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NEWS RELEASE · 18th July 2011
Terrace RCMP
On July 16 at 3:07 AM police were called to assist the Thornhill Fire Department with a house fire on Dobbie St in Thornhill.

There were three people in the residence at the time of the fire that were able to evacuate without injuries.

The owners were not in the residence. Terrace Forensic Unit attended the scene for investigation.

Foul play is not suspected. The house was completely burnt.

Editor Note: For context on who Freddie Mowatt is Click here.
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Comment by Editor on 20th July 2011
Everyone has posted their opinions and have had their say. Whichever way we see it, the family is part of our community.
Comment by Denise M. on 19th July 2011
Let's be crystal clear. First and foremost, the Mowatt kids lost their home due to fire, that is who I am taking a stand for and they deserve compassion. If my home went up in flames, I highly doubt the RCMP would be issuing a press release and Terrace Daily would not be posting our names and rightfully so. I would hope you were afforded the same treatment if it was your house. Secondly, you don't even know who his wife is, yet you talk about her as if you do? Interesting. Thirdly, I seriously challenge your facts. It appears that you're basing it on "reputation" and rumours and that's just typical and ingenuine. Was Mr. Mowatt really the most notorious drug dealer in town? Really? Keep up the good work Maggie Jo. From what you say, it looks like you're Terrace's very own Mother Teresa.
Comment by MaggieJo on 19th July 2011
Actually, Denise.

I host a TON of compassion for peeps and then some! Even when people are in certain... er... um.. shameful "predicaments" I still gulp down my judgement and try to step up to 'da plate and have often hosted numerous "out of the system" foster children in my own home for months on end at a time... ( $$$ in any reimbursement for tending to these adult aged children once they reach 19 yrs of age).

While I have hosted numerous older teen'ed boys in my home, I can't even sleep in my own bedroom (just that I wanna make sure my young daughter is safe at all know, just to make sure. So, I sleep in HER teenie bed with her for uncomfortable months on end while I'm hosting "guests" in the house).

I also engage my own children in lessons on sharing our food (even if at times it is limited in our own home) with my neighbors who are struggling. I also even spend time with the homeless during my work breaks and (OH MY GOD!)...I even shake their dirty, grubby hands!

And even my kids who are tempted to "shun" their school acquaintances who host really bad family lives with drunken/drug ridden parents....Yeah...I still invite THOSE "lost" children into my home. Not the parents...but I do invite the children.

Who cares about the frickin' monetary reward. I'm a people person and I respect every human life on this planet. But, at times one needs to challenge peeps when they are continually causing harm to others. It is respectful to these latter people to call them on their activities in order for them to consider changing for the better. No???

Mr. Mowatt has a notoriously BAD reputation in town. It's not just a's been proven in a court of law.

If Brad Pitt's house burned down...the newspapers would most certainly disclose the owner of the burnt house.

In this case...Mr Mowatt is this town's most notorious drug dealer. Well, he thinks of himself as a celebrity, so why not treat him like one and publish his name after his house burnt down?

In closing: Most of Mr Mowat's criminal acts were likely pre-meditated, meaning he did it "on purpose" - aka; he calculated his plans to hook the City of Terrace's children on drugs/criminal activity to help pay for his own personal pleasures.

I suspect, Denise you may not be his wife (just that it may be coincidence that your name rings familiar and you promptly stood up for him "a la Sainthood Style" in this I apoligize if you are not his wife and I jumped the gun in this regard).

But, my point is that there is NO excuse for rationing off our children into the drug/prostitution trade...and ANY WIFE who sits by idle without doing anything about it....when she knows DARN WELL what her husband is up to...and his criminal activity is what brings cash to HIS family table while tearing other family tables apart, should be put in prison along with him for aiding and abetting him all these years by doing NOTHING in response to his actions!

Remember those young girls that were kidnapped for 2-18+ years and were discovered still alive??? Yeah...the female was also charged along with her "mate" who she knew was causing harm to those young girls while doing nofin' to stop it. Mr. Mowatt's wife (whoever she is) should be charged as well, cuz there's no way in H#(*# she didn't know what he was up to all these years, while Mr. Mowatt stored cash under their marriage mattress, with drug weighing material all over the house, and very young teenaged girls were over at all hours of the night.

Whoever Mr Mowatt's wife is. Shame on you!
Maggie Jo
Comment by Denise M. on 19th July 2011
And Maggie Jo, are you JT's wife....or husband?
Maggie Jo
Comment by Denise M. on 19th July 2011
I don't have to be his wife to have some compassion for his children. You should try it sometime...having compassion for the innocent victims here.
merv has balls
Comment by my X left me cuzza his coke on 19th July 2011
I love the fact that merv has exposed alot of the idiots in this town. I'll be able to educate my children better now, by using these many examples. the rest of you should appreciate what is going on here... and as for his house burning down having to do with any of his past activities....... sometimes KARMA takes a while.... I'm glad something has come around... sometimes innocent people die because of what guilty people do... and then they blame the reporters.... i know if I get killed by a drunk driver i want everyone to know how i died and how i lived.
Denise M - is this Mowatt's wife???
Comment by MaggieJo on 19th July 2011
Ol' Man Mowatt
Comment by MaggieJo on 19th July 2011
Hopefully, he was wise enuf to host fire insurance. Otherwise, he may be working even harder to get more kids addicted to all those drugs/prostitution in order to pay for his new house!
Jt - really?
Comment by Denise M. on 19th July 2011
JT, perhaps the "time" should fit the crime. I am all for public shaming where it's applicable and appropriate, but how does his house burning down have anything in common with his previous activities that he's already been convicted of and is serving time for? He has children who live in the house that burned down, that was their home. And really, who are you to make comments like that? For all any of us know, you could be involved in illegal activity but we'll never know because you have to hide behind initials. Give your head a good shake JT.
Please Give Ur Head A Shake
Comment by Jt on 19th July 2011
Public Shaming I Like it! For those who are so upset on why they posted the name of the owner it just makes me wonder what ur involved in as you defend a person who poisons the people and children of this community
Comment by Terry on 18th July 2011
There is no reason you should have included the name in the news article. Bad form all around sir.
RE: Hope he leaves town
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th July 2011
Sounds like you're just a bad parent who blames others for your own lack of parenting skills.

Hope he leaves town
Comment by E on 18th July 2011
Too bad Freddie wasn't in it. It would be justice for all the familes that have had their hearts broken and kids either addicted to his drugs or stealing for him to pay off their drug debts.

Do not post my identity as it could be harmful for my son
Comment by Nicole on 18th July 2011
I agree with Brianna that it was not necessary to put a name on this article.
House Fire
Comment by Denise M. on 18th July 2011
I have to agree, is it really necessary to state the name of the homeowners or any other information about them? I have not seen it done with others reports of house fires, so I'm not sure why it's relevant and pertinent for this one. On another note, I am very relieved to hear nobody was hurt.
Comment by Brianna on 18th July 2011
is it really necessary to put a name to whose house burnt down? It is a tragedy that a family has lost everything and putting a name to it is going to make people judge. Is it necessary to put what this man has done in the past as an editor's note? What does his past have to do with what happened... absolutely nothing!!!!I have never seen a name put to any other article that has to do with a house fire so why this one?