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CONTRIBUTION · 6th July 2011
Maggie Braun
All the turmoil in the world today is caused by the greedy Eliteís plan for Globalization. Citizens in almost every country are stressed out and apprehensive as they should be....fear of an impending economic collapse is the main concern. Frozen in fear many would rather keep the corruption over change in order to avoid the inevitable. That is one of the reasons we had little effect in this past election.

When citizens allow government to step on their rights, facilitate debt slavery, and give up our Canadian sovereignty to foreign interests.... and we still choose to re-elect them, we are in deep trouble.

The system is flawed and collapse will happen, itís just a matter of time. CAP will be organized so there is someone with a plan to pick up the pieces of this great country.
CAPís policies are solid. Our approach will restore democracy and stop the financial slavery built into the system. This past federal election showed that even though the public was receptive to our policies we failed to reach enough people.

A membership drive is now taking place with a much attainable goal of 10,000 members in one year. This will ensure unyielding candidates and members stepping up to the plate by next election.

To find more information on the Canadian Action Party contact Maggie Braun, CAP`s Candidate in the 2011 Federal Election and current President of CAP`s EDA in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Riding.

We cannot give up and let the outside corruption win. Future generations are depending on us to be there for them.

In Solidarity
Maggie Braun