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NEWS RELEASE · 21st July 2011
Terrace RCMP
On July 19, 2011 at approximately 12:25 hrs police received a complaint of a man wearing
camouflage and a mask acting in an irrational manner making people feel unsafe in the downtown area. Police located the male. In conversation with the male, it was determined that he needed to be apprehended under the Mental Health Act and taken to the hospital for care.

The male refused to cooperate with police, and attempted to punch a police officer. The police officer had to use force to gain control of the situation. Back up police officers arrived on scene to assist. The male was handcuffed, and escorted to the hospital without further incident. No charges are pending.
Thanks, MaggieJo
Comment by c. sandecki on 25th July 2011
Thanks for the explanations., MaggieJo. Hope I don't forget.

While we're thinking of going back to proper English ...
The worst example of poor English was an interview of a B.C. youth who had been invited to Ottawa to meet Prince William and Kate.
Asked by a reporter what he and William had talked about, the teen said, "Me and William..."
I cringed. Hope every teacher in British Columbia did too.
the person needed help and resisted
Comment by bill braam on 24th July 2011
Ok, the perp needed to be helped to the hospital, resisted and then needed to be subdued. "Someone" driving by saw a few second window of this event and assumed the worst. The RCMP officer who first dealt with the perp is a very decent person but also has a very difficult job to do on a daily basis. His first contact with the perp was very polite and the perp chose to counteract the politeness and became aggressive. The officer realized quickly that the perp was possibly unstable and needed to be isolated from the general public, force was needed to attain that. Sometimes we forget that the RCMP is our last defence against unstable persons and they do an excellent job to keep us all safe. Thank you.
Comment by MaggieJo on 23rd July 2011
In response to your questions: "host" used to be a referenced word used only when one is "hosting" somefin' like a dinner party. Now-a-days, we "host" that term loosely - ie; I'm now "hosting" a new dress I just recently bought"...or in my usual case.."I'm hosting an opinion." I know...some of us have been a bit lazy and have strayed away from proper usage of the English language (well-deserved hand slap here). We really should stop being so lazy and get back to using proper terms, heh? Maybe we could make that a new fad???

As for the term "Peeps"? HA HA HA!!! That stands for "people" - most commonly used in reference with close acquintances IE: Me and my regular "peeps" all got together and headed out to the Farmer's Market this a.m." - meaning, Me and my "People" all got together. But at times it's used loosely, IE...Those "peeps" in the riot were insane! Meaning those People in the riot...
Please clarify terms for me
Comment by c. sandecki on 23rd July 2011
I admit up front I'm a fuddyduddy on today's tweeting and texting terms, so please help me understand two terms I read often but have no idea what they mean:

"Host". What is that?

"Peep" ?? Is that a misspelled version of "perp" for perpetrator?
I stand corrected and apologize
Comment by MaggieJo on 22nd July 2011
You are correct. The individual very well have hosted a mental condition.

Thanks for opening my eyes to that.

Hold Up MaggieJo.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd July 2011
You say, Poor Felon. Where in there does it say he's a felon? Police acknowledge it was a MEDICAL issue.

Lets not label people who have mental health issues, thank you.
Re: If this peep was in MY yard.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 22nd July 2011
I could not agree with you more, MaggieJo. If someone in full camouflage and mask was in my back yard, I would hope the RCMP were really fast in their response for if they were not and if I felt that there was a chance of harm coming to my family the RCMP would not be the services that this person would need.

I hope this person gets the help that he needs.
If this peep was in MY yard?
Comment by MaggieJo on 21st July 2011
If that camoflauged face-shielding man was in MY own household yard acting all irrational like that??? Darn rights I would be calling "911" for help!

Yeah...while waiting for the RCMP to arrive, I most likely would'a pulled out my 'Mother Lion claws" and caused more damage to him then the RCMP ever could. Let's just put it that way. I have children in my care for God's sake!

Knock if off already with picking apart the RCMP for doing their job in their attempts to protect the public!

Even amdist all of that turmoil, the RCMP still tried to get the male in question to seek mental health advice. I would hope they would do so with one of my children, if that was the case.
northern witness
Comment by Roy Harding on 21st July 2011
"but this was down right - bully tactics"

Kind of like anonymous postings on the internet, eh?
Oh, give me a break!
Comment by MaggieJo on 21st July 2011
Oh! C'MON! A guy hosting a covered face and in camo-gear to boot (!!!)...acting totally irrational who is TOTALLY non-responsive to RCMP tactics?

They had to get him down to protect the public!

Poor felon. He remained resistant, which is why extra force had to be put in place for the safety of the Community.

Good story to remind ourselves to acknowledge mental illness in our area, heh?
he was struck in the head several times
Comment by northern witness on 21st July 2011
I saw the officer in question as I drove by with my friend. The officer had the guy on the ground and PUNCHED him repeatedly in the head! Use of force is one thing - but this was down right - bully tactics ... reminded me of a the school bully in action.