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NEWS RELEASE · 10th August 2011

Even though the deadline has passed to vote in the mail-in HST referendum, the Liberals continue to play games and deceive British Columbians about what will happen if voters choose to scrap the tax, say the New Democrats.

"The federal finance minister said today that based on conversations with B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, he is satisfied the HST will remain in place until 2015," said John Horgan, New Democrat house leader.

"For months, Premier Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon have been telling British Columbians it will take between 18 months and two years to be rid of the HST and return to the PST. So who are they trying to fool, the federal government or British Columbians?" asked Horgan.

Flaherty told reporters Wednesday, "I've discussed the issue more than once with the minister of finance of British Columbia and I'm safisfied that British Columbia will honour the terms of the agreement that we have with the province of British Columbia."

"The gap in the timeframe is almost as big as the gap in the Liberals' credibility," said Horgan. "If you believe the premier and finance minister, we'll be rid of the HST by the fall of 2013 at the latest, but Ottawa says we're stuck with it for two more years after that."

Horgan also pointed out the Liberals are continuing to mislead the public on whether they will restore the PST with its previous exemptions. On CKNW radio Wednesday morning, Health Minister Mike de Jong said "If [voters] opt to get rid of the HST and go back to the PST as it existed in '09, then that's what the government's going to do."

De Jong's comments completely contradict Finance Minister Kevin Falcon's threat to add the PST onto countless items that were previously exempt. Asked in June about restoring exemptions, Falcon said "No, there is no guarantee. I have been very clear about saying that."

"The problem the Liberals are faced with is that no one trusts anything they say any more," said Horgan.

"On the contrary, Adrian Dix and the New Democrats are putting together a fully costed platform in case Premier Clark breaks the Liberals' own fixed election date law and throws British Columbians into an early election. With us, you'll know exactly what to expect, before the election, with no surprises like the HST the Liberals foisted on us right after the last election."
I would support a general strike.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 14th August 2011
The only problem is ,I think canadians are too lazy and BC. residents in general wont get off their rear ends to support anything. They would rather riot over a hockey game than send a message to govt. that we are fed up with being screwed over. Hopefully the latest report on BC hydro is enough for liberal supporters to send the present government packing,but I am sure some one will put a positive spin on why it is good for us to pay inflated prices for our electricity.. If you can generate enough interest in a strike count me in.
General Strike?
Comment by Gary Edwards on 12th August 2011
I think I can safely predict here that if the HST is not Repealed in the same timeline that it was introduced, there may be a general strike in BC.

No one likes strikes. Having said that, what alternatives do we have left? This government and its' big business buddies only understand money. Cut that off and all of a sudden we have them really listening to us.

For myself. if one was to be initiated I would be in full support. I am really sick and tired of the delays, the manipulating, the outright lies and the spin by business and government interests, and I see no other way than to wake them up at this time. And if anyone has a valid alternative then please let me know.
hide and seek
Comment by richard on 11th August 2011
The liberals just try to cover up the books. They`ve blown the tax payers contribution for taxes,the resourses. Audit the liberals.before they fix the books ,.catch them now .now there just trying to put the money back,but can`t,it`s all gone. i think a Audit is in order.let the cards fall where they may,at lease the people of bc,can see who can be trusted with governing British Columbia. sure not the liberals as there record speaks volumes of lies ,lies and more lies. big bussiness Rules. Just more cover ups like power sales with the independant producers,raw loggs, b.c. rail,oil and gas companys,mining,ha and gold ,,, $1700 a many mines you have to give away to reccoop the loses.throwing good money after bad. funny thing is,nobody can do a dam thing about it,until there voted out. Bring on a early election,let`s see what the people got to say. . Seems to me.the media,only tells part of the truth.dictated by the liberals. don`t worry the liberals say, there behind famly value. ya right,more lies! they`ll stop when there not voted in,till then L.O.L. Your going to need it.