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P.S.A.'S · 15th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
Over the last week we have been repeatedly provided with a link to the same video. This video is a stunningly good and concise account on smart meters. The gentleman who narrates this very short presentation is clear and informative.

Watch it by clicking here

Last month we posted a link to this same video contained within an expose on Smart Meters.

This article contained much more information.

Read it at this link, Smart Meters - Are We Informed Enough?

Two more articles prepared for the upcoming Union of BC Municipalities meeting this month are posted below. These are extensive and are complete with reports from various international organizations. There is so much available information it took two articles to include all of the attachments of research documents demonstrating the unique hazards of these new "Smart Meters".

Letter to Mayors and Councillors attending the UBCM complete with five attachments and four charts.

Further research material with various video and research links along with another five attachments.

After reviewing the above research material one might consider the two previous articles on Bill C-52 and the Privacy Commissioners concerns. The Privacy Commissioner also has concerns with the Smart Meters.

And of course there is the man at the center of a criminal RCMP wire tap investigation who has been hired to insure they install the Smart Meters. Former Kitamaat Village Chief Councillor, Steve Wilson, also was part of an alleged fraud to assist BC Hydro, Premier Campbell and Rio Tinto in the Power Sales Agreement.

Read it here.

And apparently there may be mercenaries coming to the shores of Kitimat via the assistance of Wilson. Read it here.
re not sure
Comment by Sinergy on 21st September 2011
I think there is alot more at stake then just the information. Take a look at this link... now this is a little different as it is for gas but the mechanics are the same. The smart meters are and will be also doing the disconnects at a push of a button as well so the ability of someone to do the same will be there. With the right technology someone driving down the street could not only get your information but also disconnect someones power as demonstrated b y the video. Also the fact they have someone as knowingly corrupt as willson is managing this??? K
Re: Not sure?
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 19th September 2011
In Response to Chris A.

I watched the video and was not impressed myself. They gave many bad examples.

What they are getting at, however, is the fact that they can sell all the personal information they have on you to a 3rd party company.

By picking your life apart and knowing every fine little detail about you, they can build a portfolio on you that will help them sell things to you. This information is worth a lot of money to marketing companies.

Laundry at 2 AM will cuase dangerous situations
Comment by bill braam on 18th September 2011
Ok, Laundry usees electrical devices such as washers and dryers which do have an inherant failure rates and do cause loss of property and possible loss of life. These devices should NOT be left unattended or fallen asleep near. Running noisy appliances at 2 am will also cause too much noise and cause persons in household to have poor sleep cycles, causing poor household dynamics. Please Hydro, do not endorse these very poor practices. Thank you
I enquired...
Comment by MaggieJo on 17th September 2011
I called BC Hydro Head Office and enquired as to the times where a home resident could pull electrical needs at a cost saving - ie; pulling laundry wash/dryer usage, etc at 2 a.m. as opposed to using that electricity during peak usage periods (those early a.m. hours are GREAT for shift workers in our families!)

BC Hydro insisted there is NO time frame set aside for savings; adding "usage of electricity" is "usage of electricity" at the same rate 24/7.


Only time will tell, heh? I gotta keep a vigilant eye on my consumption bill.

BOY! Am I ever kicking myself I didn't go to that BC Hydro event at the REM LEE Theatre a few years ago! We Canadians are really lazy that way. We don't protest....and Corporations bank on our laziness that way and, in the interim... they feel free to bill us to the hilt cuz we couldn't bother to attend a publicized information session for our input.

Remember, bad things happen cuz good people did nofin' !

Shame on me!
Comment by ed on 16th September 2011
Wait until your hydro goes up. Oh your base rate may not increase at first but you will pay more for power you "voluntarily" use at certain times. For example if decide not to get up at 2 am to do the laundry,then you are volunteering to pay more to do it at 7pm. Thats what I feel will happen.
My Smart meter is smarter then I
Comment by Linda on 16th September 2011
Mine was installed yesterday, I feel stupider already :)
Comment by Karen on 16th September 2011
It sounds like Wilson is a patsy for more ominous and powerful entities. They will cater to his over-estimated sense of importance until he is of no more use to them and then he will probably follow the route of the likes of Basi and Virk, a couple more ego-driven patsies.

Gordon Campbell, a Bilderburg patsy himself, and the soon-to-be recipient of The Order of B.C. is better protected and so will be much more difficult to flush out.
Not sure?
Comment by Chris A. on 16th September 2011
So I'm trying hard to understand what the flurry of panic and conspiracy issues are with these new smart meters and although I don't like the idea of anyone spying or invading our privacy, I'm just not sure what the big panic is here?

So far the only things I can see the critics complaining about is that someone might know if we have a grow op, are stealing power, or were home during a murder in our house... All very illegal activities that people shouldn't be doing and quite frankly should be caught and prosecuted for if they are doing them. Is this really about privacy or just those committing crimes worried they'll get caught?

I'm still on the fence about it but I'm just not sure if I care.