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CONTRIBUTION · 24th August 2011
Maggie Braun
Dear Premier Clark,

Thank you for replying to my letter to you concerning the smart meters which B C Hydro is rushing to install in every home and business in BC.

It is acknowledged that this mass installation is one of the final acts of a premier who for 10 years was only interested in destroying BC Hydro and attempting to break it up and sell it to his friends and in feathering his own nest through the undiluted support of corporate profiteering in BC as opposed to the welfare of the people of BC; however it seems to me that in your leadership acceptance speech you announced that families would be the priority under your administration.

“I want you to be my partners in change in Victoria
I want you to be my partners in bringing open government
You can count on me to listen, you can count on me to engage and you can count on me to make sure that government really does include you.

Like everyone else I thought “that makes a change”, little realizing that perhaps what you were really saying is that you were going to continue the attack on every family in BC and attempt to damage their health and spy into their personal habits by allowing these meters to be installed, without any public consultation or even worse without proper medical or scientific evidence that there is NO chance of damage to anyone.

Dr. Perry Kendall, B C’s chief medical officer who gave us the panic two years ago re swine flu, encouraging all of BC to get the untested, untried, unproven vaccination in response to a nonexistent pandemic, says there is no problem with these meters and the radiation that comes from them.

He is of course, by his very record, completely unreliable and to act on his statements is sheer foolhardiness.

The WHO (World Health Organization) does not agree with him, Dr. Magda Havas PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University does not agree with him, nor does Walter McGinnis of the Electromagnetic Radiation Health Alliance of BC; to name but three dissenters. Health Canada is silent on the issue which indicates to me that they are siding with business again as usual and not the people of Canada. Their level of radio magnetic wave safety is approximately 400 times higher than in Europe anyway.

Ms. Clark you do have a choice, and that is to ensure that there is absolutely no chance of any cancer damage from these meters, and I urge you to re consider; that you have done due diligence on this matter. If you really meant it when you said families first, then I have difficulty in understanding your position on these smart meters, thus if you persist with this plan I have to assume you were, and are, following in Campbell’s footsteps of misleading the people of the province.

In any case I do not approve of the permanent damage you intend to inflict on my children and grandchildren
letter to hydro
Comment by blocky bear on 31st August 2011
Somewhere on this forum a form letter was offered denying access to meter changers. I duly printed, filled out address and particulars and took to the Post Office registered and sent off to B.C. Hydro. I suppose they might react negatively or postively...pun intended. d.b.
$ cost
Comment by I.J. Temple on 27th August 2011
Not only is this a health risk but costly if time -of -use rates are imposed as they have been in Ontario. However, the BC Hydro pamphlet assures us that this would only be done "with transparent public consultation". Oh, like the gov. did with the HST??? My info is that in Ont. rates went from 5.1 cents per kwh to 8.9 from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 10.7 cents between 11 a.m. and 7 the next morning, close to 50% increase for most consumers who did not want to run their dishwasher or do laundry or cook in the middle of the night. I don't care if the gov finds out what time I brush my teeth, but I don't want to pay extra for them to have this info!
It never ends.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 25th August 2011
Did you see who the new manager of the Compnay installing the smart meters is ? Non other than the Steve Wilson the previous Haisla band Chief of kitimat village. He finally got his reward for towing the liberal lie when Kitimat was fighting Alcanfor power sales.The corruption of the liberals never ends.This is another blatant patronage appointment.
What a waste of money.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 24th August 2011
BC hydro says that it will give them more information by reading power usage every hour. What? How often does my current meter read the power usage, once a week? I was always under the impression that the meter gave BC hydro a reading of all my power usage for the month, which would mean that it record constantly, not just once an hour. They will be able to figure out how to cut energy cost by looking at what appliances are being used, and they want us to believe that all this information will not be used for any nefarious actively, right.

On a side note, does anyone know how hard you have to hit it to set off the gyro censor in these smart meters? And, how often they will have to respond to gyro alarms before they get sick of it?
Very Dangerous
Comment by James on 24th August 2011
One is in more danger riding a bike or crossing the streets in Downtown Terrace than one will ever exposed to by a smart meter. Personally, I like my cell phone, my wifi, my microwave and I'm sure looking forward to my smart meter. Maybe it's just me but I found living in a cave somewhat drab.