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REPORTING · 12th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
Finally, the Terrace City Council came around to show a sign of support for the ski hill almost every Terrace organization; government and industry, uses to promote the benefits of living in this region. It is an integral part of the City run Tourism Organization and is used in City promotional videos.

Tonight, after serious debate and arm twisting over the past month, the Council decided to commit the funds, about $90,000 in unallocated reserves, to the operations of the hill. (Correction - only $15,000 of this unallocated reserve was committed at this time)

Just like the monies donated by the RDKS these funds are not to be used for the purchase of the mountain and facilities, just to the operations.

The hope is other communities and organizations will now also get on board. It would have been difficult for other governments to step up to the plate if the municipal government closest didn't join in the effort.

The City also committed to entertaining the prospect of funding the operations on a continuing basis but left that decision up to the next budget debates with the new council elected this November.
"the Pot"
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 19th September 2011
The city doesn't support other community groups annually except for free rent.
Is the 'pot' now bigger too?
Comment by bill braam on 18th September 2011
As I understand it Shames will be funded by 'annual grants' and possibly the first or more coming from a surplus from another project. My question is: Does the pot that funds many community groups grow bigger or do all the community groups that heavily rely on grants have to compete even harder to receive yearly funding now? Thank you.
A novel idea
Comment by bseachamp on 16th September 2011
I am sure if some of these people that loved to ski moved to a new city they might find the day rates much higher.
A novel idea to fix the problem might have been to charge skiers a rate that would have made the ski hill economically viable. That way the current shareholders would not have to subsidize the hill annually to keep it alive. Thay may even be a option going forward. Like a user pay system, for those who want to ski.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 16th September 2011
My issues are not whether shames mountain is a treasure to the NorthWest, whether it is a worthy cause etc...

My issues stand, it is not a tax payer's responsibility. If money was available for not for profit, there should have been a call out and letters of intent submitted from ALL non-profits whom feel they are also worthy. (in the end shames would have gotten it anyway but make it at least APPEAR fair.)

Instead money was sought after repeatedly, because a city councilor wanted it. After being told no, they went back. After being told no again, it was brought back to life again.

MMC is being provided free rent and city administrative support. Both of which cost the city money one way or another, so the city IS supporting them. The ingratitude for this fact frustrates me beyond belief. Because Anti-Poverty could not get free rent from this council until it had no funding, then it was clear it was time limited.

That same building was then agreed to be rented to Northern Health after $30,000 of renovations, for $1000 a month. Anti-Poverty paid $600/month plus half the maintenance.

So time after time, this council is showing me where it's priorities are. This causes me great concern.

The homlessness outreach day centre gets not ONE penny from the city, even though it has reduced crime.

This was never about whether Shames is a worthy cause, whether MMC is a worthy cause. It is about appropriate use of tax payer dollars. It is about transparency and equality.

The city of Terrace started a community foundation, which eventually will bear interest for community granting. MMC should have been told to wait it out, like the rest of the non-profits.

Whether the amount is a drop in the bucket or not, is irrelevant.
street upgrades vs. shames mtn.
Comment by Barton on 15th September 2011
To put things into simple perspective, Shames mtn. loses annually what the city of Terrace spends for 2 to 3 days worth of city street re-construction. The city usually upgrades 2 to 3 street sections per year for a duration of 5 to 6 months. Seems like a drop in the bucket for keeping a northwest treasure, doesn't it?
Voter Apathy and Council Nominees!
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 14th September 2011

There could be worse things to spend money on...
If this cures voter apathy double the donation.

For those who are upset why not run for council?
The best way to decide what's fair is to see both perspectives.

I think it can be a "why am I doing this?" kind of job.

On the whole monies to MMC:
You get people urging council to be a leader (maybe like brave heart fighting for a cause) then some people blasting council for buying the COOP land or people blasting council for a second sheet of ice while getting grants to pay for it.
Isn't this being a leader too?
(sorry I'm confused, again.)

