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NEWS RELEASE · 15th August 2011
Terrace RCMP
On August 14 at 3:41 AM, police were called to a shots fired complaint in the 4600 block of Soucie. Several people were partying when an altercation broke out. A male produced a handgun and discharged it, shooting a female in the ankle.

Ambulance attended and transported the female to Terrace Hospital. The female suffered non life threatening injuries.

The male fled the scene with the gun and turned himself into police later the same day. Two handguns and ammunition were seized.

Kalon David Taron, 25 years of age, of Edmonton, Alberta, has been charged with assault - Section 266 CC, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public for the purpose of committing an offence - Section 88(1) CC, possess a loaded restricted firearm without being the holder of a licence - Section 95(1) CC, and assault with a weapon - Section 267 (a) CC.
2 sides to a story
Comment by not saying on 28th August 2011
Before everyone has a fit for me saying, did you ever think that there is 2 sides to a story?? Maybe, although not wrote in the posted story, there was a legitimate reason for that to have happened. Remember you have NO IDEA what happened to make that person pull the guy out and why the ankle? AI explain to my kids everyday when you hear or read something to remember that is only 1 side to the story and after hearing the other side then feel free to make your opinions.
cowards in society
Comment by terry reinert on 23rd August 2011
TEXTING! it's the worst form of communication since "NOTES" on pigeons legs. It also breeds cowardism. it's this supposed new technology that contributes to the whole "i can hide behind my screen and say what i want" mentality. and if i don't want to answer a text that confronts my cowardly comment, i will just say that i didn't get that text! It's no different that anonymous comments on this site! Terrace Daily is a great way to find out what's new in our area and also a great way to create new ideas and discuss current affairs. However if something makes you mad and you feel the need to comment, than WRITE your name or keep your B.S. to yourself.
anon postings
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 18th August 2011
I vote that all posts should be anon
anon postings
Comment by mb weston on 16th August 2011
Come on, Merv, you were teh one who said no one could post without staing their name. Recently a significant number of posts are under aliases or pseudonyms. Not fair!
What happened to no Annon. postings
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 16th August 2011
How you managed to turn some drunken idiot into being RObin Austin's fault I'll never know. But that's the way of the right I suppose. Take every negative thing and attribute it to the left, even if it has nothing to do with it.

Lets talk about the NDPs platform on law? Reinstate funding to legal aid, unburden some of the system. You don't see that Mr/Mrs Annonymous. You see spending money on lawyers wasteful. Speak to ANY judge, the courst are overburdened from adjournments, self representing clients who have no idea what they are doing, over worked duty council.

You want to know what's wrong with the legal system... it's dying in a pit of funding cuts like everything else. Slaps on the wrist cost less than trials and they system doesn't have the money.

The fact that you hide when bashing someone, is cowardly though. Not uncommon, but cowardly none the less.
That's smart
Comment by Get Smart on 15th August 2011
When a person shoots someone intentionally below the waist they can avoid an attempted murder charge. that's smart and it gets the point across.
Deadmonton???? That place has a hell of a lot more going on then this NDP screwed area. Can't get anything done in a region with such backwards politics.
Pros on the streets of Terrace??? Sweet. It's the oldest profession. Can't Robin Austin find a way to unionize it?
You have got to be kidding??
Comment by Get Serious on 15th August 2011
So what about attempted murder charges? ...or is Terrace Crown Prosecutor not able to reconcile the fact that someone with a gun, not in thier name, who shot someone in a drunken (or not drunken) rage, can't be prosecuted????? oh ya, I bet he is sorry...probably only turned himself in because people knew who he was and would get caught anyways...what the heck is wrong with the system these days?!!!

It is going to get alot worse too with the influx of transient workers coming. That would go right along with the two hookers I saw cruising our streets on two seperate occassions in the last couple of days. Great!