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Aarti Pole, CFTK's Reporter talks with the Terrace Daily on Lakelse
REPORTING · 29th July 2007
Merv Ritchie
We stopped Aarti Pole, CFTK's News reporter, on Lakelse Avenue last week to relay to her the great accolades we heard from the flood victims in Dutch Valley. Jim Would and his neighbour Wolfgang had nothing but huge praise for her coverage and we felt it necessary to share this with her.

So it came as a shock when she revealed that she was leaving Terrace to take up a position with CBC Television in Winnipeg. We will miss her at City Council as her happy persona always made the dreary confines much more bearable.

At one Council meeting while discussing the attempts to attract doctors and other professionals to Terrace, Mayor Jack Talstra asked Aarti about the things that attracted her to Terrace. Her honesty was breath taking. Rather than make up a fanciful tale of the beauty of the region Aarti advised the Mayor that she was pursuing a career in broadcasting and CFTK offered her a great opportunity. It was as simple as that.

And now Aarti's dreams are coming to a reality very quickly. She will be leaving Terrace to start work in Winnepeg at the beginning of August.

We know she will do very well and we expect to see her on the National or even with a US broadcaster very soon. Congratulations Aarti, It has been a pleasure.

Directly from CFTK's Website

Aarti Pole is CFTK's Radio and TV Reporter in Terrace. Prior to joining the Terrace news team Aarti completed her Bachelor of Arts from UBC in Vancouver majoring in Political Science and obtaining a minor in International Relations. She continued her studies in Toronto attending Ryerson University where she obtained her Bachelor of Journalism.

Born in St. John's Newfoundland and raised in Vancouver,B.C. Aarti is a newcomer to the field and to the North West. In addition to reporting you can see her Anchoring CFTK's weekend news program, "Week in Review".

Always smiling and laughing we will surely miss her presence
Always smiling and laughing we will surely miss her presence
Comment by E-ronic on 31st July 2007
She being kind of hot wouldn't have endeared her to city councillors either, I suppose...
Good Luck Aarti
Comment by Terry Walker on 30th July 2007
Aarti Pole gave very accurate and balanced coverage of the issues around Early Childhood Education and the problems with Childcare in this province. She was professional, articulate and easy to talk to. We are sorry to see Aarti go but recognize that she is destined for bigger things.

Good Luck Aarti. Thanks for everything.