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The Canadian Hereditary System in action.  The Queens representatives and the "Talking Stick" (the ceremonial Mace)
COMMENTARY · 27th July 2011
Merv Ritchie
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The Canadian Government is in a dilemma and has found a convenient way to get out of it; pretend what they did, didn’t happen. Truth and reconciliation should begin with the truth but as almost always, when it comes to dealings between Anglo Saxons and Indians, truth is the first casualty.

If the Canadian government was to make a treaty with another internationally recognized Country they would ensure those they were speaking with were the true representatives of the Country. In this case the Canadian Government has imposed those they wanted as representatives and are now preparing to use these fake representatives of the First Nations people to accept a deal on behalf of all. See Story Here

A true Northwest First Nations Chief is called Sm’ooygit. The spelling might be changed but the sound is similar to ‘Sim Moo Get’. When the British and Canadians arrived and began trading with these Nations they called these highest ranking leaders of the “Indians”, Chiefs. Today the Sm’ooygit are being threatened with a final extermination attempt.

After 50 to 100 years of purposefully targeting and exterminating the true Sm’ooygit families with the most treasured of gifts, Hudson Bay Blankets purposefully laced with the Small Pox Virus, these high ranking Hereditary families were almost completely wiped out. Those who survived saw their children sent to Residential schools and many were subjected to sterilization through legislation enacted by the Canadian Government.

The Indian Act prohibited the ceremonial procedures and customary practices of governance of the First Nations people right up until the late 1950’s and then imposed an entirely new set of governance standards. The governance of the Tribes, Clans and Crests of the Indians was completely corrupted and almost eradicated. Their ceremonial masks and regalia were called demonic and heathen. Most were destroyed and burnt by Missionaries. Others are kept in collections and/or sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, still hoarded today.

The Canadian Government still employs their own ceremonial procedures and customary practices complete with head dresses, the Parliamentary Mace and other regalia. It could be easily compared to First Nations historical practices however the Canadian Government methodically undermined the Sm’ooygit and their traditional government.

Today the Canadian Government continue to deceive themselves and all First Nations people by using the word Chief to refer to an elected Mayor. Most band councils are considered by the common First Nations person, one who respects their original culture and hereditary systems, as traitors to their nations. A very common term applied; particularly to those First Nations who have adopted the Christian faith (a wonder when it was used to destroy and abuse their ancestors) is “Apples”. Red on the outside: white on the inside. Using the word Chief, and accepting it as a title over other First Nations people and the true Sm’ooygit, is an insult to all traditional First Nations people.

Only in 2007 and 2008, 100 years after the start of the strategic destruction of the Sm’ooygit hereditary families, did the Canadian government finally begin to acknowledge the crimes of their forerunners. In June of 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a public apology however there has been no substantive restitution. There is just a continuation of the “Same ‘ol, Same ‘ol” practices of extermination and denial of decency seen for the past 200 years in the dealings between the Anglo Saxons and the Indians.

If the Canadian Government was to be honest, if the Elected Chiefs (Mayors) and band Councils wished to be respected, if the various representative bodies of First Nations groups (AFN, UBCIC, etc) were responsible to all First Nations groups they would make at least an attempt to restore their original system of governance. Without taking this first step they are all abrogating their responsibilities. In legal terms they are all breaching their fiduciary duty.

Just as Canada has a hereditary system of governance so does First Nations. In Canada, as with the Provinces, the Queen is represented by the Governor General or the Lieutenant Governor. They open and close all legislative sessions. The mace and the regalia are all from the hereditary system of the British past, yet it is still respected and provides the Canadian people with a sense of dignity. This has been robbed from the First Nations people and without restoring this there never will be dignity, just despondency.

In the Canadian system the elected politicians can make the laws but they need to be approved by the Senate and given royal ascent. This means Stephen Harper, now also called Chief (the name “Chief Speaker” was bestowed on him by Chief Weasel Head on July 11 this year), needs to receive approval by his hereditary system of governance before the parliament can enact the laws. There is no reason this cannot be employed today for the First Nations people. The Sm'ooygit could rightfully be employed as the "Senate" with the same veto authority over Band Councils and other matters affecting their traditional territories.

