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COMMENTARY · 24th August 2011
Merv Ritchie
It could be a view into any Western City. It is almost similar to a view of Vancouver or Victoria; an upscale modern place.

This is not some backwards, sand desert, camel dwelling, and uneducated place. Unlike what is being portrayed by the media today, families just like yours and mine, lived comfortably and in peace. Thanks to the UN, NATO and the international corporate media we now have a glimpse of what can happen to our modern communities.

One thing missing is the gold. Gaddafi had more solid gold bricks per population than all but one country in the world. They owned shares in many corporations worldwide having an estimated Trillion dollars of assets and cash deposited and held all across the globe.

As the western world and the European Union falls into an embarrassing quagmire of debt, Gaddafi was smirking. Now everyone is scrambling to take their piece of his pie.

Guess we wiped that smile off his face eh?