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COMMENTARY · 29th July 2011
Merv Ritchie
This might be a trick question. You get to decide. Today, and in fact for the past few weeks, Americans have become completely entranced with the possibility of going into default. It is a serious event of worldwide importance. At least this is the way the media have been reporting on the “tragedy”.

The two main USA political party’s have been fighting over the way to manage the budget. The multi trillion dollar budget apparently needs to be raised to pay for all the obligations of the USA government. It all boils down to this. The Democratic Party wants to increase the amount they are borrowing to meet the demands and the Republican Party wants to keep the amount they are borrowing the same and just reduce the amount of the debt obligation by reducing government services.

The entire population of America and most of the rest of the world are being entertained by the show. Stock market leeches are scrambling attempting to take advantage of the game by buying and selling at just the right time. (These people are quite possibly even worse than the politicians; taking and never ever producing a single thing of value.) Reporters are stuck on talk shows by their producers and instructed to play this up for all it is worth. An outsider, someone who is not involved in the financial world, gets to sit back in wonder at the charade of charlatans.

There are many examples of stupidity; examples of stupidity over ruling simple common sense; examples of how the masses of the population accept a lie simply because everyone else did.

Not to belabour a point but we all need to step back and look at building 7 of the world trade center fiasco. It collapsed into a pile of rubble just like every other building that was designed by demolition experts to cave in on itself, top centre first, into its own footprint. This building, like all the others around it, was hit by nothing. No plane, nothing. Yet it imploded. No others did, except the two actually hit by planes.

If you still believe building 7 wasn’t rigged with explosives, please click here and read what the professional engineers think.

So over the past few weeks, and for the next I am sure, we hear the USA media crying the blues over not having the funds to be able to pay all the commitments they have made. The discussions are now on; what they will pay; veterans? old age security? etc, etc. Just like the pulling of heart strings, oh my, what are we going to do?

Once again, the world is being toyed with. The American Nation is the strongest most powerful nation on the planet. Yes, even in the entire history of our Earth, no nation has ever amassed such power and wealth. They have the amazing ability to send rockets into space, pinpoint a target anywhere on the globe with a cruise missile simply by picking up the use of a cell phone. The USA is so great all other countries are fixated on what might happen with this debt crisis, how it will impact on their own Country.

And yet it is all so simple. Democrats refuse to speak of it. Republicans refuse to address it. The Republican tea party faction won’t even speak of it. They all side step the reality, talking circles around each other like the 9/11 commission ignoring building 7. Don’t look there. It is exactly like the Hogan’s Hero’s German camp guard Sergeant Schultz when he notices the American prisoners of war with contraband, “I see nawtink, I see nawtink”, and turns quickly away.

A sovereign independent nation; no it’s more than that; the most powerful sovereign independent nation in the known recorded history of planet earth. Wouldn’t someone then take a moment to ask,

“Just who the F are we indebted to?”

Oh, but that is just too dangerous. Don’t look there. Yup, just like building 7, don’t look there.

What a bunch of dough heads! Just where are the Barons of England today who told King John and the internationalist interest charging money lending bankers to shove it straight up their …. ah, but that was 1215 AD, we are so much smarter today right?

Here is a solution, and I offer it free of charge, no interest, nutin’, print and circulate your own money as your countries founders did, ya damn bunch of fools.

And stop polluting our Canadian airwaves with your idiocy.

Now decide for yourself. Who is more intelligent, a people who have sacrificed their independence to the money lenders or those who remain sovereign? Oh crap, we in Canada owe our debt money to the same group, damn.

I sigh in defeat yet again.
It's not rocket science!
Comment by Doug Ostergard on 2nd August 2011
Simple. We either accept or reject the debt and its consequences. I say "I owe nothing and reject all claims that say I must pay". If everyone on this stupid planet does not recognize that the monetary system we have NO LONGER WORKS, THEREFORE IT MUST BE CAST ASIDE COMPLETELY! There is enough to do in the future simply educating people that unless all of humanity accepts the simple fact that we can live in a world without it, and that a world without MONEY will be a' better' world! Just think about it ... without money, there will be no more excuse for war. Those that 'work' will simply do it for the benefit of all. We have the technology to make it happen, what we as people are lacking is the will!
Building an American Union
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 30th July 2011

Facts you should know :)

The Bank of Canada is a private corporation not dissimilar from walmart, mcdonalds or zellers.

The same goes for the Federal Reserve in the United States.

The money borrowed from the banks isn't really based on anything at all; ie, it has no backing. Its a house of cards that can fall at any moment.

The amount of money that America owes the banks cannot be paid off for many generations. It is essentially a form of slavery. People will be forced to work harder for less because they need to pay more taxes because the debt keeps going up and up.

What we as a whole of society needs to do is come to the realization that the national debt that has enslaved us is just a fictional number. There isn't even that much money in print!

How can they say that America is 5 trillion dollars in debt or whatever the number is. How can it be paid off when the money does not exist? It cant.

What is happening is our minds have been trained to believe that we owe the bank something when we don't.

What would happen if the world bank were to call off ALL their debts to USA or Canada?

Not much. It's just a number that doesn't really exist beyond our minds and computer databases. Life would continue as usual.

However, if we dont deal with this fictional number that is the national debt then it will enslave us for generations to come.