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REPORTING · 8th July 2011
Merv Ritchie
In a shocking, almost earth shattering development, Batman has chosen Terrace BC of all places to reveal his true identity. In front of a gathering of politicians including Christy Clark, the Premier of British Columbia, Canada, Batman shyly stepped forward holding up a sign loudly proclaimed, "I'm Bruce Wayne."

Clark acknowledged his presence and said hello and then asked the crowd, "Oh, do you know him? His name's Bruce Wayne."

Why Batman selected Terrace to reveal his secret identity to the world is a mystery.

Numerous attempts to contact Batman, including calls to Commissioner Gordon of Gotham City for the use of the Bat signal have all been met with silence.

Wayne does not seem to have a listed number. All the Waynes we have contacted claim no knowledge of a relative named Bruce who dresses in a mask and costume resembling a bat.

The Terrace Daily was able to capture this rare appearance while recording the Townhall meeting with the Premier at the Terrace Arena on Thursday. The Video recording was shared with a local performance organization from Kitimat who have appeared on various International shows for their performances. "Dare to be Stupid" has achieved significant noteriety.

The video has been posted to Youtube and can be watched by Clicking Here.

DTBS has been featured on the Much Music show "Much on Demand" & won a contest put on by Much Music and Weird Al Yankovic for the 'Ultimate Canadian Idiot'.

It has been nominated for comedy star of the week on the CBC's radio program "Laugh Out Loud."

DTBS has the 13th most watched Canadian comedy channel of all time on Youtube with 13.580,694 video views

And finally it was featured in a national TV commercial on The Comedy Networks channel and is part of the intro for their Friday night program "Upload Yours"
which airs Fridays at 11:30pm.
Nice Tights!
Comment by Pat#1 on 26th July 2011
and now back to the batcave....