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NEWS RELEASE · 12th July 2011
The Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce would like your opinion; this is an opportunity for you to participate in the future of Terrace.

Terrace will be the hub of over $10 billion in investment in the northwest in the next 5 years. Our region will attract provincial, national and international attention and we need to take advantage of this unique opportunity. To do this we need to focus our resources. Below is a list of the current projects and their dollar value impact:

Kitimat Modernization Project - to be completed in 2013 Capital Cost $2.6 billion, $650 million by end of 2011

Kitimat Liquefied Natural Gas Line - start date 2012, completed in 2015 Capital Cost $3 billion

Northwest Transmission Line - start date 2011, completion 2014 $11 billion in investment to the region - $300 million in annual tax revenue

AltaGas - completion early 2014 with completion Northwest Transmission Line $1 billion in investment - 400 man camp opening spring 2011

Imperial Metals Red Kress Mines - mine to open in 2014 with completion Northwest Transmission Line $443 million in investment

Prince Rupert Port Expansion Galore Creek
$600 million in investment $2.5 billion

The Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce is proposing that Terrace now join many other communities in the province by electing a 'Full Time Mayor'.

We need to have a representative who can focus all his or her attention on how to ensure that Terrace not only grows within the region but becomes a leader for the development of the northwest.

The City of Terrace has recently announced that $375,000 has been freed up due to a government grant that was approved for the Davis Ave. road reconstruction.

The City of Terrace's money that was earmarked for that project is now available to be invested in other projects. Currently the idea is to invest it in the demolition of the Co-Op building.


The other major project that is going on in our community is the save Shames Mountain Ski Hill campaign. This property provides families and businesses with a recreational and healthy living lifestyle all year long, while supporting many of the businesses in our region. It is the only ski hill we have within a 3 hour driving radius. It will be part of a lifestyle that will draw new business, investment and families to our area.
Thx Dave...
Comment by MaggieJo on 14th July 2011
Thank you Dave for your enlighting comment.

Good points in your commentary. I appreciate that.

Let's all move forward together to make Terrace a truly viable City!

Give your heads a shake.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 14th July 2011
Terrace doesn't need and can't afford a full time Mayor.For petesakes The only thing Terrace may possibly get will be a bio fuel plant.The billions that are on the books are for every where else but terrace. Its good to have a positive outlook but you can't spend money you don't have. Does the Mayor actually have a job or is this a group of his friends trying to create a full time job for him?
Re: Faith
Comment by Dave on 14th July 2011
Despite your opinion of Regional - besides on a map - Terrace has been for a very long time the HUB and continues to grow that way - not only for "services" but things like availablity of finding the supplies an "outsider" needs.
As to a full time paid mayor - a very delicate situation. Make the decision and you don't know the person elected is worth the money. It should/maybe be a reviewable situation after an election.
You have had, in my opinion, some that as "part time" have done a good job of moving Terrace forward or at least treading water, including Jack Talstra, while maintaining their "other sort" of income.
To quote some of the "projects & potentials" on the horizon is misleading - a lot will only suppliment Terrace because you are a hub - no other effort needed.
"Nuff "said
Comment by MaggieJo on 14th July 2011
Faith: In the book of Hebrews: "To be sure of the things we hope for. To be certain of the things we cannot see."

I'm all for supporting any idea that hosts some "meat" to it opposed to a mere pipe dream to misleadingly encourage the locals.

Due to obvious "health" reasons, I could no longer "hold my breath" waiting for Terrace to be the "Hub of the North". One could pass out holding one's breath for so long.

The only thing regional about Terrace is the location on the map. We can't even host a Regional Hospital for heaven's sake !

Remember those signs in town advertising Mining is coming to Terrace? Uh...did it? Maybe I should look harder.

Remember Pernarowski's promise prior to being elected that the first thing he would do if elected is tear down that Co-op eyesore to make it more attractive to investors? Maybe he did and I'm just too traumatized that I keep "seeing" the bldg there as though it actually was real??

I could go on and on...but don't wanna glog up space.

Lets not put the extra cash into something that we don't have true faith and certainty in; lest we WASTE that cash (Terrace leadership tends to host a nasty habit of not being prudent that way, which drags the rest of us down).

My point is...can we just focus on what we HAVE and not on what we COULD have? Kinda reminds me of us humans who have bills/debts to pay, but still "gotta have" the next new toy when all we had to do was fix or upgrade the old one.

How can we spend our apparent "extra" dollars? Uh...not by hiring a fulltime Mayor!

Sheesh...who TRAINED this "leaders"?!

Can we simply fix the things we "own" first? After that...if we have true faith and certainty in a potential investment...only THEN should we go for it.
cash for a full time mayor?
Comment by anon on 14th July 2011
If terrace is to be the much touted hub . Then why would the chamber not add another spoke making it four. I find it a little more than disturbing that the cranberry connector has been pushed so far from the chamber and the public consciousness . This road would save the many business north of the connector an hour of travel or more,an hour of burnt fuel and insure the traffic comes to terrace .
I love the ski hill at shames and have spent many years skiing there almost all by myself .
Skiers north of the connector do not come to shames . They go to smithers as they have a bigger hill , cabins to rent or are able to ski into town and stay in the many hotels there .
The thousands of mining,hydro and related service workers north of the connector when they reach the kitwanga cross roads will have a choice to make . Which choice would you make Carol ?
Shames Mountain
Comment by Karen on 13th July 2011
The purchase price for Shames Mtn., from what I understand, is $1.5 million and more is needed to get the ski hill operational. Shames Mountain Co-op has managed to raise about $350,000 towards getting the ski hill functioning when they hoped to have 3 times that by last April!

