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P.S.A.'S · 2nd September 2011
Merv Ritchie
There was some vandalism up at the Onion Lake Ski Trails Clubhouse, sometime in mid August, by a small group of young adults. The Club members are very thankful they didn't do a lot of damage, which indicated they aren't really bad kids (at this point) but they did destroy a rocking chair (one of two). These are used by nursing mothers when they bring the family for a day of skiing and by some of the senior skiers.

The Club is interested in having a talk with those who were at the clubhouse while this happened.

It was a party to be sure; likely a pretty good time if you were there. Ichiban wrappers, beer cans and various other signs of good party but all of this was left behind for others to deal with.

There was wood in the fire box so the chair could have been left alone. If it broke when someone was rough housing, fine, but it could have been just set aside and not completely destroyed.

But guys, didn’t you notice the flash go off as you were leaving? This might have been a good time to turn around, go back and clean up as best you could.

If you recognize yourself in these pictures or as a participant, maybe you could take the time to call one of these three people and attempt to make restitution?

Dean,,,250-615-2016 Cliff,,,250-632-4039 Liz,,,250-632-6055
Without the pics
Comment by MaggieJo on 5th September 2011
Without the photographs, the lads still could have chosen to spin their wheel of luck to elude getting caught, as is quite common practice.

But, they DID come forward and they're making ammends for their "sins" which is an example to the rest of us that we too can do the same with how we offend our Community.
Well Done On The Confession, Lads.
Comment by Roy Harding on 4th September 2011
We've all been young and involved in stupid activities. SOME of us learn to man up, take responsibility for our actions, and do what we can to mitigate whatever damage we may have done.

Apparently, the young folks involved in this particular incident are now following the correct path.

I don't endorse your initial stupidity, boys - but I applaud your subsequent actions.
right on
Comment by Leanne on 4th September 2011
I wished this happened more often. No one is ever held accountable for their actions these days it seems.
The power of a photograph
Comment by c. sandecki on 3rd September 2011
Without these photographs, would these vandals have owned up?
Comment by Michael on 3rd September 2011
It is refreshing to see people taking responsibility in this way. While I do not know any of the young men I would certainly not hold this against them in the future. Nor should anyone else.

It is also nice that this has been resolved without anyone naming those involved.

I would not like to be reminded of mistakes I made in my youth!
A Win Win Result - Thanks
Comment by Dean Bergstrom on 3rd September 2011
Just to let you know all the boys involved in the Onion Lk. Clubhouse vandalism have come forward and apologized for their actions. They have promised to show up for a work party to install a new wood stove in 'The Moose Hut' which will really come in handy during our ski season.

The boys all sounded quite ashamed of their actions and again, we are quite appreciative they didn't do more damage than they did. I would also like to commend you for posting the pics that led to this win win situation.

I look at this as a win win because hopefully these young guys have learned a valuable lesson and will never take part in any brainless vandalism in the future and that makes this a better world to live in for all of us. Thanks

Comment by vandaliser on 3rd September 2011
We are all very sorry for our actions. We all feel terribly awful for what we have done and were all owning up to what we have done. We didnt mean to cause any damage or what so ever we were just trying to have fun, obviously it wasent the right place for us to stay at and we again apologize deeply for our actions. We will clean up all the different kinds of mess we left behind.
Thank you "sorry" writer
Comment by MaggieJo on 2nd September 2011
Now THIS is what makes a boy a man - owning up to things.

'Wish more of us adults could learn from this young lad's example to own up to one's sins and correct his mistakes in the interim; which is what I can't say for a ton of adults in our community who are repeatedly neglectful in this respect.

As a note to the young lad involved in this case who is correcting himself: Pull Volunteer work in the community and take pics of you doing so. And advertise it everywhere! ' Cuz upcoming potential employers have access to the web to search out your name, etc prior to hiring you, and it would be prudent of you to advertise how you DO things for the community in volunteer style. Take PICS of you doing volunteer work and ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE it on facebook with your friends or wherever on the Net! This practice is referred to in numerous articles as reverse negative reputation...and IT WORKS!

Yeah...that simple gesture of an extra effort ROCKS in potential work interviews, cuz potential employers are really savvy these days in googling facebook, etc to research potential hire-ees websites, etc to find out more about the applicant they are entertaining.

In any event...THANK YOU for owning up & committing to make ammends. I applaud you for that! (And people think young adults have all gone to the dawgs.) Apparently not so!
Comment by vandaliser #2 on 2nd September 2011
i am one of the people who did it, very sorry. we called dean today and fessed up about it and are willing to do anything and pay for all we did. sorry
Comment by vandaliser #2 on 2nd September 2011
i was also one of the people who did it, we are quite sorry and today we called dean and confessed
Prove you are better than Vancouver
Comment by Dave on 2nd September 2011
Yes a good time when you're young is usually part of growing up - so is being responsible - prove the nay sayers wrong and stand up. What goes round comes round - it may help you in the future
Comment by vandaliser on 2nd September 2011
i was one of the vandalisers. and i will own up to it and fix what i did
don't hold your breath
Comment by Bryan N on 2nd September 2011
Accountability is a pretty rare trait these days, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Besides, there are probably some parents involved that will suggest this is a grave misunderstanding "my boy wouldn't do that"
Time to man up boys....
Comment by TS on 2nd September 2011
Boy, that must have been a surprise! Guess you never thought there would be a camera...own up to it, buy a new chair, apologize and move on...that is how you go from here.