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The Umbrellas are Up!
P.S.A.'S · 25th August 2011
The Greater Terrace Beautification Society is nearing completion on the project beside the Royal Bank. Since we began this project over 4 years ago a number of names have been used to describe the site (the Esso site, the brownfield project, Brownfield to Greenspace, B2G…), but none have stuck and none are really appropriate for what the site is now and will hopefully be into the future.

Please help us give this site a name. Ballots are available at the George Little House, or your preference can be emailed to littlehouse,,, We plan to collect names until project completion, with an announcement at our grand opening, which will hopefully be this fall.
Why not Courner Stone Park
Comment by Bryan on 7th September 2011
see Above
I think...
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 29th August 2011
Imagination Station or Community Creations.

Is what I would call it.

I think the work Terrace Beautification did is excellent. I love it. Is it a little weird. Yes. That's why I like it. We stepped out of the box. We got creative. We represent Terrace.

For all the complainers, What exactly did you contribute to the building of this park, besides a negative attitude?
Comment by anon on 28th August 2011
What about a little historical integrity . Look at the doorway across the street . Can it possibly be called anything other than " Hanky Panky Park"
I Failed To Mention
Comment by Roy Harding on 28th August 2011
"Dancing in the Rain" is a pretty good name, too!
It's Quirky - But I Like It
Comment by Roy Harding on 28th August 2011
I was at first somewhat indifferent to it - but now that I've looked at it with more than a passing glance, I like it.

The symbolism of umbrellas blowing in the wind is, I've got to admit, very "Terrace" in nature.

A name? How about - "Spirit of Terrace Park"? Although a previous suggestion of "Rainshadow Park" is pretty good, too.
Comment by Leanne on 28th August 2011
Very nice, but is it the next "Pigeon Park"?
My Thoughts
Comment by Bony Maroni on 27th August 2011
It's different.

If it's trying to be abstract and make people talk, it's done a good job. It's something anyone will walk by and go, "WTF?"

Of course, they could walk a couple streets over and see the heavily grafittied coop building and think the same thing.

If the umbrellas did something, perhaps act as fountains, they would be much cooler and the contrast of umbrellas acting as fountains would give people a chuckle and kids something to play in on the 5 or 6 hot summer days we get. :)

Were I to name this little patch of land though, I would name it "Dancing in the rain," since it's outside a nightclub. I'm certain Fred Astaire would approve.
GTBS rocks! Complainers...well, don't.
Comment by MaggieJo on 27th August 2011
I am not a member of the GTBS...but...

Does anyone NOT remember what that old abandoned Esso site used to look like?!?! And when it was published that volunteers were working on the site...did any of the complainers responding to this article offer their time to assist as well?

The GTBS spent countless hours (actually YEARS) petitioning the Esso Corporation to
be permitted access to the site to turn it into a greenspace for Terrace to enjoy. They did it all on their volunteer hours - away from their workplaces, their family, their favourite TV shows. All for the ultimate benefit of Terrace residents - that's you and I.

The Terrace Area is filled with artistically talented people and it is such a treat to tap into that talent. The new area is so enticingly visually stimulating and it was lovely to see a Mother and baby casually strolling through the area the other day, enjoying all the colors and architectural surroundings.

To hear Brooke complain the area looks like "a used car lot" and that "a really nice garden
with benches" seems more appropriate is outrageous. Would Brooke help tend to the garden in volunteer duty? Would SHE be leaving on her work coffee breaks (like volunteers of the GTBS do) to lug a pail of water over to water the garden to ensure it remains vibrant? Would she help weed it too? And her park bench recommendation - UGH! Puh-LEASE not another cement park bench pluncked down to fill up space! They are
uuuu-GLY and tend to serve as sleeping quarters instead! Brooke...think about it. The only thing that is "Really Wierd" per your comment, is well..YOUR comment!

The "umbrellas" are fantastic! The vibrant colors stand strong as serve as a visual example
of how we are PROUD to live here! The "umbrella's" may serve as a pre-cursor of sorts to encourage people to park their vehicles and walk about the dowtown area for a change...even guiding people along to support the grande events at the George Little Park a block away.

After having that grey/ drab/weed/garbage infested site of an old abandoned Esso site in the centre of our town, I welcome all the vibrant colors that have brought life back to that area. This project is a good reminder that no matter how bad we all feel frustrated in our personal lives with our own overwhelming "dark" problems that never
seem to end...(you the UGLY dark abandoned Esso site)...there is always "hope" in
the end when we continue to trudge along. And colorful hope to boot!

Let's work together people. 'Supporting one another in the interim to continue to make
Terrace the true "Hub of the North"...and a visually entertaining hub to boot!

The GTBS has published a naming contest for the site; NOT a complaining rant session from
those who feel a right to provide negative comments when they don't lift a finger
to assist their fellow Terrace residents in voluntary duty in the interim. One for all..
and all for one???
Comment by Dyani on 27th August 2011
Thanks to all the volunteers who put in their time, effort, and care into our community. You are rockstars!

I don't personally love the umbrellas, but that's part of what is great about art; art gets people talking, sharing opinions, and forming ideas. So for that I give the project a thumbs up.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 27th August 2011
I thought a park was a place to relax , It looks a little too busy for me with all the umbrellas.
Great Work?
Comment by barryeng on 27th August 2011
Most of the time I do love what the Greater Terrace Beautification Society does, and
I commend them on all of the hard work they have done. The old gas station site needed most of what they have done desperately.

However, I am not so sure about the umbrellas.
Awesome Work!
Comment by C. Arnold on 27th August 2011
I think it looks fantastic! It is interesting, different, imaginative, eye catching. Awesome work GTBS.

For the complainer... I can't think of anything more boring that a couple park benches, and we know what they would end up being used for.

I know how much work many volunteers from GTBS put into this project... it was years and years of work infact. Great job to all of you. Don't let the park bench person rain on your umbrellas! You are volunteers that get great things done in our community.
Great work
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 27th August 2011

I love your work GTBS.

Thank you.
Comment by Brooke on 26th August 2011
So after all these years of talking of waiting we get umbrellas on sticks? I mean what the hell is it suppose to be or be for?

A really nice garden with benches as in a small park in the middle of town would have been the ticket but umbrellas hanging from posts? Kinda like a used car lot now.

The only name that comes to mind is "Really Weird"!
Comment by Carol Harrison on 26th August 2011
Rainshadow Park
Mary Poppins Memorial
Comment by Andrew J on 26th August 2011
It's unique I give it that. I kinda like it. It is sure better than what was there before.. Is there a story or idea behind the design?
Comment by K2 on 26th August 2011
Haven't been in Terrace for awhile but wondering what is going on in this picutre...are those umbrellas? an art piece?

Looks very stange to me.