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Images of  women  who have  been missing or murdered  along Highway 16
NEWS RELEASE · 14th September 2011
By Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun
An Amber Alert system should be used to notify northern communities when a woman goes missing along the Highway of Tears, a missing women inquiry forum was told Tuesday.

"Reports should be taken more seriously," Michelle Angus told inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal at a community forum in Terrace.

"I've known four or five people who have gone missing," she recalled, adding there needs to be some sort of Amber Alert, a system now used to notify the public of a child abduction.

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The Vancouver Sun is livestreaming some of the meetings.
Follow along here

Watch the Terrace meeting at Kitsum Kalum Here

Update: The Commission has informed us that the forums today and tomorrow will not be live streamed because the venues do not support the technology.
Highway 16.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 20th September 2011
Please take that gloomy "Highway of Tears" sign down now. People get the point.

Highway 16 to Prince Rupert is one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

The place where the sign is now is sacred ground. Everybody knows (except for the builder of nearby house) that section of Highway 16 runs right through the middle of our graveyard.

After hundreds of road trips we took to Prince Rupert, only a couple were accompanied by tears.

That sign adds nothing to the beauty of the drive.
hitch hiking
Comment by fred_brill on 15th September 2011
educate your people not to hitch hike....
I Agree With MaggieJo
Comment by Roy Harding on 14th September 2011
The Amber Alert system is geared towards CHILDREN.

For the most part - the women missing along the Highway of Tears are of the age of majority, and therefore the Amber Alert system does not apply to them.

I'm hesitant to endorse yet another "alert" system for a group which are, for the most part, adults - despite my empathy with their families.
Missing Children vs Missing Women
Comment by MaggieJo on 14th September 2011
The Amber Alert was instituted in 1996 and it was meant and continues to be reserved soley as a "Child Abduction Alert Bulletin" issued upon the suspected abduction of a child.

Young teenaged women who opt to hitchike or frequent the notorious Hwy of Tears should host a seperate announcement titled alert that is not affiliated with the "Amber Alert" reserved for abducted children.

A suggestion for a seperate named alert for our women who go missing??? -How about this: "We have a HOT Alert""- aka "Highway of Tears" Alert.

That way, people can dilineate between the seperate alerts and jump into action accordingly; based on their geographical locations. If we hear: "We have a "HOT" Alert" we residents would immediately recognize someone has recently gone missing on the Highway of Tears nearby.

Just a thought...