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COMMENTARY · 4th August 2011
Merv Ritchie
It is truly amazing how the bullies of the school yard keep winning the day. All across the globe children posing as adults cower from responsibility to avoid being ostracized from the crowd. Dressing ‘oh so fine’ with all the right make-up; the right fitting suit and tie. Talking with $10 words and laughing at just the right moment. All these things will keep one in the crowd. But just how good do they feel about themselves; those that are “sucking up to” are the worst criminals and murderers planet Earth has ever encountered.

Simply being a part of the Canadian Federal Conservative Party or the BC Liberal Party puts one completely in a position of complicit or tacit responsibility. It is the Government of Canada who is supporting the bombing of Libya, the selling of Uranium to fuel Nuclear power plants along with the promotion of Asbestos to third world countries to kill their citizens. It is the Government of BC who is supporting China who continues to stifle human rights and is continuously fingered for spying on and infiltrating our political process and leaders. If one is not protesting against these political parties they are supporting them and their murderous policies. It is really that simply. History judges the population of a Country as much as the leader.

Various Chamber of Commerce meetings, Rotary Club meetings, Elected council meetings have featured guests who promote the efforts of the internationalists. It is these who continue to deceive and deprive.

Some government programs are even designed to pay farmers to keep food out of production to keep the price up; this while people starve all across the globe.

Trillions of dollars are wasted on waging war. Billions would feed everyone.

It was proven in Terrace. When the Hops (Homeless Outreach Program) Center started in 2008, the vandalism and anger in the street person virtually disappeared. As we reported back then, after feeding the angry man, his anger dissipated. Read more here.

If this Terrace effort was applied across the globe it would be interesting to see how much terrorism would be left. I bet none. Feed the families, clothe them, and provide clean water and shelter. Who could be angry after that? The problem is the greedy! Just like the boy or girl in school who wanted more; of anything; money, respect, admiration; it is the greedy Bullies.

In the 1970’s thousands of protesters were arrested. They were protesting against the wars and the nuclear industry. Today we see the results after they were arrested and charged; worldwide nuclear disasters, wars and starving people.

I think I’ll start wearing tie died tee shirts, smoke pot and grow my hair long.

The rest of the bullied crowd can dress and talk nice, while their souls wretch in anguish.

No Nukes, Make Love Not War, Give Peace a Chance, Peace Man.