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CONTRIBUTION · 28th July 2011
Ted Bergen
I am in total disbelief that Walmart refuses to relocate the pool supplies (which are poison) from their toy department. I thought I had this problem solved 2 years ago when, at that time, I approached the manager. It took a number of visits, and finally a threat to contact the media, to get the poison off of the toy department shelves.

Unfortunately a short time ago I was informed that the poisons were again in the toy department. The new manager & district manager had the same response as the manager did 2 years ago. They did not see any problem having poisons right next to children’s toys & had no intention of moving them to a more appropriate location. The manager said she would contact the “powers to be” and get back to me. The district manager’s defence was “Canadian Tire does it”.

The manager did get back to me and informed me that everyone who could make the decision of moving the poison from the toy department was out of country & we would have to wait.

I found this unacceptable and once again started to contact the media.

Ted Bergen lives in Kitimat
Comment by Sue on 1st August 2011

I guess you don't drink the water in Terrace as it is one of the communities with fluoridated water.

A cult? That is far fetched.
RE: to paul from supervalu
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 30th July 2011
The difference between supervalu and walmart is that supervalu is not a cult.

There are lots of good employees who work at walmart but I think there are very few who haven't been brainwashed.

I could write a whole essay on why walmart is a cult, but I digress;

It looks to me like the managers at walmart want to poison kids.

I mean, I dont see diapers being sold in the gardening section, why put poison in the toy section?

In reality it doesn't surprise me tho, In some communities they put fluoride in drinking water (fluoride is more toxic than Pb and only slightly less toxic than arsenic).
Apocalypse Now...
Comment by MaggieJo on 30th July 2011
I agree with Ted, but I also agree with "Apocalypse Now".

Most of the toys that are currently sold DO host questionable material in them, which is why I try to steer clear of them (that is...when I don't succumb to temptation to purchase a toy outta personal selfish desire to have my daughter elevate me "parental style" that I love her so much that I'm buying her yet another toy).

In the interim, my young daughter & I have a TON of fun pulling imaginative play without feeling the need to head to town to purchase more toys. my own selfish desire to feel "acclaimed", I 'm tempted now and then to wanna treat her to a new toy. But, in the interim...we have so much fun using recycable material in the house; while creating our own toys/games (just as a few examples...we have an utter BLAST putting a simple blanket over some chairs in the living room to create a camping tent where we veg out hosting "camping dinners" under that tent while the "tent" is slightly opened so we can watch her favourite taped kid show on TV, while munching on hot dogs I cooked up. We also make our own toys - paper airplanes, crafted material, etc!). This type of play is usually FREE when all one has to do is utilize what one already hosts in one's household to create fun times together.

Why, even this early a.m. she went into my "tickle trunk" and pulled out a "hand me down" ballet costume. She dressed up and promptly grabbed her teenaged brother's hand to "force" him along into her room so she could give him Ballet lessons! PHA HA HA HA HA!!!

Good times:)

And all without having to head to Walmart to BUY a toy to entertain her while I ignore her...when our home is already well equipped with items we can transform into serving our need for "playtime" imagination.

Parents: Remember. It's not the TOYS that entertain the children. It's the TIME we parents spend with them in their playtime acivities that they find most pleasing...better than any toy they could ever buy!
Perfect location is.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 30th July 2011
Actually Ted , as much as i agree with you they are in the right location . The toys are produced in china and are usually painted with paint that is laced with lead and cadmium and all those other harmful chemicals ,because no one ever bothers to check the factories before the toys are imported to canada.
don't shop there
Comment by Jen on 29th July 2011
the plain and simple answer to the endless list of Walmart complaints is: DON'T SHOP THERE!
Let kids be kids...
Comment by MaggieJo on 29th July 2011
We as consumers have a right to question retail policies - especially when it's regarding a safety concern.

I must agree with Ted. Let's just keep the toy department...well...a TOY department. Would that be such a bad thing to do for the children?

At this rate...we'll probably soon see condoms in the toy dept too! You know...for seasonal sales like in late winter or early Spring when conception rates tend to spike and Walmart wants to move things around for quicker profit sales.

It's all about the money, people. Sigh....
Comment by Steve Smyth on 29th July 2011
No offense Ted but perhaps the "local manager" doesnt have the authority to move anything in the store?
A lot (most) large stores are based on "planograms" drawn up by a design or contracted firm. There is little room for freelancing when youre putting your inventory on the shelf in these cases.

