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COMMENTARY · 25th July 2011
Merv Ritchie
The recent shooting in Norway has shocked all reasoned western peoples. The correct questions have not yet been asked and the analysis of the event will in all likelihood get sidetracked and ignored. The mainstream media must distract the public as it is truly the sole cause of the event. The decades of deception and misrepresentation of the truth has spawned generations of misinformed, misguided men and women of all ages.

The target of the attacks in Norway were clearly aimed at an organization of compassionate, understanding and tolerant people. The same attributes could be applied to Gabrielle Giffords. She is a person who in the USA is politically called a democrat. In Norway the target was the Labour Party. The youth group attacked on the island where the gunman killed 90 was a gathering of the Labour Party Young Peoples Organization.

Political terms have been confused over the decades. The main two terms used which could properly describe political parties are Right Wing and Left Wing. Both the Giffords shooting and the Norway attack would properly be described as right wing attackers and left wing victims.

Right wing political organizations have been using the media to promote fear throughout the populations to implement programs of ‘austerity’ and control. The media and these organizations are completely responsible for these outrageous attacks.

Right wing political parties are commonly referred to by the following terms; Conservative, Republican, Nationalist and oddly enough, Freedom. Left wing political parties are called Democrats, Liberals (except in British Columbia where it is a far right party simply using the Liberal name) and Socialist.

The right wing enjoy using the term socialist as the media has promoted this word to mean a controlling communist or fascist extreme. Socialism is actually based on values benefiting families and society as a community and has nothing to do with Fascism or Communism. You wouldn’t know this from the way the media promotes the use of the word on behalf of the right wing crowd. “The Socialist Hordes” are blamed all the wrongs of the world. The left is even blamed for the current financial woes. These extremist views are promoted in a non stop fashion by almost all Western media. It is easy to understand why when one takes time to look at the concentration of the ownership of the Media. All of it is controlled by very few people, all with the same extreme right wing political beliefs.

In Canada we have seen the right wing attempt to instigate violence as well. During the various protests rallies organized by labour groups and socially active and responsible citizens, black hooded provocateurs have been sent in to incite violence. The most notorious example of this was in Quebec during a WTO (World Trade Organization) protest march. Quebec Police officers mingled with the crowd in disguise with rocks attempting to provoke their fellow officers to treat the peaceful protesters as rioters. These are clear right wing tactics. The same happened in Toronto during the G8 and G20 summits. Peaceful gatherings of left wing protesters beat upon by officers of the right wing governments.

British Columbia has seen the ownership and control of the media become the most concentrated in the free world. Read a 2007 editorial on this subject here. Canwest Global and Black Press dominate almost all the public information airways and print media. They both promote the extremist right wing views that caused both the Gifford Shooting and the Norway attacks.

In Terrace our print and online publications have been giving virtually the only media coverage to left wing points of view. Although the other media provides some periodic coverage, our medium (though untrue) is clearly viewed as a supporter of the left. We believe this perception is due to our uncompromising coverage of the corruption of the Liberal Party of BC where CanWest Global and Black Press expose none of it.

The result of this however is the extreme attacks, threats of personal harm and messages sent in our email inbox. We are completely unsurprised by the Gifford shooting and the Norway outrage. The right wing parties, and the governments they support, have spawned a generation or three of people who actually believe the lies they have spread.

The complete fallacy of the 9/11 attacks, the complete lies on which the Iraq war was conducted, the nonsense of Afghanistan and the atrocious attacks in Libya are all supported and believed by the extreme right wing crowd because of the deception and misinformation promoted by the main stream media.

As long as businesses continue to give their advertising dollars to support these extremist media organizations, as long as the consumer continues to support the businesses that support the extremist ideologues, nothing will change. All the educational information consumed by the masses of people, after they leave school, is derived from the media. If it is primarily lies and misinformation designed to deceive the result is a mentally deranged and an unstable population.

Great philosophers of the past have warned about this and it is exactly what caused the rise of Hitler and the Fascists in Germany. Don’t expect the mainstream media to apologize for their failure to be fair and balanced. Like FOX news, they will tell you over and over they are, even though everyone knows it is another lie. Well not everyone, we just hope enough know it is all lies. What they will do however is use this atrocious event to remove the last of your personal freedoms. No longer will we expect to be free from unwarranted searches of our homes and private communications. Get ready for the extremist police state. They spawned it and we gave it to them.
RE: Right doesn't have a monopoly on extremism
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 27th July 2011
Here is a case in point of what I mean when I say left and right is actually devide and conquor.

James here has turned the discussion of this article into left vs right.
Right doesn't have a monopoly on extremism
Comment by James on 27th July 2011
A Mystery
Comment by Barry English on 27th July 2011
"It is NOT a mystery that those who care the least about the environment and humanity ie. oil, mining and resource extraction CEO's and executives, receive the highest financial rewards for their work while those who care the most for other people, the environment and society (socialists), are generally volunteers."

