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REPORTING · 27th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
Someone seems to have a bit of a penchant for fires. Late last night, Sunday, June 26, a stack of wooden pallets were set alight behind the Van Houtte Coffee Service and Rudon Hydraulics offices. And it was actually a lucky and unlucky time for these to be lit up.

Shay, who drives the Van Houtte truck pictured below was celebrating his birthday this past weekend and planned to have a fire. Before he left for the weekend he loaded as many pallets as he could into the back of his truck. Shay estimates he took home about 15; only half that remained.

If he hadn't taken as many as he did, the fire set behind the shop could have been much more serious. This is the lucky part of the story.

The unlucky part is Shay left his truck parked behind the shop next to the pallets for the weekend to provide more room for his guests to park at his driveway.

But then the story gets lucky again. Had he left his truck there and not taken pallets home to have a weekend fire himself, the fire started Sunday night might have destroyed the truck and caused even more damage to the buildings. Shay pointed out the wooden shelves in the back of his service truck which likely would have ignited if the fire was much bigger.

Rudon Hydraulics would have been a good fuel source should the truck have burst into flames. This might have put the entire complex of businesses in jeopardy.

So a word of warning to businesses; keep your old wooden pallets inside or get them away from your buildings. Someone likely thinks this is funny.
Are these types of places a target?
Are these types of places a target?