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P.S.A.'S · 10th September 2011
From a BBC Article HERE on the radioactivity around the Fukushima facility in Japan.

Japan's new trade minister has quit after calling the area around the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant a "town of death", media reports say.

Yoshio Hachiro is also reported to have rubbed his jacket against a reporter, saying "I will give you radiation" after visiting the plant on Thursday.

Mr Hachiro's comments were widely seen as insensitive and prompted calls by opposition parties for him to resign.

PM Yoshihiko Noda, who appointed him, later said they were inappropriate.

"Sad to say, the centres of cities, towns and villages around it are a town of death without a soul in sight," Mr Hachiro said at a news conference on Thursday.

On Friday, Mr Noda said the remarks were inappropriate and that he wanted Mr Hachiro, who was appointed on 2 September, to apologise, which Mr Hachiro did.

Tadamori Oshima, vice-president of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, condemned Mr Hachiro, saying: "It is a remark that deprives disaster-affected people of hope and is worthy of disqualifying him as a minister."


In a news conference late on Saturday, Mr Hachiro said Mr Noda had accepted his resignation, with Mr Hachiro apologising again several times.

He said with his remarks he had been trying to convey the seriousness of the situation.
Response to liability
Comment by R Simpson on 11th September 2011
I believe many are concerned and I am thankful that this website gets the message out. The issue for me is one of feeling helpless - the damage is done - what can I do to help?

Our freedom of speech and it's relationship to journalism is being eroded In Canada in my opinion. There are not many places to go to find out facts or information that are truthful and objective without a political spin.
Comment by M Craven on 10th September 2011
I wonder who will be liable for the information I have shared with Canada and the lack of response it is receiving. I truly hope Canadians will take notice at what is floating towards our shores before it is too late. Japan is in chaos, I know this from my experiences working closely with the japanese goverment during the on going crisis. Why can't Canadians have the vision to protect our resources?