Before any new treaties are made, before anymore authority is given to “Elected” leaders of the Indian Act (INAC) system, they all must work to re-establish the final authority of the Sm’ooygit. These Chiefs are the most respected elders of First Nations young men, women and children. They are the ones who keep the traditional culture alive. In many cases the elected chiefs and their families, those who steal all the financial benefits for themselves, are despised by the majority. The Canadian Government would do themselves a favour if they considered the validity/legitimacy of those who they are negotiating with.

If Canadian Prime Minister Harper and BC Premier Clark continue down this path, the final “take it or leave it” treaty offer, history will judge them as nothing better than other exterminators. The only words that come to mind to symbolize this effort by Stephen Harper and the various governments come from another recent attempt just over 50 years ago. In Germany it was not called a final offer it was called the “Final Solution”. Given the now acknowledged reality of mass graves and death camps called residential schools it is incumbent on the leadership of all levels of government to take a step back and take a good hard look at what they have done.

Further Reading can be found by following these links:

A chronology, 1850 to 2010

A study on the Canadian Genocide

Documents revealed the Harper Government began spying on the First Nations Communities.

Watch a Canadian Government Hereditary system of ceremonial structure here, the opening of the Canadian Parliament.

And from another writing of ours Source Here we copy and paste the following details;

In the 1860’s our countries founders travelled the land purposefully spreading the smallpox virus in an attempt the rid the country of the original peoples, the Indians. [...]

“I just got a blanket well infected with small pox, carefully put it between a saddle blanket and a sweat pad … I succeeded. They all died of smallpox.” John McLain, Hudson Bay Trader, regarding his trip through the Chilcotin Indians.

“And did not [..] Angus McLeod and another named Taylor go and collect those same infested blankets in the bushes, which the Indians had deposited with the bodies of three men dead of the small-pox, and put them up carefully as new ones and sell them again to the Indians which brought on a second contagion, carrying off another third of the population” Alfred Waddington, "The Bute Inlet Massacre and Its Causes," The Victoria Colonist, June 13, 1864.

“I may have to employ the Colorado solution and order every white male to kill every Indian in this Province” Fredrick Seymour, Governor of the Colony of British Columbia in 1868 (considered the first Premier) just before he died at Bella Coola of Dysentery after a visit to the Nass Valley during “Native unrest”.

In 1910 and 1911, James Tait, a compassionate white guy, assisted the indigenous peoples of BC in making declarations of their sovereignty. The Tahltan, Nisga’a, Lillooet and more declared their independence and ownership of their lands. They also, in their declarations, stood united with their neighbours. In response the Federal Government granted the churches full authority over the residential schools, those in which the federal health officer Dr. Peter Bryce, (in 1907, 8, 9 & 10) reported as having a death rate of up to and over 50 percent. The Federal Government then ordered the RCMP to pick up and deliver all Indian children to these death camps by gun boats and any other necessary methods. The Federal government then targeted hereditary Chief families in an effort to destroy their lineage. Following this they gave the Churches the authority, through legislation, to sterilize them all. Next they outlawed the Potlatch, the indigenious governmental structure.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana, (1905-06)

But how can we forget our history, if we are not even taught it?

”History is written by the victors.” Winston Churchill

Oh that’s why we haven’t been taught it.

Yesterday we poisoned the Indians deliberately, some believe we still are. Were you told?

And maybe you remember this quote from 1946 by Martin Niemöller

”When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn't a Jew. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

Nisga'a ceremonial attire
Nisga'a ceremonial attire
Racism Defined
Comment by Ian Caplette on 8th August 2011
   [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA
a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races

Interesting to note that the thinly veiled threat of extermination and "how lucky we are not to be wiped out like the US and "Newfies" did, which is both inaccurate and categorically bigoted anyway, comes from a fellow who seems concerned about free speech.

The factual evidence provided from this article cannot penetrate your death-grip on a history which did not occur.

Okay, nothing new here and you would probably counter with the idea that the Residential School was a great benefit because it taught children how to read, write, and do arithmetic to a 6th grade level. But not believing it taught rape, torture, murder, and shame to a PhD level.

