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COMMENTARY · 9th July 2011
Merv Ritchie
The astrological symbol for Aquarius is a human figure pouring a pitcher of water. The star pattern in the sky identified as representing this sign, like all astrological signs, is one of the earliest studies known in human history. The earliest forms of writing and drawing on clay tablets buried for over 4000 years, and in almost all known cultures, the twelve astrological signs were depicted.

At the foundation of the civilization of man, the Sumerians, astrology was the same as astronomy. It was a scientific study of the planets and the stars. It has been clearly demonstrated by the discovery, unearthing and decipherment of clay tablets, on which is recorded all facets of earth’s early history, these ancients knew of all the planets in our solar system including Pluto. “Modern” man is still catching up to this buried knowledge.

The study of astronomy/astrology included the wobble this planet is making and the way this wobble makes a circle if one were to imagine a line drawn, extending into space, through the axis of the planet. The Sumerians knew how this circling pointed to different places in the sky at different times of the year until 25,920 years later it pointed at the exact same spot again on the exact same day of the year. The Sumerians used the spring equinox, what we refer to as March 22, as the start and end day of this incredible long length of time. They divided this ‘Great Year’ into 12 segments, each being an average of 2160 years and each related to the star pattern the axis of the earth pointed to at that time. The words and terms we use today in astrology, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio etc are the exact same terms used for thousands of years. And they called them “Ages”.

Some of these Ages are longer than the average and of course some are shorter. Since approximately 160 BC the Earth has been considered to be in the Age of Pisces, before that it was the Age of Aries and before that it was Taurus. This is science, not some magic game played by “Astrologers”. The Old Testament Bible being used by most Christians refers to the change of these ages as well. Before the time of Moses, the age of Taurus was represented by the Bull. Moses, with his Ten Commandments issued in the age of Aries, represented by the Ram, hence the smashing of the Bull. The Age of Pisces is represented by the two fish, hence Jesus and the fish symbol. Those who know their bible will know of the story of how Jesus fed the masses with two fish and a loaf of bread; exactly the ancient symbol of the star system of Pisces; two fish and a sheaf of wheat/bread.

The start of every “Age” has apparently been accompanied with significant social or geological upheaval. The clay tablets, now still being deciphered, speak to these events. In around 2100 BC the entire Sumerian/Akkadian civilization was completely destroyed. The end of the Age of the Bull (Taurus). It was the beginning of the Babylonian times. 2000 years later it was the end of everything Babylonian including the subsequent Grecian Empire. The end of the Age of the Ram (Aries). It was the beginning of the Roman times. Today, 2100 years later it is the end of everything spawned by Rome. This includes America as it came from Britain, which came from 'Holy' Rome. All Christianity, the entire fishdom will fall. We are witnessing it now.

It is remarkable how our Western media, all which is fuelled and run by both Christian and Judaic groups, continue to entertain the WASP crowds with trivial news while their armies of technologically superior weaponry and depleted Uranium bombs, are engaged in the most brutal campaigns. Rome has marched out their latest pretty couple; the Duke and Duchess, to tour the last remnants and entertain the masses while the war machine and nuclear disaster engulfs the planet.

One thing to watch is the rising waters and the flooding all across the planet. The water bearer is emptying the pitcher. Indonesia felt the first huge tidal wave and Japan caught the second. This set off events of terrifying significance. The Roman controlled media is still too frightened to inform the people of the three full and complete meltdowns in Japan still underway and the disaster that has been acknowledged as twenty times worse than Chernobyl, the Russian Nuclear meltdown 25 years ago. The same situation is brewing in the United States at Ft Calhoun in Nebraska. It is in the middle of flood waters and has suffered various electrical failures. It has the same type of cooling ponds holding many many more times the number of spent fuel rods than did/does the plants at Fukushima. Back up generators are being refuelled by men carrying in jerry cans. Some claim this plant is already in a melt down situation.

Flood waters rage all across the globe, the financial world is in disarray, unrestrained wars and nuclear fall out are all clear signs of the end of one Age and the start of the next.

The end of Sumer is recorded in lamentations on the clay tablets. They talk about an evil wind reminiscent of nuclear fallout;

“On the Land (Sumer) fell a calamity, one unknown to man; One that had never been seen before, one which could not be withstood.

“An evil blast heralded the baleful storm, an evil blast the forerunner of the baleful storm was; Mighty offspring, valiant sons were the heralds of the pestilence.

“The people, terrified, could hardly breathe; the evil wind clutched them, does not grant them another day … Mouths were drenched in blood, heads wallowed in blood … The face was made pale by the Evil Wind.

“On the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, only sickly plants grew … In the swamps grow sickly-headed reeds that rot in stench … In the orchards and gardens there is no new growth, quickly they waste away … The sheepfold have been delivered to the wind.

“The storm crushed the land, wiped out everything; it roared like a great wind over the land, none could escape it; desolating the cities, desolating the houses … No one treads the highways, no one seeks out the roads.”

In every new age a new culture, a new understanding begins and a new style of life and living takes over. Today we have entered that new age. In the late 60’s a group called the 5th Dimension wrote and performed a song called “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. The lyrics include these words;

Harmony and understanding - Sympathy and trust abounding - No more falsehoods or derisions - Golden living dreams of visions - Mystic crystal revelation - And the mind's true liberation.

Once this turmoil is over our children and grandchildren will see a future we can only dream of today. It may take a few generations to smooth out the bumps on the road but this is an exciting time. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.
Yet man forgets our life source....
Comment by A.Heidl on 15th July 2011
This is another wonder work of yours Merv. It is quite cute how I am experiencing all this chaos and am born in the month of Aquarian. I know Mother Nature has a way of recalibrating herself, but it is our responsibility as man to be respectful of her. The human race has gone too long in selfishness to ignore the beauty that we are graced with and not respected where our life and breath come from. I only wish that mankind has awoken from the veil that is clouding their heads.
Reading for Rudi
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 11th July 2011
Google "The Lamentation over the destruction of Sumer and Ur" There you can begin further research. Of course many will argue the causes. Also Google the Precession and the astrological ages. Believing present day modern man is the best there ever was is quite conceited.

PS, and your reference to hitting the pipe too hard is a great insult. Unless you were referring to a scholar who thinks deeply and smokes pipe tobacco. As for me, I smoke nothing and take no drugs except those brewed with hops and barley and no preservatives. Please keep your "Rude " insults contained within your own mind. Speak them only to yourself.
The next age.
Comment by Rudi Peters on 11th July 2011
And this will be hollowed by the age of the bunny rabbit, were everyone will have as much chocolate as they can handle. Someone has been hitting the pipe to hard again.

Where in Lamentations did you find that quote, I look but could not find it.
Thank you
Comment by M. Craven on 11th July 2011
Sadly Merv, real news of Japan has gone unreported and politicians of note in Canada refuse to listen to to anyone about this issue. Fukushima is in meltdown and the world doesn't care. I bet when it becomes an issue which effects the shores of their political riding they will boast that they have a plan of action when they have little idea what to do. Who knows maybe they will protest against the tsunami debris. It seems all of the protest do very little when these people are in positions of power and can create change.
Since March 11th I have learned so much by reading your articles and my respect for you continues to deepen. Thank you for being one of the few reporters in BC to truthfully expose Canadians to what is truly happening in the world.