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There are suspicions that farmed salmon could be transmitting the virus to wild salmon. (Photo: BCSFA)
CONTRIBUTION · 29th August 2011
Don Staniford
Last week I attended the salmon inquiry in Vancouver and was shocked at the high level of secrecy and security.

Why was Nanaimo-based scientist Dr. Kristi Miller shadowed everywhere by two burly bodyguards with earpieces and escorted from the courtroom like a prisoner?

It speaks volumes that a DFO scientist is protected by the secret service, prevented from speaking to the media and is being starved of research funding to continue her groundbreaking research on a virus in Fraser sockeye.

Not only is Miller's scientific work being muzzled but her research laboratory in Nanaimo is also in danger of being shut down by the federal government.

What does the Privy Council and the Prime Minister's office have to hide by muzzling Miller?

During Friday's public hearing, the Crown lawyer representing the Province of British Columbia shamefully argued that keeping salmon farming disease data secret was "in the public interest."

The argument is illogical and is cause for international embarrassment.

Why is Ottawa shielding the Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry from public scrutiny?

It will make a mockery of this so-called public inquiry if the Crown and Ottawa values the business interests of foreign companies farming Atlantic salmon before fishermen, First Nations, bears, eagles, orcas, wolves, forests and the people of British Columbia who depend upon healthy wild Pacific salmon.

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This week (29th August to 1st September), the Cohen Commission in Canada will continue the focus on salmon farming and the disease issue – details via:

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According to the Cohen Commission web-site: "With increased interest in the commission’s hearings as they near their conclusion, the commission will be allocating a block of seats in the public gallery to participants with standing for the topic for each day’s hearing. Any additional seating will be on a first-come, first-serve basis".

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Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 29th August 2011
Humans are social beings. It is not natural for us to keep secrets. When any kind of (successful) treachery is going on, the following three rules must be followed; don't talk, don't trust, don't feel.

Why are they keeping secrets about this important salmon-inquiry from the B.C. electorate?

Why are the media banned from meetings, at all government levels, about the Tsimshian "treaty process?"