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CONTRIBUTION · 7th July 2011
Evan Jennings
On July 6 at around 11:30 AM, I received a call from an unknown name and number. It was about the third time they had called so I decided to answer it. Immediately a man with a thick, Middle Eastern accent started demanding to speak "to the primary operator of the computer."

This confused me quite a bit, as he did not introduce himself at all, but just tried to rush me into conversation. I asked him what computer he was talking about. He replied, "The windows operating system run computer, you do have one right?"

I told him I did and asked him why he wanted to know. He told me that this was a curtesy call on behalf of some foreign language company. He then told me that there were lots of potential viruses out that could be in my system.

He then wanted me to turn on my computer and run a few different things for him. Of course immediately red flags and flashing lights started going off for me. I told him I am a computer tech and I know my system is safe.

All of a sudden his tone changed. He told "oh okay, well you have a good day", and hung up on me. He realized that I caught on to what he was wanting me to do.

What he wanted was for me to log on possibly giving him my password to my computer, internet, online banking etc. Whatever you do, do not do as they ask. Try and write down the date and time they called and report it to the police.
Trolling the Spammers - the advanced class
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 10th July 2011

Some of the scammers do have the ability to profit from those who are ignorant.

At the same time, we are smarter than them sometimes and we can profit from their ignorance.

For example, the following link is a guy who reverse-scams the Nigerian scammers. He has them do all sorts of hilarious stuff like getting them to put shoes on their heads.


same thing happened to me
Comment by t on 10th July 2011
It happened to me after ending a call with hp and I thought maybe the phones were hacked. Notified hp and they said to notify mircrosoft since the guy claimed to be from microsoft. I tried to do so but could not find any way to reach them so didnt bother. It seems the pacific northwest is a target for this stuff. I have never gotten so many calls like this and solicitations for pens for $500 and a "free" trip to Florida in my life!
Smart ass 101
Comment by Mr. Peters on 9th July 2011
Whenever I have one of these idiots call me, it is my goal to get them to hang up on me. I do this by simply being a very big smart ass. If they ask for my address, which is in the phone book, I tell them that I will have to go and verify if in fact it has not changed sense the last time I walked into my home. I put the phone down and come back to it about 5 minutes latter, more often then not they are still there. I keep this up until there frustration levels can be heard over the line. I love it, there nothing like screwing with an idiot. It is the small pleasures in life that make it worth living.
re: Better not to entertain them at all...
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 9th July 2011
" The longer one is on the phone with an "unauthorized" caller....perhaps the higher the risk of them tapping in to our phone/computer lines."

Thats not how it works.

They are successful in their scams the majority of the time because the scammers will simply ask for things like credit card info and passwords and the victims will hand it over.

Simply being on the line will in no way allow them to hack your bank account.

Also; getting some ones phone number is as easy as using a phone book. If you're unlisted then it's as easy as guessing phone numbers and getting random people.
Dont give anyone your ph #
Comment by Raven2011 on 8th July 2011
Lesson learnt, dont give your phone number on any online form you fill out...thats where it begins, and tell other members in your household to do the same, not to put it on any form online....I did once and got a million calls
Better not to entertain them at all...
Comment by MaggieJo on 8th July 2011
The longer one is on the phone with an "unauthorized" caller....perhaps the higher the risk of them tapping in to our phone/computer lines.

But, it sure is fun giving these "unauthorized" callers the run-around when they DO call us, heh? HA HA HA!

Stay aware. Stay safe and pass the warning along.
Trolling the Scammers
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 8th July 2011
I usually keep them on the line for as long as possible because they're paying for the long distance for the call.
They're also calling as "bconlineservice"
Comment by MaggieJo on 8th July 2011
Warning: Do NOT spend time on the phone with these peeps, as there's alot of weird phone noises/interruptions/beeping/ringing back when one is on the line with them.

Maybe they're trying to log into our phone/computer lines during the call???

Or do what I do. I immediately ask for their contact info so my RCMP peeps can check them out before I entertain their call. Yeah...they promptly hang up the phone. What?! Not even a "goodbye" or "Have a nice day"???" HA HA HA!

There is also the Option with Telus to "Call Trace" if you are considering taking legal action. Telus permits "Unsolicited Live Voice/Fax Calls" given the call is for the purpose of the solicitation and are permitted under "rules": ie. callers must identify the person/organization and their originating calling #, also their address when asked. If they don't provide this...promptly hang up.
Scam calls
Comment by Brooke on 8th July 2011
You can't expect Telus or any phone company to block calls. First of all they've no idea who is legit and who isn't. Second, it's not their place to decide who may or may not call you.

With call display there's no need to ever answer a call you don't want or don't know who it is. It' s not a big deal to stay safe.

Responding in any way to a telemarketing call is asking for trouble and simply stupid. Don't answer or hang up right away.

The world is full of scammers but they all rely on one constant, stupid people answering their calls.
Comment by Linda on 8th July 2011
I get these types of calls on a daily basis now and I am sick of it, you would think Telus would do something about it, and as for the "do no call" bogus list I swear since I entered my number on that thing I got MORE of those calls. The last call I got was at 7:30am and the previous one was at 11pm, there has to be something we can do about this as I know I am certainly not the only one.

I've called telus before about it and after waiting 20 minutes just to get through to them, I got the run around and was told about the private number block, this does not help as govt agencies and some medical facilities can not cannot get through then. Sometimes numbers do come up, from Minnesota, Ontario and many other area's of the world, but telus once again says there is nothing they can do about it. Pure Crap I say!