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COMMENTARY · 8th August 2011
Jeremy Arney
To Peter MacKay
Canadian Minister of war and death on civilians.

Mr. Mackay how can you sleep at night?
Do you kiss your wife and kids and tell them you are arranging for the murder of ordinary Libyans so they will be safe? Safe from what?

Do you feel pride about the destruction of the water supply to 70% of Libyan civilians? and the destruction of the pipe factory to repair your damage? And what about the soon to be scarcity of food in Libya and southern Europe because you have destroyed the irrigation system?

Do you still call the pilots brave heroes because they are killing civilians for you?

Whatever your personal feelings are for what you are doing in Libya you are NOT doing it for the good of Canadians or Libyans, so who are you doing it for?

It must be for the rebels your friend Baird calls the 'Libyan Government in Waiting' and "incredible people", even though they are killers of civilians just like you. It must also be for the IMF to whom your Harper government owes so much or to boost your image in the USA. It must be to prove that you and your military can be criminally insane, but true to the international corporate cause.

How have you allowed a simple "no fly zone" mission to become one of mass murder of civilians and deliberate destruction of Libyan infrastructure ?

If this is what NATO considers to be the manner to conduct a ”no fly zone” then I question the value or legitimacy of NATO and our membership in such a club of war criminals

Could it be you fear someone (Gaddafi) who is so much more of a caring compassionate leader of his people than you will ever be?

If ever any of Canada's so called mainstream media ever gets around to telling this story about the water destruction in Libya I believe you will feel the wrath of Canadians, but somehow I don't think Harper will allow them to tell it, do you?

The very thought of some war criminal, such as you, doing this to my grandchildren makes me very angry, and I am just as angry on behalf of those Libyans you are so cavalierly destroying.

I absolutely DO NOT APPROVE of these actions by either you or the so called "Harper Government" employed by the Canadian people not by the IMF or corporate OIL or NATO as you seem to have forgotten.

Jeremy Arney CAP member and past candidate for SGI

PS: Where oh where are the elected representatives of the Canadian people when we need them? It seems with the exception of Ms. May they are all hiding.