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NEWS RELEASE · 5th August 2011
Terrace RCMP
On August 3 at about 3:30 PM, 911 received a call of a missing eight year old boy on Bornite Mountain. The youth was having lunch with his parents when he wandered off.

A search was initiated with Provincial Emergency Preparation. Terrace Search and Rescue and a helicopter were utilized along with Terrace RCMP. The youth was located at 8:25 PM.

When he was not able to locate his parents, he had headed back down the mountain to the parking area.

Upon seeing police he started to head back up the mountain and encountered some hikers coming down. He was reunited with his parents.
Phewf! And Christmas is coming.
Comment by MaggieJo on 5th August 2011
What a terrifying ordeal for this family - especially with all the wild beasts in the wilderness. I am so pleased it all worked out.

When my kids were little, we always had on Emergency ear-shattering high-pitched whistles during our "out and abouts"; while the children were versed on general Morse Code whistle blowing messages. (You gotta love that movie "The Sounds of Music" - hee hee). Hey! Don't laugh. At least we always "found" each other, hey?

Not in any effort to freak anyone out, but now that the Spring weather has finally arrived in Terrace, there are only ~10 paycheque periods left before Christmas rolls around. If your place of employment is struggling for a charity to select to donate to for Christmas this about considering the TSAR group. These volunteers leave their families at a beckoning call to put their own lives in danger in efforts to re-unite families.

According to their website that I just googled, they also assist in rope rescues, water rescues and in Natural disasters. AND they are both administered/staffed by VOLUNTEERS!

Here's their website link for more info:

TSAR can always use donations to "up the ante" and purchase new the ATV w/ stretcher attached that they recently purchased. This latest purchase is a must in this rugged NorthWest terrain.

It is so nice to encourage volunteerism in the Community. When we are unable to volunteer alongside all the volunteer groups in town, we can help them along by aiding them financially to continue their great work.