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COMMENTARY · 7th September 2011
Randy Halyk
How can anyone respect the Mayor when she organizes a circus like the one we witnessed at Kitimat City Council this past Tuesday, September 6, 2011?

It is very obvious that she set up an attack on the Conservation Officer, Sergeant Struthers, with all the usual actors starring as downtrodden pet owners and to intimate that the case against her is political.

To accuse a peace officer of corruption is a very serious matter.

I saw a Conservation Officer come to present at council in an open and informative manner giving Council and the public good statistical information. He updated us on wildlife issues in and around our community including the wolverines. What, to me, was supporting information, that the bear safe program is a good thing; he informed he had put almost everything in place that could be valuable to Kitimat and he’d be available to help make it happen.

What happened next was disgusting.

Bringing in a mob of supporters to attack a presenter in my mind is not what Council is all about. This sets up a scenario where presenters become targets, not purveyors of information and supporters of causes.

Obviously Monaghan is trying to send a message that if you don’t support her stand on an issue you are not welcome.

When does a member of council have the right to embrace the whole community and the rest of Council with antics such as those witnessed? I say never.

Monaghan countered when I protested to her to take control of the situation stating that it is normal to allow this kind of behaviour in Council Chambers.

Well I do not agree Council is for doing the business of our City. I have been around since the last election and have never seen the like of this!

This circus that Monaghan perpetrated on the people of Kitimat is disrespectful and disgraceful. Never has council allowed an altercation to persist off in a corner of the Council Chambers. And if the Mayor did or would not act then it is up to the Manager to intervene.

Monaghan’s statement that ‘she was on the bear committee and it fell apart because she could no longer chair’ doesn’t hold water. She was not the only one on that committee that could have chaired it and anyway how does her being charged with an offence preclude her from sitting on a committee.

There is a lengthy process involved when CO’s become involved in a violation, I believe it goes like this; first an order to comply is issued giving a set time to rectify the situation. If after that time the issue is not rectified a warning is issued which gives more time to the individual. If there is still no compliance the CO can issue a ticket or in extreme cases lay charges.

Monaghan’s actual offence is in the public record at the Court Registry in Terrace. It is Failure to comply with a wildlife protection order to stop using attractants the case will be held on Dec.6 2011.

This article was edited by the Daily Staff
Yes Ms. Sandecki
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th September 2011
I know its hard to believe but our council is as dysfunctional as yours.
Council meeting ambush of conservation officer
Comment by c. sandecki on 7th September 2011
Last night was the first time I have tuned in to watch a Kitimat council meeting.

I thought perhaps I was the only one uncomfortable watching the conservation officer being confronted by a resident complaining about losing his cats to wolverines, helping himself to council time, without the mayor speedily shunting the resident out the door and resuming the deliberations of council.

Even to a stranger, the divisions and underlying resentments between councillors is obvious.

As an aside, I had two more objections to last night's meeting: the mayor's paternalistic reference to "My council" and the audience member with a persistent cough who parked himself beside the microphone. He could have sat farther from the microphone and armed himself with a carton of cough drops.