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Terrace Search and Rescue file photo
NEWS RELEASE · 16th September 2011
Terrace RCMP
On September 15, 2011 at 4:19 PM police were called to a complaint on Hamer Road of a male in the middle of the road in his undies. Police attended and located a male dressed in boxers and displaying irrational behaviour. The male admitted to consuming illegal drugs and requested to be taken to the hospital. He went willingly with police to the hospital.

A short while later he fled from the hospital wearing only a hospital gown. Police were able to track him to the local Walmart. Police made patrols in the Walmart area, and located the male in the Skeena River, in between Ferry Island and Walmart. Search and Rescue were called out. The male was rescued approximately 2 km down the river, from where he entered at Walmart, on a gravel bar.

He was transported by the Search and Rescue boat to an ambulance at Fisherman’s Park boat launch, and then transported to hospital. He sustained some scratches on his arms and legs.
not so enlightened .....
Comment by Jenipher on 21st September 2011
fact of the matter is yes the food and drug administration do monitor the sales of advil, they also claim to monitor the use of oxycotin and other similar drugs, how many over doses have you heard of?

people who use drugs know what they are getting themselves into. you can't very well blame drug dealers for people overdosing.....

how many house wives are hooked on prozak because the doctors perscribed it??? how long ago was it that you could get heroin from the drug store? and speed? i believe in some countries you still can....
I would be DELIGHTED to meet with you.
Comment by MaggieJo on 19th September 2011
To "Name Withheld"

I would actually prefer that kids don't even start at ALL in illegal drug activity - no matter what floor they're on when they are consuming illegal drugs without knowing what exactly is IN the drugs they are consuming.

But, sounds like you have a wealth of experience/ opinions (which at this point I don't commmonly share with you), but I"m certainly open to further discussion in private. I hold fast to the truth that it's a privilege in Canada to "agree to disagree" - all in respectful form.

I am totally up to meeting with you in person. Thank you for the courtesy in responding to my comments.

I am sorry that you are feeling the "pinch" in your employment situation with sharing things online. Thank you for the explanation of why you have your name withheld. That explanation of why you remain anonymous is appreciated by me...and I'm sure alot of online readers appreciate that explanation as well.

I realize that employment situations deem that employees represent themselves in due diligence that is not reputationally damaging towards "said particular Firm", and I must agree with them.

I'm just wondering how we can arrange a "meet" without publicizing the particulars of this potential engagement lest the Paparazzi show up?

Can you see me now publishing online..."Hey there, Author Name Witheld. It's me...Maggie Jo. I'll meet you on the corner of Kalum/Lakelse at 10 am sharp tomorrow. I'm the chick in the cat woman outfit."

Eeks. First person who stops by announcing "Name withheld" gets me into their car???

Hmmm...gotta find a way around this, so we can hook up together to personally dialogue further without any Privacy/FIPP breech violations.
Re: Thx for the enlightenment.
Comment by name withheld on 19th September 2011
Would you rather have the kids start off at the 30th floor instead of the ground? Is that what you're saying?

As I already stated, my name is being withheld due to prejudice from within the community due to my political beliefs. I have already been told several times at work not to engage in discussions regarding my rights as a human being or face termination of said employment.

I even sence some prejudice in your reply.

I am not opposed to speaking to you in private but instead you insinuate that I may be a user or a seller.
Thx for the enlightenment.
Comment by MaggieJo on 19th September 2011
For "Authors name withheld":

Thx for for contributing to this story and for your complementary links.

In reference to your earlier comment about how people who don't use illegal drugs in a safe setting ruin illegal drug activity for everyone else. you wrote in educational style alerting "kids" to fly from the ground up when under the influence - is your name withheld cuz you're a Buyer or a Seller? You might get more busthiness if you published your name, you know.
Re: Back to UnSchool lesson
Comment by Name withheld on 19th September 2011
In Response to MaggieJo

Your argument is quite flawed.

I will start tearing your augment apart by pointing out that legal drugs kill more people than illegal drugs do.

You say "It's not illegal to sell/buy Advil and it's not illegal to sell/buy cars." And yet driving kills more people than illegal drugs. Also legal over the counter drugs kill more people than illegal drugs.

You also cite Canadian Law saying that Drug Trafficking Laws can have people charged with selling illegal drugs that result in injury or death. Does this mean that you condone the deaths of people who took drugs sold by the big pharmaceutical industry just because they are legal drugs?

Are the deaths of people who died because of legal drugs simply worth less than the people who died of illegal drugs? I don't think so.

I think what you fail to realize is that drugs are dangerous because they are illegal.

No regulation = dangerous mixed compounds on the street.

....And some how, even with these dangerous mixed compounds on the street, there are STILL LESS DEATHS than legal drugs. Strange how those things work out like that.

This poor fool who jumped in the river may have had some serious psychological issues before he took whatever he took. Drugs often do bring out underlying psychological issues. It can often be used for good in therapy sessions. This is what you call being in the right setting under the right mindset. Drugs that are still schedule 1 are now being used to help treat people with a variety of psychological issues varying from post traumatic stress to marital counselling. The kid was obviously not educated enough about drugs to know that doing drugs in the wrong settings can be fatal. If anyone should be footing the bill it should be him. Ignorance is never an excuse as there are wide resources to learn about the many different properties of drugs. One should be properly educated on what they are taking, be it an illegal drug or a legal drug.

