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CONTRIBUTION · 29th June 2011
In this Day and age, one can easily find someone to make up a website. As far as computer skills go, I personally can barely make it through uploading this article.

However I do know alot of local talent who can make their way around a computer in their sleep. This is why I am wondering WHY?

Why oh why is a group who's name is "Terrace Economic Development" handing $40,000 dollars to a Vancouver based company to build a website for a Terrace based group?

I just want to know. Maybe it's just me, but I think something is horribly wrong here. HIGH PRICED WEBSITES ARE A SCAM.... even a 5 yr old can see that.

And just as a foot note, didn't this same group just launch another expensive campaign, "Buy Local"?
Right Choice
Comment by Im a Fan on 13th July 2011
How can you say this is a bad decision. were any of you involved in the bid process? Decisions get made weighting a variety of factors including cost and quality of product, keep in mind if you shop at walmart you get crap product. What is the sense of paying a little less and having to get a new site a few years down the road again. I am glad to see this group taking a long term approach to developing an economy !
I utterly HATE wasting $$$$
Comment by MaggieJo on 8th July 2011
Uh...My very young niece just published her first ever website and IT ROCKS!!!

It's so easy to navigate around her website which is extremely user friendly; coupled with visually pleasing pics of the area she lives well as hosting commentary links and a TON of other links related to the area she lives in whether it's Labour Market Research friendly, or if it's simply to guide peeps along in Tourism style.

I bet it didn't cost my young niece $40,000 to set up DAT website!

SHAME on TEDA for throwing out the cash with the bath water, when people in their very town's midst could'a created a website for them. Oh ... let's see...for maybe $39,000 less than what TEDA paid for that website while seeking an "outsider" to pull it off fer dem?!

Sorry...but I have a hard time realizing TEDA forked out $40,000 to create their website. Doesn't look that great to me...let alone tourists!

TEDA. Stop wasting our money and show us fer real how serious you are! Support your own mandate to "shop local." If you're not up to this...then kindly dissolve your Committee so we won't be embarassed about your actions.
i just heard
Comment by bullwinkle on 7th July 2011
why wasn't a local low bid selected for the website??? there was at least one bid that i know about that was a fraction of the cost.
Yes! Cranky.
Comment by TR on 3rd July 2011
Ok then so maybe your right. a vancouver based company with an office in smithers. or even if it was a smithers based company only out of smithers. what was wrong with the Terrace talent?????? why are we sending our tax dollars to smithers? question marks mean we want answers. but nobody seams to care about that. or comment on it.

As for WHO IS TR. T is Terrace. and they have been Rejected... so you got that... Terrace Rejected... that's TR..... and even if i was a hero i would still need a secret identity.
Feeling cranky
Comment by mbweston on 1st July 2011
Am I slow, or did TEDA make a typo when they state on their home page that Spark Design (Smithers) did their website?

How do we know that $40K was spent in Vancouver on this?

And why can't people put their names down when they write an article? Who is 'tr' anyway?
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 30th June 2011
I had the exact same though! $40,000 for a website? Created by a Vancouver Firm? For the agency that promotes shop local? This simply makes no sense.

It also states, by far not the lowest bidder on the project.

It is situations like these that raise concerns in the public, sadly.

The TEDA Board has some pretty amazing people on it, for the record.
Inexpereince ?
Comment by Jt on 30th June 2011
It just makes you thing who sits on these boards
Comment by TR on 30th June 2011
Well. I'm glad Iím not on glue! NOW my only problem is that with millions of hits on the Terrace Daily every month Iím wondering if anyone...ANYONE from TEDA is going to comment on this or try to make some kind of speech to excuse themselves???

Also Iím sorry about this, but when everyone realizes your local economy is in a bad state. It's not hard to find people who are willing to help............for next to nothing. Or even free. Thatís right I said FREE. There are many people who administrate web sites and they do so with unlimited access, unlimited MB of space, webmail, forums, photo galleries, video archives and anything else you can think of. I would like to remind you that I am a redneck, and even I know that high priced web sites are a thing of the past, people just don't know it yet. There are so many computer geeks out there now, that can do all the fancy new stuff in there sleep. In a couple days you got a great web site.

Everything is so disposable now a days and this website they are building will have to have a complete revamp in 5 years or so anyways. So why waste so much money??? Maybe TEDA ought to be run like a non-profit organization, with the board of directors as volunteers.

