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Craig Oliver suggest Nathan Cullen is being pressured to lead the NDP
REPORTING · 9th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
After the evening news tonight, Friday September 9, 2011, on Power Play with Don Martin, Skeena-BulkleyValley MP Nathan Cullen was promoted as one of the candidates best suited to replicate the energy and charisma of Jack Layton. Correspondent Craig Oliver, a well seasoned political analyst went through the various names of the well known NDP old guard and then offered a glimpse into the future.

“I think there is one person who intrigues me who is under a lot of pressure, and this will surprise a lot of people, to jump into this and that is Nathan Cullen.” began Oliver, “Young, bright, very sharp.”

Martin interrupted and demonstrated he too knew of Cullen referring to his linguistic skills and Oliver jumped right back in promoting Cullen

“[Cullen] is bilingual from British Columbia at the moment but originally from Toronto and I think we could see people like that leaping into this race. And someone who, if they are looking for Jack, is maybe more like Jack than a lot of the other candidates who may leap into this.”

Oliver spoke about the requirement of a $15,000 entry fee to enter the race as being the same amount as the entry fee for the Kentucky Derby. He also referred to some of the backroom boys who he felt didn’t really have a chance and maybe shouldn’t enter the fray.

Watch Video clip of this segment of Power Play attached below.
Once a Rupertite...always a Rupertite.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 16th September 2011
Thanks for sharing that Craig Oliver spent quality time in Prince Rupert. I knew there was something odd about him.

Ahoy, my fellow Kaien Islanders!
re: Craig Oliver
Comment by Don MacLeod on 10th September 2011
He finished his high school in PR at Booth Memorial High (BoMeHi) in '56 I think. He and I were in Sea Cadets at the same time and I recall him being a quick thinker and able to cut to the quick when necessary; never one to be afraid of giving his opinion. He hasn't changed much from my recollection of him; smart, humorous, bright and popular. He's worked his way through the media system and IMO (although likely biased) is among the top broadcasters in CBC in the past 75 years!
Craig Oliver trivia
Comment by Maureen on 10th September 2011
Just a quick note that even Craig Oliver has spent time as a resident in the northwest... way back in the late 1950s I think, the youthful Craig did an internship with CBC radio in Prince Rupert. Radio station CFPR were the call letters then.
Don't know if that has an impact on his support for Mr. Cullen but sometimes a little geography can go a long way to understanding.
Not the NDP but a Leader
Comment by Cullen Supporter on 9th September 2011
I'm not an NDP supporter provincially or federally, however I do believe Mr. Cullen does have what it takes to carry on after Layton. He's friendly, charismatic, a hard worker, a listener and most importantly SMART. I think he's worked hard to understand the issues facing our country, instead of hiring some yuppies to do everything for him.

Run, Mr. Cullen, to continue to inspire those who voted for your party...for Jack's vision and not for old, rich, part-time politicians. Inspire our country and I may just change my vote in the future.