Shames will create some jobs, look at it that way.
To continue on the psychopathic communications: We will attract professionals to the area! but I'll be completely unprofessional and say if shames goes I'll go... (You know who you are.)
Enough of the mixed bag already, run for council - you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. It might bother you after a while having people disagree with you, but then you'll realize... less than half can be bothered to vote this job aint so bad.
bully for them
Comment by tom on 14th September 2011
first, a school yard bully, then a work place bully, then, a community bully, if i was asked, simply asked, by the group without any red herrings or misleading language, I may have considered this as a tax payer. As a member of the community, i understand we all have differnt passions, me I dont ski, however, I know others do and it is important to them, thus, I would have considered this. In my career, i assit workers and families relocate to regions with strong labour markets, and on occasion, this includes workers from other regions asking about Terrace, I am never asked, do you have a ski hill, I am asked about three issues, crime, schools and health care, if they are positive to the individuals, then its real eastate prices, then, they make their decision. However, again, i do support all members of my community, thus, lets try this, I will contribute as a member, but, should it fail, then let it go and move onand please learn, the next time, ask, dont bully me into a corner. And, I suggest a strong PR person on your team to mend the division this created.
City Council
Comment by DublinjillLange on 13th September 2011
The mayor just lost my vote
Where's the return?
Comment by Mike Hunt on 13th September 2011
I give the Shames Coop guys kudos for staying in the public eye for so long keeping the circus going, but what gets me about this non stop badgering for money is that the dialogue is one way.

They want money from everyone, especially Terrace, and in return they offer ... what exactly?

There is no return offered. There is no promise to profit share with the city, or in any level of government who supports this enterprise.

This is the deal Shames Coop is offering Terrace: Give us money for our ski hill! You said Shames has value and you said you'd help! If you don't give us money, money and more money, you're a bunch of liars, and some of us will leave town because 4 months of skiing is all that keeps us here!

If the pitch was as confrontational with Prince Rupert and Nisga'a Lisims, I'm not surprised they never pulled out their cheque books.

Facts are facts. Shames has never made money. Shames is almost 1/3 the drive to Prince Rupert and well out of Terrace city limits. Terrace doesn't have much industry, if tax dollars go to Shames, it's at the expense of homeowners and small business.

Really, Shames Coop should be approaching Terrace small business and homeowners and saying, "Give us your tax money for our ski hill! If you don't give us money, some of us will leave! THAT MOUNTAIN IS THE ONLY THING KEEPING SOME OF US HERE!"

Some just might be surprised when the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin plays for them.
Comment by MaggieJo on 13th September 2011
I agree with Helmet. For YEARS while travelling along these incessantly potholed 3rd world-styled paved City streets...I have often commented in most exasperated form.."You know what?! Why don't they just RIP OUT all the pavement so we could have gravel roads which only needs a couple gradings/year instead of the costly upkeeps?! After all...the roads are deteriorating so quickly, it seems like the crews are using icing sugar in their cement mix anyway!" Just think of the quaint notoriety we could have as a tourist town..."Come and visit the TRUE wilderness of Terrace, BC. The only City in BC with REAL GRAVEL ROADS!" I think we could reap the benefits of this advertisement. 'Might even make the Jay Leno Show for free advertising.

That being said, (phewf! Got THAT nemisis'ed vent out), we have to remember that even though we don't utilize the ski hill...we are residents of this City and should be doing everything we can to work together as a team to make this City more viable to each other and to tourists.

And then THAT being said. Hmmm...I have no words to write yet about the City providing funded grants towards this Cooperative. I have to think about this one before I comment further.
Re: They were already recognizing it.
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 13th September 2011
I have to agree with Stacey. I don't agree with the city taking tax money and investing in business. They are supporting MMC by give free office space. That should be enough.

Lance & K. Yamashita - I too enjoy going to Shames. I have purchased season passes before. I do support the hill. But, it should not be a burden to the taxpayers of this community. Shames has a history of not generating enough revenue to cover expenses. The snow quality is not the best, the weather is not the best, the equipment is old. The building is too small, there is no rooms to stay in. Etc.....

Now all non profits should be lining up for free office space or a donation. It only makes it fair.
The city just opened up a can of worms.

