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Recent Japan Earthquakes recorded by the USGS
COMMENTARY · 31st July 2011
Merv Ritchie
Japan has been rocked by another set of serious earthquakes over the past week and reports are delivered, though not widely covered in the press, that food sources even in China are now contaminated. In the United States the Fort Calhoun Nuclear facility in Nebraska has been shut down for over a month and a half after suffering flooding much like Fukushima. It also suffered a fire and a loss of power.

On June 6, 2011, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) deemed the area as restricted air space effective immediately due to hazards making it a ‘No Fly Zone’. They claimed this was due to ‘hazards’ yet the Nuclear Agency, the NRC, states there is no cause for the public to panic. More Here.

There are many things our trusted media seem to avoid discussing. It would be curious to know if this was a deliberate attempt to stay quiet on these disturbing subjects, such as how the NRC puts it. Do they mean ‘there is no cause for the public to panic” or there is no need to cause the public to panic”? We agree with the later statement. However there is a need to inform the public so they can make their own intelligent informed decisions.

Just under two weeks ago we received a message from a reader, Mr. Wiebe, regarding the radiation exposure we are all currently enduring. The message was, “Stay out of the rain”. This is due to the rain potentially bringing the radioactive elements floating in the atmosphere down to the ground in the rain droplets. If true, one could make an informed choice to keep their children inside when it is raining. Another person might decide to buy iodide to saturate the thyroid gland which is most susceptible. In any case, knowledge would be helpful from the Ministries of Health and Government leaders.

And then there is the "Field of bad Dreams" floating across the Pacific Ocean carrying with it and behind it, radioactive debis of all types. Current estimates are it will arrive on our shores sometime after 2014 but all acknowledge the estimates could be way off either way.

Today the governments are all silent on the subjects.

See a video on radiation testing by clicking here.

John Disney, at the time acting Chief at Old Massett on Haida Gwaii, immediately began testing the rain water after the disaster in Japan was revealed. Health Canada accused him of fear mongering. They then told him he was reading the results wrong. This Video demonstrates why he was absolutely correct to begin this testing and how Health Canada was completely negligent with their duty to consider the health of Canadians.

Read more on John Disney HERE and listen to Disney describe his humorous interactions with Health Canada by opening the audio file attached below.

As for Japan and Fort Calhoun, they contain a frightening amount of stored spent and highly toxic fuel rods, those which are required to be kept cool so they do not catch fire, melt down or explode. The Fukushima facility is very fragile and this last series of quakes has many worried the structure will fall over completely spilling these rods into the open.

Maybe it is best not to talk about these things, especially if the governments across the globe have decided they are not going to do anything or take any action.
Debris field tracking estimates by
Debris field tracking estimates by
Radioactive water disperstion estimates
Radioactive water disperstion estimates
Taking precautions of radiation contaminations on the body
Comment by A.Heidl on 31st July 2011
Thank you once again for a wonderful article, reminding Canadians that the horrific event that occurred March 11th is far from being over.
As some of us know this will be affecting Canada and its citizens. I saw that you mentioned taking Iodine pills to help prevent radiation poisoning. This is was a large issue while I was in Japan. Although I was one who wanted Iodine pills to help protect my body from the Cesium and Iodine, I later found that Iodine could also cause unnecessary damage to my liver if the radiation exposure is not "high"enough. My research concluded that Iodine pills are best when you are in direct exposure to the radiation, such as the citizens of Fukushima and the nuclear plant workers. For those who are in risk of exposure but in smaller doses, the safest mineral to take are kelp pills. This is a natural easily digestible plant source that our body can process in the correct dosage without damaging our health. Chlorella is also a good alternative, yet it usually requires taking more pills than kelp.
no answers
Comment by Sandy on 31st July 2011
After the first earthquake, I quickly began asking questions to our politicians about the fact that the northwest coast is 12oo km closer then Vancouver. I did not get any answers from Health Canada or our local politicians, and now this. Go Craven Go! Get some answers for the rest of us and thank you Terrace Daily for reporting this when the mainstream media is being muzzled.