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REPORTING · 11th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
A strange thing happened last night. Three year old Kienan Hebert was found alive and well in his parents home. Other than Kienan, no one else was in the house. The family was out, staying at friends.

From all reports it appears the RCMP received a 3am 911 call report stating the boy was home. When they arrived he was there.

The RCMP did not respond to questions placed regarding them watching the home.

The suspicion is the suspected abductor, Randall Hopley, dropped the boy back at the home after the parents made a public plea directly to him. He is still eluding police.

Read original Amber Alert report Here
Important note
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 16th September 2011
It did say the child was returned unharmed.

Another news article said he falls into the category of retardation. Clifford Olson actually killed two people I knew. He is where he belongs, in prison for murdering children.

This child was abducted and BROUGHT home. We don't know that Hopley did anything to actually HARM the child aside from separate him from his family for a week. I am not condoning behaviours, however if someone is truly NOT responsible for their behaviour because they don't actually comprehend it is wrong or bad. Then they need to be in an institution where they can be taught that, where they can be supervised and guiding and get the medications and help that they require.

Not in prison, where they will be harmed or taken advantage of.
But luckily...
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 14th September 2011
Simply putting 2+2 together is not grounds to convict someone. You require actual evidence. 2+2 is enough to convict someone in public opinion though.

I want to address the comment of having no compassion for the mental illness he must have. I too, am very angry. No child should be put in danger. No child should feel unsafe in their lives and no parent should have to endure that. However, suffering from mental illness is not simply having had too many drinks. It is not a choice that people make. Suffering from mental illness often prevents your ability to understand right, wrong, reason and rationale.

Not having compassion for someone who has mental illness is like saying you have no compassion for someone who has cancer, or who has been hit by a car by accident.

I am tired, so tired of the stigmas attached to mental health. If in fact the suspect was not capable of determining what he did was wrong, then is he truly guilty?

What we have a problem with is services. Services are no longer available to mental health patients. I'm not a huge fan of institutionalizing, but the reality is this is necessary for some people. They require the care and supervision in day to day life to ensure theirs and the public's safety. As we de-institutionalized, recently also cut services of community living, there is nothing for them.

Jail is not a suitable institution for people with extreme mental health issues, most judges know this. So they don't send them there, but there is no where else to send them. So then what?

Lets look at the systems that are preventing people from getting the care and supervision required. Lets not blame a person for having an illness.

Now, if that person commits a crime yes they must be punished. But the judicial system is a shell of what it was, the corrections system is a shell and there simply isn't the resources required. So, pound your fist. At government, for cutting funding to judicial systems, for cutting funding to legal aid etc..
re:Terrace Daily
Comment by James Ippel on 12th September 2011
You may be a whole lot closer to the truth than you realize. On CKNW this afternoon questions were being asked.
Hockley is the main (only) suspect, but on what grounds? First, he is well known to the Police for a multitude of B&E's/Thefts. In the 1980's he was convicted of a Sexual Offence (not specified) and about four years ago he was charged with sexual assault but if I understand correctly-no conviction. Maybe someone wants him out of town, and what better way than to point fingers. He has already been convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, and I believe this is in part due to the wide media coverage branding him as the only suspect.
The Police also want to speak to him, but have you ever wondered why the Police are being so close mouthed in this whole investigation?
I am not defending Hockley, but I am defending each and everyone of us having our day in court. Our Court System may not be the best, but it is the best we have protect all of us.
somthing rotten in Denmark
Comment by ed on 12th September 2011
I think there is much more to this story than we have heard so far. Perhaps the book or movie deal will lay it all out for us.
Judging by Media info?
Comment by Terrace Daily on 12th September 2011
There was a case not so long ago where the media ate up the story of a young boy who was lost. His parents claimed he was tied to a balloon in a lawn chair and the wind carried him off. It was a hoax but everyone bought it up.

This boy in Sparwood was returned safe and sound. No sign of this apparent abductor. It almost feels as if someone knew the "child abductor" would be away, (in Ontario maybe? who knows), and decided to create this hoax. An Uncle? a parent?

Okay, this is a long shot but judging this situation to the point of putting the man to death is far too extreme. Get a hold of your sanity people. We are not that radical a people. Wait for something that isn't pure speculation pumped up by media buffoonery.
simple solution
Comment by gav on 12th September 2011
Mental illness or not the simplest solution here comes in the form of a high velocity gob of lead.

I draw the line when a individual targets children. No excuse for this sort of thing.

Bang , Dead, shovel corpse into hole, problem gone!
Finger Pointing
Comment by James Ippel on 11th September 2011
As we all rejoice in the safe return of young Kienen, I have heard comments questioning while the Police did not have the family home under survellience. Maybe, just maybe, it was because the family was not staying in the family home.
Since the abuctor was able to avoid Police, do they not realize that maybe the obtuctor had the Police under survellience the whole time, and was further able to avoid them while returning young Keinen? Do these doubters think he drove up in a Monster Truck just to attract attention. Give your head a shake.

BOTTOM LINE:the young man is SAFE. Now lets get on with the job of capturing the abductor.

Funny thing: all were behind the Police, supportive of their efforts, offering assistance, and now there a few people questioning the actions of the Police. Personnally: My hat off them, and thank you for the good work, along with the Search & Rescue people, and the Civilian volunteers. For the naysayers-get a life.
Comment by MaggieJo on 11th September 2011
Perhaps if our Society didn't treat mental illness like a dirty word...this abductor would have been more inclined to seek treatment before escalating to this state.

For family members who may have recognized symptoms in this abductor's early life; while doing nothing in the interim...they should be the ones charged as well, for "sinning" out of neglectful omission.

RE: Comment posted that this abductor needs to host a "permanent disappearance" is quite disturbing. NO vigilante action is required in this case to permanently cease this abductor's breathing life on earth. Murder is illegal.

If this abductor does not harm him/herself to end his /her life...I trust he/she will come forward, as it appears he/she has a conscience to rtn the child home alive while also risking a taped recording of the 911 call to advise the child was returned home alive.

The abductor rtned Kienan home ALIVE! AND called 911 to apprise them of such so the child would not be left alone in the house by himself.
And we thought there was never any hope for criminals, heh?
Even in the midst of evil...
Comment by MaggieJo on 11th September 2011
For an abductor to return a child? WOW!

Even in the midst of evil...we can never give up that there might be a glimmer of hopeful salvation.

I've been just sick to my stomach about all missing children; but most recently this one. I was posting the detailed Amber Alert information in my workplace/home/inside my vehicle - everywhere!

Thank you to all involved in working tirelessly towards a successful recovery/happy ending. This is such a rare ending and we all celebrate with the family in having little Kienan returned home alive!

I can just visualize the scene when the RCMP gave the good news to the parents. There must'a been a LOT of tears with all involved.

Let's all hug our kids a bit more while they're still with us. And let's support those with mental illnesses so these happenings will not occur in the first place.

Now, the healing begins.