I understand that too.

It's not an easy thing to be confronted with the realities of the country you believe in and the genocide that your grandparents, parents, and yourself perpetrated on generations of indigenous people. That and the fact you failed to carry it out despite the tremendous expense, propaganda, and legislation directed to eradicate us from the landscape of canada except for those antiquated and inaccurate history books.

The funnier aspect is the pleasant "Mr. Peters" who believes that genocide is indeed the solution to the problem. I don't share his belief. There simply was no conquest and the ultimate arrogance is to compare the canadian state with the Roman Empire is laughable.

Besides, there was no conquer in canada. It would be much simpler if there had been wouldn't it? Of course from my point of view, it would have been much simpler if they had just let your ancestors starve instead of taking them in and showing them how to survive here.

The fact is you are stuck with us and we are stuck with you. We are not going anywhere and we have never given our rights and our title over to any government foreign or indigenous. Tell you what, you can have the tax benefits, the poorly subsidized health and dental care, and we can even throw in your industries and your roads. Just stop resting your genocidal a$$es on our land.
The most vitriolic, racist and inflammatory pieces of crap
Comment by Ted Rayner on 2nd August 2011
I had the misfortune of having to kill time at the NWR Airport recently. Picked up your rag and had the experience of reading one of the most vitriolic, racist and inflammatory pieces of editorial crap I've ever set eyes on. I think you should farm out Merv Ritchie along with that native "Elder" from the prairies who was stripped of his order of Canada for saying Hilter wasn't all that bad. Merv should be thankful the big bad White Man didn't wipe out all the indians like the US Army attempted to and the Tasmanians and Newfies succeeded at. As long as you have idiots like Merv writing drivel like that, I would suggest the non-natives in the Terrace/Kitimat area should look at patronizing a friendlier paper for their advertising dollar. Free speech absolutely, but my money is walking. Have a nice day and dump Merv.
A Simple Solution.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 29th July 2011
When Alexander the Great invaded and conquered the Persian, there were no treaty talks. What happened was the Hellenization of the middle east. It allowed for some fairly amazing cultural, educational, and architectural advancement to occur.

When Julius Caesar pacified the Gauls, there were no treaties, just the romanising of Europe. Which, in turn gave rise to some of the greatest nations in human history.

These are but two examples from history. Nations conquer and they get conquered. The conquers do not make treaties with those that they conquer, they simple dictate their new reality.

If our politicians had any brains or balls they would terminate the department of Indian affairs. With the stroke of a pen they would undo several hundred years of stupidity. They would make all "natives" full Canadian citizens, with no more rights or privileges then every other Canadian. No more reserves, no more tax benefits, no more dental coverage and health care benefits that are not shared by everyone else.

Nothing more than complete assimilation into the Canadian fabric will ever place this fabricated problem to rest.
Re: "Chief Speaker," aka, Stephen Harper.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 29th July 2011
I acknowledge Stephen Harper's Conservatives for offering the only official apology, by any Canadian political party, to Canadian First Nations......ever.

Still.....not an apologetic peep, nor explanations from any other political party! What the heck were they doing as the genocide continued??

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) does not legitimately represent me, the esteemed Tsimshian Eagle House of Gitxon, nor the Tsimshian Nation. No Tsimshian Treaty Society, nor treaty negotiater legitimately represents the interests of the Tsimshian Nation either.

What the Bloods do on their territory is not business of this Tsimshian. All Canadian First Nations have similar histories of so honouring/adopting non-Natives (for various reasons). Makes me remember "Grey Owl," an inspiring Englishman (Archie Belaney) who was much-loved by the Mohawks......yet, ridiculed by his own countrymen. Canada's first conservationist, and I am honoured to count some of his Mohawk descendants as friends.

I am grateful for new technologies. The internet especially. Light was shed on the Tsimshian Treaty process, and it is widely recognized that it is invalid at multiple levels.

Mr. Ritchie, thank you for your investigations on this issue, and for reporting them. It is sadly ironic that much of this information is available at institutions of higher learning......a place foreign to many "fake chiefs."