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REPORTING · 18th August 2011
Russia Today
Posted by the news organization, Russia Today, this short Video is an alarming expose' on the Meltdown at Fukushima. It is compared directly to the movie "The China Syndrome" as the evidence is clear the melted cores have breeched the containment vessels, have penetrated through the concrete enclosures and has now penetrated through the earth below and into the water table. This is evidenced by the stream now bursting up through cracks in the landscape around the reactors.

This short news video describes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] hearing on July 28 of this year where the NRC basically admitted that fuel fragments found over one and a half miles away from the facility did not come from explosions from the spent fuel pools, meaning the original explosions were actually the cores themselves; they were breeched from the first days. It also details the steam escaping from these cracks is 1000 rem; twice what is considered a lethal dose, 500 rem. Death is 100% at these levels and occurs between 2 days and 2 weeks.

A millirem (mrem), one thousandth of a rem, is often used to describe the dosages commonly encountered, such as the amount of radiation received from medical x-rays. Siverts is another commonly used measurement term to describe radiation exposure. One might also recognize the term milliseverts. 10 mSv equals 1 rem. The NRC uses the figure of 100 m rem per year as an acceptable limit for exposure from medical procedures. The description in this video, of the radiation levels in the stream escaping from the cracks is recorded at over 1,000,000 m rem per hour. It also describes how the measuring instruments are not capable to discern the actual levels; they are higher than the equipment is designed for.

The Video opens with the following statement;

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. Meanwhile, Japan is not out of the danger fact the nuclear crisis is getting worse and worse! We've recently learned from Japan that the amount of radiation released was more than 20 times that from the Hiroshima bomb, and now it looks they may be experiencing the early stages of a total China Syndrome meltdown.

Watch it here.

For reference on the term "The China Syndrome";
From Wikipedia

The China syndrome is a catastrophic meltdown accident, which is a possible result of the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, which begins with the loss of coolant fluid in a reactor vessel, and the partial or complete exposure of the fuel element assemblies. Despite the nuclear chain reaction having been stopped with control rods, or other means, the fuel element assemblies continue radiating much residual, decay heat for days, because of the further decay of the fission products produced. If not properly cooled, the fuel rod assemblies might overheat, soften, and melt, falling to the bottom of the reactor vessel, where, without neutron-absorbing control rods to moderate the chain reaction, nuclear fission might resume. Hence, the temperature of the molten fuel rod assemblies would rise to a temperature that would burn through the containment vessels and housing buildings until reaching the atmosphere and the environment.

The system design of the nuclear power plants built in the late 1960s raised questions of operational safety, and raised the concern that a severe reactor accident could release large quantities of radioactive materials into the atmosphere and environment. By 1970, there were doubts about the ability of the emergency cooling systems of a nuclear reactor to prevent a loss of coolant accident and the consequent meltdown of the fuel core; the subject proved popular in the technical and the popular presses.[5] In 1971, in the article Thoughts on Nuclear Plumbing, former Manhattan Project (1942–1946) nuclear physicist Ralph Lapp used the term "China syndrome" to describe a possible burn-through, after a loss of coolant accident, of the nuclear fuel rods and core components melting the containment structures, and the subsequent escape of radioactive material(s) into the atmosphere and environment; the hypothesis derived from a 1967 report by a group of nuclear physicists, headed by W. K. Ergen.[6] In the event, Lapp’s hypothetical nuclear accident was cinematically adapted as The China Syndrome (1979).

The geographic, planet-piercing concept of the China syndrome derives from the misperception that China is the antipode of the United States; to Americans, it is the “the other side of the world”.[7] (see antipodes). The idea that the molten fuel would melt the earth's crust, let alone reach China, is obviously nonsensical, intended as a joke.

Our Ministers
Comment by M Craven on 19th August 2011
I was trying to info people in our government of this in May... I wonder when our Federal Ministers will take notice.