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COMMENTARY · 9th August 2011
Merv Ritchie
End Note added
It was just a moment of an interview on CNN and it was passed over without much reflection; a young man in a hoodie claiming not to be part of the looters but claiming to understand. All politicians should sit up and take note. They are as mad as Hell and they are not going to take it anymore. It has everything to do with the financial crisis; fake, perceived or real. Politicians had better learn to take that austerity word and shove it where the sun donít shine cause London is simply a warning.

London was the scene of the same crisis 800 years ago. The general working stiff and their families were struggling against higher taxes and ďausterity measuresĒ imposed by King John due to his acquired debt load. The Barons were basically the political leaders on the ground, closer to the people much like the Mayors are today. The Barons however were much more vulnerable and they understood the threat of the uprising population. They symbolically held a knife to the throat of King John forcing him to sign a document known as the Magna Carta.

This young man on CNN stated no one has any money. He added ďwhat do you expect?Ē

800 years later and we havenít learned anything.

Interest charging bankers and financiers are the entire cause of the problem. We have written about it before and we will write about it again.

In King Johns time it was the Jews. This is not bigoted or racist it is simply a fact. Christians were forbidden to charge interest. It was/is an important part of the Old Testament. Muslims were also forbidden to charge interest. Jews were forbidden to charge too, but only against others of the Jewish faith. King John and the rest were indebted to Jewish people and it was the interest charged on the money borrowed that had King John and his population in such a dire situation that the entire Country revolted.

And the specific part of that Country was London.

800 years later and we havenít learned anything.

Today dozens of Countries are implementing "Austerity Measures" imposed by the IMF (International Monetary Fund AKA International Mafioso Federation)`. This due to the fact that they can no longer make even the interest payments on their debts to the interest charging money lenders.

All of humanity is suffering due to the charging of interest! No wonder it was always against the laws of every religious order.

The only reason people are suffering is due to financial whores taking a percentage of the hard working personís earnings repeatedly, continuously and compoundly.

Look around the globe; look at your food kitchens and food banks. Look at Greece, America, Spain and Italy.

London is simply a warning.

800 years later and we havenít learned anything.

Watch the attached video for another perspective on the gangs of London, the youth who have no future. Ask yourself after, "is this like my community, my country?"

End Note: Apparently the Canary reference in the title was not understood. During earlier Coal mining days a Canary was kept in the mine shafts. If it suddenly died the miners were alerted to poisonous gasses. "The Canary in the mineshaft" has always been used as a term referring to an early warning sign of impending death and disaster.
Barry ;)
Comment by bill braam on 10th August 2011
Don't know if socialist, I do see inequities here at home or in another country. People can rise from being disadvantaged be be the cause of other diadvantaged people. Workers here may feel under the thumb of their employers while we as a nation are making other countries citizen to feel like we are holding them under our collective thumbs. A bad day here is much better than a good day there. I just finished having a nice fulfilling lunch and a commercial comes on showing the starvation in Africa. Hmm, time to see my own role in the scheme of things worldwide.
right on barry
Comment by Don Bruce on 10th August 2011
Yeh Bill, it does get confusing. d.b.
Careful Bill
Comment by Barry English on 10th August 2011
Better be careful Bill, you're almost starting to sound like a socialist.
canaries and blind ponies
Comment by Don Bruce on 10th August 2011
I got it!. My older brother (83 ) 16 yrs. senior to me worked in a coal mine in Alberta as a kid.
London burning, along with riots in Greece, fighting and wars across the middle east. Mass starvation in Africa,is this part of the Bilderbergers agenda? d.b.
Comment by bill braam on 9th August 2011
Yes, we are owing to the money lenders, but why? We take the easy route as a country to get all that we want and want it now. Instant gratification and pay later. But, wait a minute, now the hand that gladly gave us gratification now wants its interest payments. And now Canada has to repay at least 30 billion in interest every year to maintain that awfull debt, America with 14 trillion is approxomately 2 billion dollars A DAY and that is with a low interest rate of 5% per year. What have we gotten ourselves into? The generation that is trying to burn London today and Vancouver at the end of the Stanley Cup. This new generation is unwilling to pay for its parents excesses and really ticked when they don't even have a job to help themselves survive.
Then we have the masses who live just beyond our borders. Those nasty mexicans and chinese making every thing we consume at bargain basement labour rates. We are content to take advantage of them when we get their raw resources at pennies on the dollar and now they also want to live the 'american dream'. It's similar to the serfs storming the castles of old. Why shouldn't they enjoy a higher standard of living and why shouldn't we share the earth's riches with them. Now we are the one's having to live with a little less so they can live with a little more and... it's starting to hurt.