This is a great statement by Merv, but in this case I would do a reverse Oda, and remove the word NOT in the first line.
Finally some insight
Comment by A.Heidl on 26th July 2011
Thank you for this information. I see bits and pieces of the news but of course they are still not announcing why. And even if they did state the reason should I believe that to be true. I believe it is good to keep inform about what is happening in the world, but to take caution on the views of the news broadcasters. It seems as if all governments like to breed fear in society as they can then make them follow like sheep to the slaughter.
Comment by Karen on 26th July 2011
Thank you EB, for bringing to my attention a book that clearly explains at least one reason why so many people are against socialism. I have always been baffled by those who believe that socialism is bad because many, who claim an aversion to that philosophy, also claim to be Christians ...yet Jesus was a socialist! I feel justified in my belief that it is because many have no understanding of the type of socialism prominant in Canada and choose instead to believe it follows the extreme doctrine described by Gary Allen as akin to communism.

Gary Allen, author of 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy' was considered to be an extreme, radical right-wing journalist yet he has managed to spread his theories to millions as the unmitigated truth of western politics. One need only read a small portion of his works to see the extreme biases and manipulation in his writing.

Word definitions, Socialism, Fascism, Etc
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 26th July 2011
From the book, ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’ written by Gary Allen in 1971; regarding both communism and socialism he boiled it down to this one statement; “An International, Conspiratorial Drive For Power On The Part Of Men In High Places Willing To Use Any Means To Bring About Their Desired Aim – Global Conquest.”

In 1971 political terms were understood somewhat different yet the foundation of Allen’s argument remains valid. In summary he wrote; The political spectrum of right and left is improperly applied. He called Democracy; Fabian (creeping) Socialism. And he put Communism, Socialism (democracy), Fascism, Pharaohism, Caesarism etc all on one side of the scale under the heading “Total Government Control” on the other end he placed “Complete Anarchy” (No government at all). He argued for what the USA was founded on, a Republic; somewhere closer to Anarchy than Total Control. On his left/right scale he called total Government control ‘Left’ and complete anarchy ‘Right’

I argued for this as well at the forums in Sicamous, Chase and Armstrong during my only run at Politics against the BC Liberals (George Abbott) the NDP (Calvin White), The BC Reform Party (Colin Mayes) and various others including the Socreds and a guy named Gordon Campbell (an independent with the same name). I argued less Government control and more freedom is what we need. (I came in last).

When I use the word Socialist I mean it to refer to the good of Society. In my perception, (this may be wrong for others), an ‘ism’ is a doctrine. Socialism, Communism, Fascism; all have a set of political rules one must adhere too. Anything taken to an extreme is dangerous.

In today’s lexicon Liberal can mean almost anything. When Allen wrote his book it meant Socialism (USA Democrats). The Conservatives (Republicans) were considered, in the public eye, to be the Party of Freedom without government control, the “Free Enterprise Party”.

Today most reasoned people can see the totalitarian style of the Conservative/Republican parties. They employ the military and police forces to crush dissent at home and abroad. As the above article speaks to, they work up their supporters into murderous frenzies against the “Socialists”. Also, just like the USSR of old, the vast wealth of the Nations efforts is held by the few, the Conservative/Republican “base” as George W Bush put it.

The only main political parties that stand against these aggressive totalitarian regimes today are called Socialists. They are represented across the world by governments and institutions that spread the fortunes of the world around a bit more. It is what gave us Canada's Old Age Pensions and Health Care.

So, yes, in this rather long response, Allen argued against Socialism. I appreciate and agree with almost all his writing however with the general public today and with the current use of the political terminology, I stand behind the more compassionate people who care more about society, and I call them Socialists. In the end, a real constitutional Republic would easily be much much better. Today that is not the current option.

It is not a mystery that those who care the least about the environment and humanity ie. oil, mining and resource extraction CEO's and executives, receive the highest financial rewards for their work while those who care the most for other people, the environment and society (socialists), are generally volunteers.
Comment by E. Braun on 26th July 2011
In a previous article you commented that the book"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" explains what is going on in the world. In this book socialism is not looked upon very well. It is described as a way to slowley begin to get people lulled into going along with whatever the people in power see fit , communism,one world order etc.
In todays article you state that the media (controlled by the international bankers who are secretly pushing socialism) shines a negative light on socialism. You go on to say that" Socialism is actually based on values benefiting families and society as a community and has nothing to do with Fascism or Communism ".
Am I missing somthing here or are you promoting a book against socialism in one instance, and then criticizing those aginst it in another.
Government involvement in inciting riots
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 25th July 2011
Dont forget the G8 in Seattle. It is well documented that the "anarchists" who incited the riots were funded and housed by the American government.

It is my belief that the creation of the term right wing and left wing was for the purpose of dividing and conquering.

I believe there is good and evil - most can tell the difference between the two. Political views are secondary to right and wrong.