Thank you council.
Enjoying the great outdoors.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 13th September 2011
If we take some of the comments to their logical conclusion, whenever pavement gets too rough and full of potholes, we should tear it up and revert back to gravel. Everyone comes for the outdoors anyway, and because you don't gaze reverently at asphalt as you do to the outdoors, asphalt isn't needed. I doubt that will fly.

Now I have never gazed at asphalt in this way but I have noticed how careful one must be walking over the rough pavement and watching for potholes. Maybe it is an age thing. If I want to see the natural beauty of the outdoors I don't go to a ski hill development. I prefer to find a secluded spot beside a river somewhere and take my fly rod. The point is that there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter besides sliding down a ski hill.

While it is true that people don't come up here for the paved roads, paved roads are a good indication of how the town is run. That might be a deciding factor. If people move up here it is job (or retirement) related. Few if any come up just because it has a ski hill.

Let's keep things in perspective. If the majority of Terrace voters ski, then this may not become a political issue this November; if they do not, then it certainly will be an issue no matter how vocal some people get.

They were already recognizing it.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 13th September 2011
They were recognizing it by providing MMC free rent and City Administrative support.

Which is what they offer to MOST other not-for profits. Well free rent, not admin support.

That is a great gesture by the city to support it. Just because they weren't putting tax dollars in, they WERE supporting it and have been. People may not move here for the roads, but they expect to be able to DRIVE or WALK down their streets when paying astronomical property taxes.
Roads Roads Roads... Yawn
Comment by K Yamashita on 13th September 2011
Can you name anyone who moved to Terrace to take in the spectacular view of fresh asphalt? Of course not. But I can name dozens who factored Shames into their decision to settle here.

And it's refreshing to see our Council recognize the positive impact that Shames has on the quality of life in this town. When the town is slushy and miserable, Shames is often magical and magnificent. If you doubt the value of this resource and our Council's support, I urge you to get up there on a snow day and check it out for yourself.

And hey - maybe we could build some hiking and/or biking trails up there for summer use too.
The Great White North
Comment by Lance Armstrong on 13th September 2011
I live in Terrace for the great outdoors. Imagine this place if they closed the provincial parks, shut down the boat launches, and closed all back country roads. What would we have here? Great shopping and lots of work? Ha! I give a big thumbs up to the city for helping save a part of the Terrace way of life. And to all the nay sayers, make a trip up Shames at least once next winter and take in some of the festivities. You may find out what all this fuss is about!
Take a drive
Comment by SC on 13th September 2011
Take a drive around the 4700-4800 blocks in the horseshoe and look at the sidewalks, and lack of sidewalks that the students walk on trying to get to school. Don't go too fast, as there are bumps that will rip the front-end off of your car. When is the next election?
To the City of Terrace
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 13th September 2011
Glad to see how easily the city can be persuaded to invest in a project that time after time has failed. Meanwhile our streets go to crap. I would rather see this extra money spent on other projects in town. Or, better yet why not wait for the Co-op buliding to be torn down and all the costs calculated before spending any more money.

Do we need to have a third strike at failed investments by our city council:

1. Co-op Building - Failed
2. Terrace Sawmill - Failed
3. Shames Ski Hill - ?

I wonder how its going to feel when they have to raise taxes next year. I know I will not be impressed.
Well said Travis...
Comment by Nancy on 13th September 2011
Might as well go to the casino and give them your money....glad the city Councillors like to ski...
not impressed
Comment by travis on 12th September 2011
well, to all those who say they never wanted the arena upgrades/second sheet of ice, when was the last time you went to the trade show, someone's high school graduation, a wedding, a fight night, or other event at the arena? remember the nation-wide publicity that hockeyville brought to terrace?it is NOT just used for hockey, and is something that can be used by the entire community...but the ski hill, well that's just skiing for a minority of people, no other use for it for the rest of the community. the ski hill is something that has never been least we'll know where the money went in a few years when it goes bankrupt and closes...i'm sorry, finances don't lie, and there will no longer be individuals putting their own money up to keep it open when the funds dry up. i have nothing against having a ski hill in the area, or tax money going towards it *IF* it is a sustainable long term venture. so, there goes another chunk of public money that i'm sure could have been used elsewhere, or reserved for a future community project. i hope it works out, but history says it will not