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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd July 2011
This goes out to the people that for some reason think its "fun" to take their glass bottles and for some strange reason want to smash them on sidewalks, school grounds, or where there is foot traffic.

As a pet owner, it is a constant issue and fear while out walking our dogs every day the amount of broken glass all over public areas.
Not only is it a concern that one of my dogs will step on it, ending up cutting a paw, causing injury and big vet bills but also for all the parents out their with smaller children that are out running in sandles, or bare feet.

Please people whoever you are out there smashing your glass bottles think twice what that broken glass can do to a pet, a child or a another person. There are lots of garbage bins around Terrace and area to put the bottles in or even lay them on the ground if you can't throw them in a bin, many people collect them.
Comment by MaggieJo on 30th July 2011
My young daughter remains consistently AGHAST at the litter around town after we work so hard to forfeit our own family's personal "down time at home" to pull volunteer work to clean up the City. It is back-breaking work picking up litter that I/kids often pull on a regular basis in our own neighborhood.

We can all do our part:
- clean up/down our own streets picking up litter before family dinnertime. That only takes ~ 20 minutes/street and it's a gr8 way to spend time together as "family".
- educate the neighbors along the way
- educate the public when you see them littering (in this case, I approached a visiting suited tourist a few days ago at a local grocery store who flicked his cigarette out onto the pavement!)
- clean up our own yard garbage before we point the fingers to others.

It all comes down to respecting the Land. Perhaps the First Nations in our midst could create a Committe of sorts in this regard? You educate the public in Mother Earth style? We could host that new committee in the City of Terrace website so Tourists who frequent that site could know what our littering mandate is.

Just a thought.
No Respect...
Comment by Pat#1 on 26th July 2011
It's not just the bottles...SO MUCH litter everywhere. I cannot understand the mentality of litterbugs..

It's a disgrace and a real sh**ty attitude.
Sadly this is why...
Comment by MaggieJo on 24th July 2011
Why do people break glass in town?

Well, simply put...people don't CARE about breaking glass that could harm others and their pets. They're just having fun or showing off to their friends..or are just frustrated in their private lives and pulling an act like this somehow relieves their anxieties.

They are in their own world and simply don't care about what the consequences of their actions might cause to others. And they could care less that they offend people in the interim. As a matter of fact...they scoff at people complaining about this!

I know...sad, heh? But true.
I agree
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 22nd July 2011
I also think that the photo of the broken bottle is quite artistic. Well done!