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COMMENTARY · 28th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
We were suddenly shocked and equally surprised when this gentleman turned and walked away after a brief visit.

He told us it was a promise he made. When they win the cup he'd do this to his head.

"I just didn't think it would take 30 years."
Bruins Big Dude
Comment by Moe on 9th July 2011
Hey Alex - you could have spammed him... and then asked him to fix it!... and Harry, you could still paint the office blue since I think you have the master key! ALL IN GOOD FUN AND I AM GLAD THAT THE BIG DUDE WAS RIGHT! Bruins so deserved it!
Damn I hate when he is right
Comment by Harry on 28th June 2011
he called it before the playoffs started it would be a vancouver boston final. i will just have to wait another year to paint his office blue
My Boss: A Bruins fan
Comment by Alexander Ippel on 28th June 2011
He's been rocking that cut with pride around the office since he got it. But he's a legitimate fan, so while I'm sad Vancouver didn't win it, I'm happy for him.

Hopefully I get a chance to show support to the Canucks next year. :p

I'm just a little disappointed he didn't go with a dye job and give it legit colours.
Smiles in Terrace
Comment by Carol Fielding on 28th June 2011
Could only be our esteemed *******...** *******!

Good on him for being a loyal fan and not being afraid to show it!

Any other guesses?