies the group, even the car plate number is removed. Your embarrassment causes you to strike out at us. We wonder how Vancouverites would feel reading about how Terracities demand privacy on their stupidity. We have a few dozen more pictures. Would you like to see what we left out? Grow up, take responsibility. Glad to hear you were wearing a seatbelt though, very responsible with seven in a five seat belt car.
agreed Merv
Comment by Parent of RESPONSIBLE child on 18th June 2011
My child was one of the kids at the youth group, thank God the group was not heading out for a walk or activity at the time and in harms way by these irresponsible idiots. This scared some of the kids to tears. If it were one of my kids in the car, driving or not, trust me I would NOT be defending them one bit, peoples lives were outside of that car too, innocent ones who did not decide to hop into a car with some idiot who cannot control his childish behaviors and take so many lives in his hands. I hope they get in big trouble and learn from this. I really hope the girl is okay. Do not think that your child is so innocent just because they were not driving. One thing I have always taught my children is they are just as accountable as the people around them, by choosing to be with people committing crimes, they are just as responsible for those crimes. Choose your friends wisely.
Good Reporting
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th June 2011

I hope these idiots learn how to drive and I hope their insurance goes through the roof. LOL

pretty professional of you
Comment by now angry parent on 18th June 2011
as one of the parents of the SEVEN children in this car knows what happend because I got my facts. how dare you even think to say the things you just said to me.. Teens will do stupid things and learn the hard way just like the rest of the world.. In no way do I accept what a has happened nor will it be taken lightly.. the point should be, speeding is not cool, driving like a freaking IDIOT with others lives in your hands is not cool, even getting into a car over populated and not wearing a seatbelt is not cool, could have ended in a totally different story and hopefully not written by the same maturity level as the ones who created it....
Let's not embarass one another.
Comment by MaggieJo on 18th June 2011
I agree with this parent in the previous email.

This MVA may be newsworthy...but did one really have to post the pics where others can identify the people involved and tease them to no end in the social medias?

This story is in no way meeting the criteria of being in the public's best interest. Perhaps follow the RCMP's mandate of providing the facts, without posting pics nor names until formal charges are made.

Families are suffering right now and don't need this website to publish PICS of their under-aged children online without their permission to do so. I see this as a FIPP violation.
Facts first
Comment by Parent of passenger on 18th June 2011
Did you speak to anyone on the scene?? Not only did you get the number of passengers wrong if you where paying attn the front passenger was a guy! Your "article" as amaurely as it is written not only missing facts but sounds more like entertainment to you than news! Peoples children's lives where in that car, should be taken seriously.....

We were at the scene before the firetruck, just after the ambulance arrived. We spoke to numerous people at the scene. As a parent you should be ashamed of what has happened, not attacking a small detail. Where was the girl who was bleeding and taken to the hospital in the ambulance, the back seat? What would you rather, the standard media ploy of printing the names and publishing full frontals to embarrass your child along with you? This is a news story attempting to demonstrate how not to be a "Bloody Idiot". Maybe you would rather your child continues to participate in such stupidity? Maybe your child told you the truth and they weren't even in the car, right? Stop being silly and address the reality, if your child was involved, driving or riding, focus on it not happening again, cause we will write about again too. By your writing it sounds as if you are the real problem, not teaching true responsibility.