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REPORTING · 22nd July 2011
Merv Ritchie
In the Council agenda package released today, the Terrace administration is recommending the Councillors approve the lowest bidder and have the Co-op demolished before the end of October.

Snaring River Holdings (Western Thermal & Demolition) bid the lowest at $219,000. The demolition is expected to take 8 weeks.

The administration is recommending the extra funds, which became available after the completion of the Davis Street reconstruction project, be diverted to the demolition.

The City administration is also requesting Council set aside a further $113, 400 for what they list as; “project management, monitoring, disposal/landfill costs, utilities costs, permit fees and a 10% contingency allowance.” There is no mention of who will receive the management and monitoring fees.

The other bids received ranged widely, from the next lowest bidder by Clearview Grinding Ltd at $274,000 and the highest by Billabong Road and Bridge Maintenance Inc at $775,757.25.

Council will need to approve this recommendation at the next Terrace City Council meeting, Monday, July 25. Council will also be discussing, once again, a request by SNCIRE for funds to prepare concept drawings for the site. The Administration is acknowledging local groups have prepared drawings and presented concepts in the past without requesting funds from the City.
Comment by karen james on 26th July 2011
The vote Ed speaks about was a Chamber of Commerce vote...hardly binding on the citizens who aren't members and did not count in the voting.
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 26th July 2011
I'm sorry to see the building go. I recall visiting the co-op with my parrents as a child and it's vacancy is certainly a waste.

However, change is inevitable. We lost the old hospital in Kitimat. You can't even tell the Shoppers Drug Mart has the basement which the old department store held in Terrace.
So what was the object of the vote
Comment by Ed on 25th July 2011
So what was the object of the vote when 80% wanted it spent on the hill...or was it just a ruse to get a vote for mayor ... Hmm if your going to be that dishonest or misleading i think you should have an other vote and see if we still think there should be a full time mayor...just saying
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 22nd July 2011
Why aren't all the permits and disposal fees included in the bid price. If there is asbestos in the building the bids seem very low ,maybe that is why billabongs bid is so much higher. And why doesn't the head engineer monitor the job. Why in the heck do you have to hire someone to report back to the city on whats been done? The engineer or building inspector can take a drive to the site once a day and keep track of whats going on cant he?
Must be...
Comment by James on 22nd July 2011
... an election year
Big Difference in Bids?
Comment by KD on 22nd July 2011
wow a $556,757.25 difference form to lowest bid to the highest by Billabong Road and Bridge Maintenance. Geez Mr.Ryan were you planning on using gold plated equipment for the demolition?