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COMMENTARY · 21st June 2011
Dave Brocklebank
Government funding to both First Nations and Local Government rely upon Stat Can's number for population base.

Because some people and/or areas don't fully participate there is a reduction in the amount of grants and funding allocated to an area, an area that wants such things as dykes, sewer and water, community gardens and the list is endless. This shifts the financial burden on to Band Councils and property tax payers if projects are to be dealt with.

Why am I highlighting this?

Because here in Telegraph Creek we have had 3 groups or individuals come through - at my residence 1 person came and it was not a favourable time so I asked if they could come back the next day. They never showed up. She was from Iskut.

The 2 other "groups" that appeared in town were one from Smithers the other from Victoria. Neither came to my door. Does Stats Canada pay per head counted or what?

A local who applied for the job was told the pay is $14 an hour (how they account for hours is beyond me) with no allowances for travel, gas, meals lodging etc. She turned it down - believable with the travel distances and gas being $1.65 up here!

It seemed like there was a vacuum sales pitch going on or the usual carpetbaggers in remote communities.

Come on Stats Canada - do a real job instead of helping Mr. Harper justify reduced service levels and funding.