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CONTRIBUTION · 8th August 2011
Arjunna Miyagawa
Hundreds eagerly flocked to the very popular Kitsumkalum Salmon BBQ during this past Riverboat Days. Participants were treated to fresh salmon authentically barbecued over an open pit.

The event ran for long enough in the day that it was possible for folks to attend the BBQ for lunch, and/or dinner.

The BBQ is a long running event that started up again a few years ago after taking a short break. I hope to attend this event for many years to come.

A serious issue
Comment by Michael Craven on 9th August 2011
Steve, I live in Japan and my children have been exposed to contaminated food due to the nuclear meltdown which is still presently happening in Japan. I was stunned to learn how many Canadians feel that this will not effect them even when I have presented facts months ago. Please remember fish migrate and will eventually reach our waters. This is no laughing matter.
Not really a laughing matter
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 8th August 2011
Sometimes people resort to laughing during times of great disaster and turmoil. It is a natural coping mechanism. But Steve, it wasn't a Merv idea to test the Salmon. The concept came from the Vancouver site, which is linked in the excerpt from their story.

Merv's only suggestion was this would be a good idea; to establish a base line. In three or four years, after this years hatch return to spawn, they will have spent years in the radioactive waters of the North Pacific, some having swam right along the shores of Fukushima. And the dumping of radioactive water continues, it has not been stopped. They have already caught Minke whales with high counts of cesium 131, 500 km off shore.

So somehow it seems to make a joke about it is a bit foolhardy. Not that we mind being the butt of jokes. At least we get the conversation started. We are kinda fond of the term " The Terrace Trash".
Looks great!
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th August 2011
Wonder if they took Merv's advice and did radiation testing....... :-)