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REPORTING · 17th August 2011
Merv Ritchie
At 15 minutes before 5 am this morning, Wednesday August 17, 2011, the same region of the fault line and earthquake in Japan that caused the devastating Tsunami and Nuclear catastrophe, experienced a 6.2 magnitude tremor.

It is this size of quake and anything larger that has the entire nuclear world trembling, not from the shake of the quake but the result of the complete collapse and toppling of Reactor #4 of the Fukushima nuclear complex. This is something which has been kept out of the forefront of the media and maybe for good reason. If this unit topples the consequences are not just unimaginable, it is something all nuclear physicists have dreaded. Many have forewarned of the impossibility of putting this Genie back in the bottle.

Since the first two weeks of May this year the Media have become quite silent on the impending doom. This was published on the 11th of May.

Nuclear experts on Russia Today reported Tuesday that there is a real danger of a complete collapse of Fukushima nuclear reactor 4.

Japan has announced that the building is leaning and that they are taking measures to reinforce the structure in order to prevent a collapse that would scatter nuclear rods from the spent fuel pool on the ground around the plant.

The flyover video analysis and images captured from the TBS live HD cam show little remains of the building except a burnt out skeleton.

Fukushima Japan Nuclear Reactor 4 Is Leaning And In Danger Of Complete Collapse

This is one of the reasons we constantly monitor and watch the tremors along the coast of Japan. Another Tsunami would most certainly push the reactor over and so would a large earthquake. If that happened and the spent fuel rods were spilled the nightmare scenario we are currently experiencing would become much greater.

Currently no government health agency is publically speaking about preventative measures or even monitoring activities. It is almost as if ignoring it will make it go away. Fukushima is still there and the problems are just as bad today, possibly worse, than they were directly after the Tsunami. Although there haven’t been any reported explosions the radioactive spilling into the oceans and air continue. The only monitoring and reporting of the results appears to be done by private organizations. Our governments seem to be preoccupied on other matters.
Sorry on Holidays..The Nuclear crisis can wait.
Comment by A.Heidl on 17th August 2011

I am curious as to what type of disaster it will take to get our government alert and concerned.
We learn in boy scouts and girl guides to "Be Prepared", and in certain work places it is necessary to have staff trained in First Aid, in precaution as to if something were to occur there is someone who can take action. Yet several nuclear meltdowns have occurred since March 11th Tsunami and while thousands of becquerels of Iodine and Cesium are being leeched into the Pacific Ocean, the Canadian government has decided to turn a blind eye and focus on other matters such as a second election campaign, a provincial postal strike and now summer holidays.
The damage done by the tsunami and nuclear meltdown is most apparent in Japan, but it is an invisible enemy that is being spread to others locations with help of the jet stream. Canada is far from safe, but when will someone from our government stand up and decide to make action plans to prevent damage and make sure that when the tangible problems arrive, Canada is prepared to take action.