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NEWS RELEASE · 9th September 2011
BC Conservative Party
According to Kevin Falcon's quarterly report released yesterday one of the reasons BC is facing a deficit of $2.8 billion deficit in 2011-2012 is "expectations of an outflow of people from BC to other provinces in Canada for the year as a whole."

John Cummins, Leader of British Columbia's Conservatives, reacted to the news that BC is losing people to other provinces, "It is no coincidence that BC is now losing people to other provinces since under the Liberals the average family in BC now pays more taxes and makes less income than any province west of Quebec."

"The Liberals used to attack the NDP for driving people out of BC, but now their policies are having the same result. People vote with their feet - they choose provinces with the best economic opportunities. They left BC when the NDP were running the economy into the ground, and now under Christy Clark the same thing is happening all over again."
"The new BC Conservatives are the only party committed to reducing the tax burden on the middle class. We will scrap the carbon tax, stop the new 2 cent per litre gas tax for the lower mainland, and get spending under control by cutting wasteful spending."

BC Stats reports that the number of people moving to BC from other provinces has been dropping since 2007, and now the government is projecting more people will move to other provinces than will move to BC in 2011. The chart below shows net provincial population in every year since 1992. The bars are coloured by which party was running the province at the time: orange for the NDP and red for Liberals.
Liberals Taxing Population out of BC
Comment by U & Me on 10th September 2011
Soo very true....not only are we paying high taxes...we are also paying high gasoline prices, HST and just to survive and it takes two incomes to make all the bills now. You suck Liberals...almost as bad as the "Harper Gov't"