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COMMENTARY · 16th August 2011
Merv Ritchie
It was an event of paramount significance, one which would have a free and independent media spinning tales and headlines of intrigue yet this week, since the Iowa poll last weekend, nothing of the sort happened. This is much like the silence of the media in BC when the political Party favoured by the virtually monopolized media refuses to expose their corruption. This USA Republican presidential campaign poll has exposed the Media completely.

Ron Paul performed an upset of stunning significance coming within only 153 votes of beating Michelle Bachman, becoming the front runner. The question is why no media talks about this. It was even asked of him by an interviewer, “Why are you not getting any media coverage?” Paul responded bluntly with, “I suppose I should be asking you that, you are in the media!”

Ron Paul, a 73 year old American Republican has a few simple messages but the first is to take back control of the Nations money. This is something no Canadian politician wants to talk about either. It is however the single issue that has caused all the financial hardships across the globe. Virtually all nations have given the control of their currency to the international Bankers. Those that haven’t, such as Libya, well, that speaks for itself doesn’t it.

Canada is today seen as a strong Country. We have a triple A rated currency and the money lenders are prepared to give us more any time we ask. It is not surprising then that we are leading the forces that are bombing Libya, a Country that refused to sign their sovereignty away. They’ll give us all the money we want as long as we punish those who do not play along. Canada is also jumping in now with the USA and Mexico with the Security and Prosperity Partnership giving away even more sovereignty. The Media barely breathes a word of any of this just as they ignore the huge support Ron Paul has achieved by those free thinking Americans who want to take back control of their country.

Bachmann took 4,823 votes, Ron Paul took 4,671 votes. The others in the contest didn’t even come close. The next closest was Tim Pawlenty who got a ‘pawltry’ 2,293, less than half the count of Ron Pauls. But Timmy and others have received lots of media attention, even those that didn’t run. The next two contenders fell under 2000. Hardly anyone even mentions Paul.

It is all about control and the media is King. The general population haven’t the time to research and investigate the truth, they count on their local and national media. When the Media is so concentrated and so corrupted by the views of one organization the word conspiracy takes on a whole new context. How would one know if they were never told?

We don’t hear about the beheading of Libyan civilians and soldiers by the Rebels Canada is supporting. We don’t hear about the potential toppling of reactor number 4 at Fukushima or the fallout now in every raindrop. We don’t hear about the new security agreement Canada is signing their sovereignty away with.

Yes, it is a conspiracy of silence.
Governed by a false sense of security
Comment by A.Heidl on 17th August 2011
It is amusing to see how the American government rules over the people, yet one of the nation's logo's is "Land of the Free". It is buzz words such as these that the people attach themselves to believing that their government protects their security and freedom, yet what people do not know is that it is the exact opposite. We are given no freedom and are given certain laws which " maintain justice" and in these very laws are our security put at risk. I believe that it is the fault of the government for allowing the country to be engulfed in such debt.
The entire North American government has allowed it's people to obtain a false sense of security which drives them further into debt.
wool over eyes
Comment by Don Bruce on 17th August 2011
Methinks I do not have enough knowledge to comment on the latest antics of the Republican party in the good ol U.S.A although I watch "Real Time" with Bill Maher. I do think however that the announcement of the name change back to Royal Canadian...whatever is offered as a distraction engineered for the controversy it will generate. This will make us proud to kill people over there? Is this an active conspiracy? d.b.