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P.S.A.'S · 1st January 2012
Terrace Daily News
The best video of 2011


Originally published on July 31, 2011


From the back of the Terrace Curling Rink, as is always a favourite place for watching the fireworks display, it appeared as if the show had moved slightly and lower as some of the explosives didn’t get over the trees from this vantage point. The show was spectacular though, even from this place, except more than half the show was missed.

Next year, if the majority of the show is again a low to the ground display, everyone should try to crowd onto the bridges as this would be the only place to see all of it. ORGANIZERS STATE THE 2012 FIREWORKS SHOW WILL SEE THE BRIDGES CLOSED TO FOOT TRAFFIC

Those who chose the usual favourite location at the Curling Rink however were entertained at the end of the display by Jerry Higginson and his bugle. After all was over, he stepped out of his vehicle, hoisted the trumpet and delivered a great tune to end the show.

Watch the show by opening the attachment after the pictures below.
Comment by Pat#1 on 6th August 2011
The rcmp had no problem setting up a cruiser just slightly off the highway at walmart, with all the strobe lights going...just 'great' for viewing fireworks...not an actual road block or closure, just being a pain in the as*.

If the commitee responsible for our BC Day display cannot afford 'higher' fireworks ( such as the display for Canada Day in Kitimat ), then perhaps they should be relocated to a more suitable location for everyone. times...
Comment by MaggieJo on 3rd August 2011 times, there are misprints between different sources ( venue announced the Saturday Parade was to start at noon sharp; while another published it was scheduled to start an hour earlier). An honest mistake...and no biggie. (No Disciplinary Human Burnings for entertainment purposes are allowed in the City during RiverBoat Day Festivities).

Okay, I'm being sarcastic here with that last comment, but my point is...if an error was made in an announcement that the Old Bridge would be closed; when in clear fact it was still UTTERLY baffles me that visual participants of the fireworks who were ON that curved, single laned bridge, after realizing the bridge was not closed after all... would STILL stubbornly choose to stand in the way of oncoming traffic on that single-laned curved bridge, when in clear fact they promptly realized the bridge had NOT been closed at all. Hopefully, these people didn't encourage their children to join them in the way of traffic.

The frontal cortex of one's brain (you know...the "reasoning" side of the brain), should have hinted to those reported 100's of human bodies to move elsewhere to a safer viewing area.

All I'm saying is... Common sense = Common safety which = rtning home alive.
Road Closed
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 2nd August 2011
Well, The people were not kept to simply the sidewalk, there was 100s of people and the road was listed as closed in the events. So it would be safe to assume that it is okay to stand on the road portion of the bridge because it was suppose to be closed.

That said why would anyone WANT to drive it when they know people are watching the fireworks there? I just assumed it was closed and went another way.
Pedestrains vs vehicles
Comment by MaggieJo on 1st August 2011
Sandy did well in acknowledging a problem, while ALSO providing a solution; including volunteering to assist. Great example, Sandy.

However, I'm a bit baffled as to how an accident could occur on the bridge. There is a protective barriered sidewalk on this bridge set aside for pedestrians to remain safely away from oncoming traffic. You mean to say pedestrians hopped over the sidewalk barrier to stand on the curved, single laned bridge reserved for oncoming vehicle traffic only? YIKES! I hate to say it, but if this is the case here...and if there was an accident with a pedestrian who opted to leave the barriered sidewalk to stand on the roadway instead, it is more likely the pedestrain would be the one being charged if there was a MVA.

Watching fireworks is a visually exciting experience that the professionals put on for us to enjoy. There are many places other than the bridge to watch these fireworks. Let's do our part as viewers and practice common safety as well.
Comment by Sandy on 31st July 2011
I was on the old bridge as well and was shocked that it wasn't closed. The Riverboat Days website listed all the road closures for the fire works and the bridge was listed. I can only assume that the police were busy with the car accident east of Terrace and perhaps some hooligans in town causing problems. Maybe next year the committee should look at having traffic controllers at each end of the bridge instead of the police. I would volunteer to stop traffic so others can enjoy the wonderful show.
unsafe fireworks
Comment by Anita Hein on 31st July 2011
Does anyone know why the old bridge was not closed for vehicle traffic last night during the fireworks? It was a safety fiasco. There was hundreds of people standing on the old bridge watching the fireworks, as there is every year, but unfortunately this year, the traffic was still flowing across the bridge also. Some of them ridiculously fast. One gentleman near us actually called 911 to request RCMP to block off the ends of the bridge before someone got hit by a car, he was told that the police were too busy elsewhere to attend.
Headlights and speeding vehicles really made it hard to enjoy the show!