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NEWS RELEASE · 15th July 2011
Yesterday, the premier threatened HST referendum voters that if they do not support the HST, there won't be any hospital upgrades. This reckless threat is just the latest in a long string of desperate attempts to save the HST – a $1.9 billion tax shift on to the backs of B.C. families.

The Liberals:

Won't improve hospitals

"If the HST fails, we are going to be really struggling to try and find the money to prop up the services that we already have, much less be thinking about improving services like hospitals, many of which desperately need improvements." (Christy Clark, July 14, 2011) ·

Won't commit to returning to PST with previous exemptions

Bill Good: "But you're telling me that you're not sure that restaurant meals will be exempted?"

Liberal Finance Minister Kevin Falcon: "I can't make any commitments pro or negative about anything, Bill." (CKNW, May 9, 2011)

Admit the $5 million publicly funded ads are a persuasion campaign

"I want to be clear about something, [this campaign] is not going to be a persuasion campaign…It's going to show what the pros and the cons are." (Liberal Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, May 12, 2011)

But after the ads aired, clearly supporting the HST, the finance minister was asked if there will be any ads promoting the GST/PST. Mr. Falcon responded,

"No, because there isn't [sic] any positives of moving back." (Public Eye Online, June 1, 2011) ·

Threaten teachers and public sector workers

"There will not be a wage increase. [Teachers] are going to be held to the same standard that every other public sector union in the province has been held to and that is a two-year net zero mandate…If we see a decision where the referendum and HST [are] defeated…all bets are off for everything." (Liberal Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, June 29, 2011)
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 16th July 2011
I thought the HST was supposed to be revenue neutral...was I wrong? Otherwise, how is getting rid of it going to affect "services that we already have...(or) improving services like hospitals"...and other spending?
I should think that a so-called revenue neutral tax shouldn't have much influence on the coffers! (Except, of course, that it isn't a revenue neutral tax!)
Liberals Running Scared
Comment by Gary Edwards on 15th July 2011
This Liberal Government and their big business bedfellows are truly running scared. First they ram this robbery down our throats and in their arrogance figure we will lie down (or bend over) and take it. When we don't take it they try to tie us up in court (with or money). Then they begin the lies. And there is not enough space here to list them. Suffice it to say I allege they are lying about everything.

Now we have threats. blatant threats. And this tells me that they are running scared. It may also mean that the poll information they are giving us (from their own pollsters) is another lie. They are scared s#!^less.

And the thing that makes me laugh the most here is that the birdman of Victoria hasn't even read the question on the referendum. Put simply it asks if we want to reject the HST and return to the system prior to July 1 2009. So if Mr Falcons idle answer is that he will not do that and will keep the PST on things that were not taxed back then he is not only lying I allege he is stupid. So legally he can't keep the taxes after we win the yes vote. He has to introduce legislation to make those taxes available. And if they were to do that they would be COMMITTING POLITICAL SUICIDE.