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NEWS RELEASE · 26th August 2011
Ministry of Finance
The Province will reinstate the combined 12 per cent PST and GST tax system following the referendum decision by British Columbians to extinguish the HST in B.C., Finance Minister Kevin Falcon announced today.

An action plan has been established to guide the transition process and help ensure an effective and orderly transition from the HST to the PST plus GST system in B.C.

The PST will be reinstated at seven per cent with all permanent PST exemptions. The Province may make some common sense administrative improvements to streamline the PST.

The transition period is expected to take a minimum of 18 months, consistent with the report of the independent panel on the HST. During this period, the provincial portion of the HST will remain in place at seven per cent. Eligible lower-income British Columbians will continue to receive the B.C. HST Credit until the PST is re-implemented. The B.C. HST credit will then be replaced by the re-implemented PST credit.

During the transition period, the Province will provide quarterly updates on the progress of returning to the PST.

Minister of Finance Kevin Falcon is quoted as stating "British Columbians have made their choice and we will honour that decision. Now more than ever, government must provide British Columbians economic stability and focus our attention toward growing our economy to create jobs and balancing our budget in a time of global economic uncertainty.

"We will work as quickly as we responsibly can to return to the PST. We have always been clear that, as the independent panel found, dismantling the B.C. HST and returning to the PST will take time to do properly.

"I can assure British Columbians PST will not be applied to such items as restaurant meals, haircuts, bikes and gym memberships - just as it was before the HST was introduced in B.C."
Comment by Gary Edwards on 27th August 2011
18 months is unacceptable. It took the governments less than 12 months to implement it. There should be no renegotiation we already had the system in place. And we need monthly updates on progress including number of meeting, type of meetings and time spent in the meetings as well as what transpired. And don't start claiming government secrets because they are dealing with our money and were elected by us.
For the guy who appears to be posting all over the net that a bunch of dummies voted this out. All I can say is we appear to be smarter than your 45.23%. We defeated you under huge odds. So we must be doing something right.
The primates have spoken
Comment by Mr. Peters on 26th August 2011
All those individuals who are not capable of counting past the number of their digits must have all voted. I do not care for how the HST was brought in, but it is a much more intelligent tax then the PST & GST system.
Comment by Laura M on 26th August 2011
I wonder why it would take 18 months to fully get rid of the HST? It didn't take that long to start charging it once they brought it in.
Just wondering.