If so, your argument is with whoever is respnsible for that ,,, WM head office, not the local guy. Maybe he agrees with you, doesnt mean he can move stuff willy nilly around the store. "Low" prices demand certain efficiencies, one of which is usually standardized inventory layouts.
just my .02
amusement park
Comment by jeff on 29th July 2011
watch your kids and dont let them eat a fistful of chemicals walmart is not an amusement park
concerned parent
Comment by teds son on 29th July 2011
well my dad must of done some thing right im still here .he just concerned for the kids sake . so i guess in your house your cleaners are by your kids toys and you watch them 24-7 .
My response to some of the reader's comments
Comment by Ted Bergen on 29th July 2011
Some readers are saying the bigger issue is children are left on their own to roam around in the toy department. Don't you think that this is a really good reason to relocate these products? One reader says"who cares where Walmart puts this stuff?" The answer is, or at least should be "Everyone cares !!"
I am not asking the store manager to cut off a finger. I am just asking for these poisonous products to be relocated somewhere else where unsupervised children do not gather in the store. I never see any kids gathering in the hardware department. Why not put it there?
Having these poisonous products in the toy department is no different than putting them in a child's toy box at home.
I have not read any reader's comments that logically support Walmart's decision to keep the products where they are. I have only read comments that totally support the relocation of the poison and elimination of an accidental injury to a child.
be smart
Comment by terry reinert on 29th July 2011
shop local. wal-mart is a bunch of sexist, economy manipulating corparate giants who destroy local business. but they have a really great price so you decide. and RAISE your children properly. kids should not be allowed to just randomly grab anything off the shelf and start messing around with it.
Neglect of common sense and safety
Comment by A.Heidl on 28th July 2011
It is ridiculous that this staff needs to contact the "powers that be" that are out of town, to relocate a product. It would make sense not to have lysol, or bleach next to toys, but I guess pool cleaner does not fit in that chemical category. It makes you wonder if these people have any children of their own. And if they do, I can only guess that they are very neglectful of their surrounds.
I used to work for Super Valu
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 28th July 2011
A very long time ago, mid seventies, I was a stock boy and grocery bagger for Super Valu in North Vancouver. Not only was I taught to put soft stuff like tomatoes and bread on the top of the bag (paper in those days) but everything that wasn't food went in a seperate bag. Shampoo, dish soap, etc. were all seperated.

This story shows how far from reality we have all drifted. This isn't a harmless soap producted it is marked with a hazardous symbol. And it is shelved right next to a product a small child will likely stick in their mouth, maybe even lick the outside of the package, just because they love sweet pink dolly things. It is a child.

What ever happened to simple common sense?

I remember a song by John Prine, another 70's era thing.
"They got mesmerized
By lullabies
And limbo danced
In pairs
Please lock that door
It don't make much sense
That common sense
Don't make no sense
No more"
they dont care
Comment by paul on 28th July 2011
It is poison and should be put somewhere else. Seasonal/sports area would be more appropriate for those types of things. They are putting children in danger.
However, Walmart doesn't care about what customers may say or think because they know that people will keep going back. It is the only place to get everything.
Its not the best place to shop and not the best place to work. They treat their employees like garbage, expect them to work their butts off but will only pay minimum wage.
They do not care, it will not change.

i agree
Comment by kris on 28th July 2011
i agree with linda on this one....who cares where walmart puts the stuff if ur not going to supervise your children in the store they will find poison anywhere in the store, im sorry but what a stupid thing to go to the media about. get a grip and watch your children if your so damn worried about it!
Seasonal Shift
Comment by Ian on 28th July 2011

One of the resons that the product move was done this way is because the out going merchandise has past the peak time of sales activity. therefore the balance, leftover is moved to a more desirable location, marked down, and in the hopes of moving such stock they place it where a high volume of traffic.
Generally , the merchandise manager of Walmart, located in their head office, dictates that all store comply with this merchandising move. S/he is responsible to allocate space toward the increase of traffice and sales of post seasonal merchandise. In this way they make room for new stock that arrives and now can be displayed in open seasonal counter and displays area. This is the reason why we see Halloween stock arriving now and being displayed and then in September we will see the Christmas stock begin to trickle out, or sooner, to the sales floor.
Along with everything else, seasonal merchandise is extremely competitive and the sooner you get it out the sooner you will sell it.
Commercialism and capitalism at its finest.
Walmart did nearly a half a trillion in sales last year world wide, yup over 400 billion in sales. They believe they know what they are doing.
Comment by Linda on 28th July 2011
The pharmacy dept and the cleaning section is within reach of the toy dept, I suppose they better move them too, or better yet, lets just cage up the entire store except the toy department. (yes, you saw sarcasm there)
Seriously though, the only problem I see with this issue is when people dump their children off in the toy department and leave them unsupervised and unattended to go do their shopping, I've seen it, many times, all the time.
Bottom line, supervise your children, problem solved!