I am a concerned citizen. Are you? I just can't stand watching our local economic development turn out like the Stanley cup finals.... might as well turn Terrace upside down.... what else can we do?
From Tokyo
Comment by M Craven on 30th June 2011
,,,Kim, before the crisis in Japan I tried to set up an NPO to attract Asian investors to the particular Japan. I found that offering to open a transparent Economic Group was met with a poor response after showing my 21 page proposal to many different individuals in the region.
It seemed that the region was disorganized. When I requested information to present for a member of Japan's Parliament, I was offered only homepage links and scanned photocopies from other investment groups. I think a lot can be done for the region and the region has much to offer but to attract serious investment from Asian you need more than a overpriced homepage. I think international advertisements done in the prospective countries language would be more effective than a homepage which most Asian investors will never read.
ED for Van
Comment by tom on 30th June 2011
they are creating ED for Vancouver, so they got half of it right. But, on another note, another web site, how creative, innovative, and cutting edge, I am a firm believer that all EDO's should be run by the private sector, and all funding coming from results, whereby the EDO gets paid for what they produce, a portion of the revenue generated by the business they develop. If that was the case, do you think they would freely be spending this money? No, an aggressive EDO would be in FSJ and Fort Nelson securing spin off revenue opportunites from the plethora of companies there losing business from a lack of a labour supply. Diversifying our economy is critical, and having guaranteed funding to an EDO regardless of the resuts they develop, will not create a stimulous for any sort of praxis. As it stands now, EDO's, have little motivation to create new revenue opportunties in their communties/regions, as they get paid regardless, a commision based system would allows us to re-think the lameness of the current system. That said, there are some good models for ED, for example, Moose Jaw Sask, Elliot Lake On, they rely on innovative creative thinking, not a website.
$40,000 for FREE software
Comment by Arthur Smith on 29th June 2011
Web Page looks to be designed in TextPattern, an OPEN SOURCE (Free!) software solution. That's like paying $40,000 for someone to type a brochure in MS Word!

The page itself is awkward for $40,000 too. For example, on the main page is a link titled "Cost of Living," which is titled "Cost of business" in the url, and in the body itself it says, "Did you know that if you live in Vancouver, 42% of your disposable income will be spent on housing, whereas if you choose to live in a northern community such as Terrace, B.C. your housing ratio will be a mere 21-22% of your disposable income."

Most questions don't end with a period, and listing an opportunity for the north in general doesn't compel someone to live in Terrace!

The economic opportunities they list are frankly, stupid. Stating you're an economic corridor for being driving distance from ports in Kitimat, Stewart and Prince Rupert. If you are in the market for a port, you're probably looking at locating in a town which has a port!

Listing Terrace's first nations under an economic opportunities banner looks like selling to colonialists, but when you actually click on the link it's worse. It doesn't state any economic opportunity for first nations, it just mentions the first nations people who live here!

Under the Laobur Market heading, it does everything but suggest there are jobs here, other than saying there will be growth in the future.

Someone on the board must have a kid living in Vancouver doing web design.
$40K !!???
Comment by john on 29th June 2011
I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!
Shop local
Comment by Ian on 29th June 2011
We impress upon those that do business here to look at and try to purchase locally. Therefore the funds are circulated local.
i know of three good people that can design and implement a web sight.
For 40k this one should have a gold ring around it. That is unbelievable that this group would spend that kind of money on a web sight. Max 8k
In the process of gaining a competitive edge over others that would undermine that why wouldn't they put this web sight out to tender locally and contact people that make thier living doing so.
Money doesn't grow on trees so why would these people spend a massive amount on a web page that has to be top notch to the expectations of who?
TEDA has had its ups and downs over the past few years with regards to economic development largely due to staffing and local economic conditions.
It appears that the economy is on the turn around to more prosperitive times. The illusion of that turn has yet to be a reality.
So where does a 40 k web site fit in.
In tough economic times the rules that I followed was to belt tighten and cut back.
It seems that TEDA didn't get the same message.
Couldn't agree more
Comment by Kim on 29th June 2011
The crazy thing is they'll have to keep using the same company to maintain their websites.

Both TEDA and Kermodei Toursism's websites have been without updating in quite a while. At a time when investment and people are flowing into town, why haven't these websites been the most updated and resourceful that they can be for the town and the surrounding areas? We're the ones paying for these organizations through taxes, don't we deserve better? Where's our MLA, our mayors, our directors and councillors asking the same questions?

Thank you for the article TR, we really need to get the conversation started and hold the politicians and decision makers to account, especially with municipal elections looming on the horizon and big things expected to happen to our area in the coming years.
Comment by Mabeline on 29th June 2011
I wonder where the funding for this group comes from?
I wonder who sits on the Board?
I wonder who manages it?
I wonder why every one else should buy local but not them?
Maybe if I had some taxpayer grant money I could hire a firm in Vancouver to find out for me.