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P.S.A.'S · 31st August 2011
Terrace Daily
This video clearly demonstrates the nuclear nightmare which has occurred. Full meltdowns complete with releases of radiation higher than the available instruments can measure. And this is not being reported to the public. Resonances of Jack Nicholson screaming, “You can’t handle the truth,” appear to be the mantra of the day with our Governments and media organizations.

Watch the Video report by RT (Russia today) here.

But there is always the Fox news Channel and the Ann Coulter types to prove all of this nuclear and radioactive fallout isn’t bad at all, in fact it could be good. One must be aware that the Canadian Broadcast Association refuses to accept a media outlet to report false and misleading information as ‘NEWS’, where the USA finds that acceptable. Read More Here. This was a result of this ruling by the CRTC HERE

Watch the Ann Coulter Piece from Fox News here.
When will the world notice?
Comment by M. Craven on 1st September 2011
What will it take for the world to understand that Japan's situation is far worse than Chernobyl? I am sadden and stunned to learn how little the world cares about such a pressing issue. Maybe when my children glow in the dark it will be enough proof for Canada to see something is wrong. I have talked with many concerned individuals and even a Federal Minister, I am learning that we cannot even alert our own citizens. I have tried hard to alert the Canadian government...what will it take for them to acknowledge this crisis?