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NEWS RELEASE · 31st August 2011
Today Premier Clark finally ended the election speculation she deliberately cultivated from the moment she won the Liberal leadership.

We know that Ms. Clark has made this decision for one reason and one reason only: she has concluded from her own polling she cannot win an election at this time.

The Premier and the Liberal Party put their political interests first throughout this process. They have avoided dealing with the substantial problems facing B.C. while the Premier prepared her election plan.

While the Liberal government floundered, the New Democrat Official Opposition caucus united around a positive agenda of change.

Over the past months, we have made positive proposals, held the government to account and prepared for the possibility of an election campaign. And as a result of the election speculation, we put together an excellent team of candidates ó the best our party has fielded in many years.

And despite being outspent by a massive margin by the Liberals using taxpayer dollars and their political allies, we won the HST referendum.

The people of B.C. have been responding positively to the message of the NDP and our agenda for positive change.

We have gained momentum and support at the same time as the Liberals have floundered under confused leadership and the absence of an agenda beyond salvaging the HST. This is a government that is out of gas and out of ideas.

Our challenge is to continue to hold the Liberals to account, whether that is in a fall sitting of the Legislature or in communities throughout B.C. where people want government to pay attention to the issues that are affecting them.

Whether that is forest workers unemployed at home while raw logs are exported on a growing rate, young people who canít get access to the training they need, or seniors who canít get access to the care and support they need, B.C. New Democrats will fight to ensure that the concerns of BC working families and middle income earners are heard.

We will continue to offer a positive alternative to the Christy Clark Liberals and offer British Columbians concrete measures to reduce inequality and allow British Columbians pursue their hopes and dreams.