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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd June 2011
BC Liberal Caucus
When NDP spinmeister Bill Tieleman says "the HST referendum isn’t about tax policy," he’s right. For the NDP, it’s about gaining power and rewarding their union friends with unaffordable pay hikes.

“When Adrian Dix spoke to the BCGEU, he was clear that the NDP would be once again giving huge raises to public sector unions while everyone else is being asked to live within their means,” says Finance Minister Kevin Falcon. “The real question is, how will the NDP pay for those raises for their big labour friends? The last time the NDP were in power, union raises were funded on the backs of ordinary British Columbians, who saw their income taxes raised to the highest rates in the country. At a time when we are all feeling the pinch of an economy that is still dealing with a severe global economic recession, it is simply irresponsible for the NDP to support such demands versus looking at what the consequences of such massive spending increases mean for the average British Columbian.”

Falcon notes an increase of 2 per cent per year, over 4 years for the entire public sector – which we know is far lower than what they want – would cost taxpayers approximately $1.85 billion. When you add this increase onto the $3 billion price tag of going back to the PST plus GST as Dix and his union friends would do, the provincial coffers face an almost $5 billion hole to deal with.

“Now we see the real reason Adrian Dix has been so secretive about what he’d do with tax rates – his plan is going to include higher taxes across the board by the NDP to pay for reckless promises and massive wage hikes for public sector unions,” says Falcon. “The message is that B.C. won’t be held hostage by the NDP and big labour unions again. Voters have a choice of voting yes to Dix’s 12 per cent PST – which he refuses to say won’t be raised – or voting no for a 10 per cent HST.”
Please note...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 23rd June 2011
...this is a BC Liberal press release. Any comments on an opposing party are to be taken with a "ton" of salt.
Comment by Boulder on 22nd June 2011
It would be nice to see a job to job compatison between public and private sector workers in similar/same jobs.
Comment by Cumberland_west on 22nd June 2011
So, as a member of one of these HUGE labour unions, it's okay that the price of everything goes up except my rate of pay? The promise of lower prices has not happened on ANYTHING. Businesses have not lowered prices, not a single saving.

A 2% pay raise no, but a nice new roof on BC Place that benefits me how? So local businesses beware: my pay cheque doesn't go as far fter I pay all my bills so I won't be spending as much money because I simply don't have it.

Thanks Kevin Falcon, make me out as a greedy monster for wanting a raise that helps (not eliminate) cost of living adjustments. And how much have MLA salaries gone up in the past number of years under the Liberal regime?

Sure , that seems fair. I chose a job in the public sector that advocates humane pay and benefits that ALL Canadians should have and I'm the bad one. While slagging all union members for benefits that everyone have the point is lost and simply directs attention elsewhere while the Liberals spend and spend on business and themselves.

The sad reality is, most people buy into it instead of asking themselves why they don't have a decent salary or benefits and ... heaven forbid, demand the very same for themselves from ... their government.
Ya'll might want to check this site.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 22nd June 2011
I'm no fan of Keith Baldrey but someone on another site drew my attention to this one. It is worth a read.