What makes TDCC think this is a good investment when that still leaves Shames a very long way from being able to open for business? Are they willing to take the chance with public funds that the hill won't become another white elephant like the old co-op building?

I hope TDCC and Friends of Shames have a viable plan that is better than what we have seen out of this venture in the past couple of years.

Pretty vague proposal
Comment by Karen on 13th July 2011
It is very hard to determine what the impact will be on city finances when no indication is given as to what kind of remuneration we are talking about were we to have a fulltime Mayor.

I would like to see the economy improve a whole lot before we even entertain the idea of making the Mayorial position fulltime. Besides, doesn't a community normally reach closer to a 20 - 30,000 population before it is feasibly practical?

There are a whole lot of questions to be answered before anyone can say yay or nay to this proposal. Which leads me to think that TDCC hasn't done their homework on this and they are jumping the gun.
Well done Carol
Comment by Tom on 13th July 2011
Great way to see what the community thinks and to encourage community involvment. You are a great community booster and a person with vision and passion for anything Terrace. How many kids in our region have seen their Hockey idols in person thanks to you and the other members of our community. While some may not agree with our points all the time, you survey demonstrates intellectual pluralism is alive and well, so job well done and thanks for including our views.
Trust in our city
Comment by Brent on 13th July 2011
Carol Fielding should not have anything to do with the city or TDCC. She doesn't support local business and has ripped off many local people here in Terrace with small businesses.

With people like this in the TDCC, I really lose trust in our city making sure the correct changes get implemented. Just look at TEDA and the $40,000 website for an example. All of my websites combined didn't cost that much, and they generated $7.5 million last year in BC. I wonder what the return on the 40 large will be?

If people can't find you on Google, what good is your website?
What poll Stacey?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 13th July 2011
What poll and what is the methodology. You can get a poll done to justify almost anything you want.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 13th July 2011
I find both poll results so far, shocking.
Nice marketting
Comment by Ian on 13th July 2011
In reading this article is see omisions that are glarying at me.

The pellet plant, biocoal production facility, what is the status. The papers and local media made this opperation as a confirmed go. There was even a " ground breaking ceremony". Is this another pipe dream.

Skeena Saw mills, is this reopening or is it going to stay mothballed for another year. I have talked to people that have said August, now the late fall for a one shift opperation to begin.

The Airport lands, what is happening to this large section of land that has been supportted by the city and money being spent. Work has started and stopped and started again and stopped again. Are we wasting time and money? Why are we not targetting large scale distribution center there. With the PR port facility being expanded does it not make sence to go after the companies that need this type of facilty here in the Northwest.

If the picture is as rosey as they TDCC says it will be then where is the smaller business development doing.
Terrace is a hub of goods and services, why are we not catering to it. Terrace was designed to do so.
The last busy time for our communtiy was back in 1997, we have yet to even come close to those days.
Instead we spend 40k on a web site for TEDA. Amazingly short sited and a waste of tax payers coin when local tallent should of been used and appreciated, keeping the money here.

Cn rail there expansion of the current railway lines from PG to PR. my understanding is they want to have twin lines between both cities.
How about a comparison.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th July 2011
Terrace's population according to the 2006 census was 11,320. The towns that are similar are Dawson Crk. (10,994), Kitimat (8,987), Powell River (12,957), Prince Rupert (12,815), Quesnel (9,326), and Williams Lake (10,744). It would be interesting to know which of these have a full-time mayor.
Tear that speculating, finger-pointing building down.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 12th July 2011

I'm talking about the building on Greig.
The one we all know about.
If you're looking to history for a label, don't choose coop. Please stop using coop.
Call it the council speculation building. Every time the name is heard the cringe of financial responsibility will ring bells.
Speculation and a lot of it.

Tear this building down.
It's a stigma of pessimism that has plagued the "terrace recession mind" for way way too long. Tear it down, tear it down, tear it down...
It was a breath of fresh air, it was so nice to see the ruins of our cellulose industry in the dismantle finale, please do the same at the Council Speculation Building.
my opinion
Comment by Anon. for political reasons on 12th July 2011
First I think if the city can afford a full time mayor we should have one.

Second, many of these multi million dollar projects are for Rupert or Kitimat, not Terrace specifically. Although there will be spin off benefits I'm sure the bulk of the $$ will not likely go to Terrace for these projects so we shouldn't be counting our money this early.

Third, I'm not sure what the $365,000 grant has to do with the Mayor's wages as this is a one time grant and it certainly can't be used to fund a full time position on an ongoing basis.

Finally, I'm just not sure what Shames has to do with any of this? It doesn't have anything to do with a full time mayor position. Also, it provides a very nice benefit for the few families that can afford to go skiing and have the means to get to the hill but it is not a benefit that a large majority of the population would or could use. I dont think it provides year long benefits as it isn't used for anything during the summer, fall or late spring as far as I know. I also don't know how many businesses the ski hill 'supports' aside from the sporting good stores? I doubt the hotels get much business as it is locals that use the hill. The ski hill has been around for years and I'm just not sure how huge a draw it has been for new businesses or we wouldn't have had the huge decline in business and population we've had over the past 8 years or so. I know it's a great asset to have but there are probably alot more important things or things that would benefit a much wider % of the population that money could be directed to than a ski hill. I know that isn't a popular opinion but it is my opinion as a long time Terrace resident.
Survey link...
Comment by Carol Fielding on 12th July 2011
Please follow this link to complete our online survey and leave your comments if you wish. Everyone from the community is invited to participate. If you have any questions please contact Carol at the Chamber office
250-635-2063 or email terracechamber,,,