Example of well documented resources of all sorts of drugs:

Example of propaganda:

ALCOHOL; Alcohol has been deemed the most damaging drug in society in both the legal and illegal drugs category (source: ). Does this mean it should be illegal? I don't think so.

Once it becomes illegal then you will start seeing moonshine that has been processed with NO REGULATIONS. It would be a repeat of prohibition in the 1930s. Distils would explode and there would be bad batches of booze that would kill people.

Prohibition doesn't work. Illegal drugs have been illegal for years, yet there's more illegal drugs on the street now than ever.

How did this happen? Governments and corporations control industry. Industry = large amounts of profit.

Government controls the Prison industry. The prison industry is a lot of money and jobs for a lot of people. Without illegal drugs then there would be no Prison industry. The majority of people locked up in North America are there for drug charges. Go figure.

Large corporations control the Pharmaceutical industry. They get the help of the government when trying to get drugs deemed as "safe". Once deemed as safe they get to sell it for a profit.

Why are illegal drugs never deemed as safe? Answer: because all illegal drugs are sold illegally.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that the Pharmaceutical industry cannot make any money off of it because there is already a channel of money going through people who are not involved in the Pharmaceutical industry.

At this point it is where the Prison industry, as well as pro-prohibition organizations (RCMP) will lobby to make drugs more illegal and give more jail time to feed the beast that is called the Prison Industrial Complex.

What is happening is that pro-prohibition groups have done such a good job with their DARE education groups that we have given up our rights to self medicate and use plants and herbs for physical and spiritual growth wile AT THE SAME TIME fattening their pockets by feeding their industry.

If you have any questions please ask Merv for my email to contact me directly as I strive to educate the public. At this time it is such a sensitive topic that if I were to use my name I would fear prejudice at my place of employment.

Yes I am serious. I risk my reputation defending what I believe in. You better believe I am serious.

I hope this has been helpful.

RE comments ..
Comment by Dette on 18th September 2011
All I have to say about that is "Buzinga !" HA ! Good Job MJ !
Back to School lesson
Comment by MaggieJo on 18th September 2011

Advil is monitored by the Food & Drug Administration of Canada and hosts proper usuage/warning labels.

Dealerships host mauals in the glove compartments noting safety practices as well; coupled with the RCMP monitoring of unsafe handling of a motor vehicle.

Liquor Stores have posters everywhere reminding adult patrons to drink responsibly.

Illegal Drug Traffickers do NOT publish such safety warnings/practices...nor a detailed script of exactly what IS in the illegal drug they are selling. Most of these illegal transactions are made with under-aged youth - nabbing them in their vulnerable teenaged years to hook their patronage for years to come.

Canadian Law deems that charges may be laid against Drug Trafficking individuals in connection with selling illegal drugs that result in injury/death.

(You when the FDA doesn't publicize medication risks correctly and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to sue the crap outta the Drug Company?)

Are you all outta da loop? You don't know this?

Comparing illegal trafficking causing injury/death to selling cars and buying Advil which could cause injury/death is outrageous. It's not illegal to sell/buy Advil and it's not illegal to sell/buy cars.

It IS illegal to sell/purchase illegal drugs. Often the drugs are tainted to enhance the experience and the drugs are not monitored nor tested through our Canadian drug laws to be ruled "safe" to use.

So what the commenters are insinuating in this article that I may be off my rocker for even suggesting responsibility towards those involved in illegal activity...makes me wonder.

Hmmm...Maybe I could not be held liable for feeding my children McDonald's food for bkfst/noon/night for 3 months straight and if they ended up in the Hospital with organ failure...I couldn't be held liable for mistreating my children's health that way? After's legal to buy McDonald's food.


I could approach my teen males and their friends..."Pst..I got these illegal drugs from a friend of mine. Here...split it all up between the bunch of you. Mind you, I have no clue what's IN it cuz there's no label of ingredients, but don't come back to me if this causes you any injury/death.

Oh man...we really need to start educating the public a wee bit more.
ford vs drug dealers....
Comment by Jenipher on 17th September 2011
i didn't write that comment, but i'll say something to it.....there is NO WAY a drug dealer can be held liable for what the users do with what they buy, the ford example is perfect.... if i go the pharmacy, and buy advil, and i take 40, is it advil's fault??? i know what's going to happen if i do that..... he knew what he was getting into using drugs.... he chose to use it.....
Ford dealers vs Drug dealers
Comment by MaggieJo on 17th September 2011
For "name withheld"'re kidding me, right?
RE: Restitution and Charges
Comment by Authors name withheld on 17th September 2011
Making a drug dealer liable for the stupidity of a drug user is a pretty stupid idea when you think about it.

Does ford need to pay for damages caused by some one driving too fast? Nope, that was the idiots fault who was driving too fast. Cars kill more people than illegal drugs do, so by your logic ford and other vehicle manufactures should have to pay for damages done by irresponsible drivers.

Irresponsible drug users and an ignorance of a population is the only reason drugs are demonized and rendered illegal.

People who don't use drugs in a safe setting with the correct mindset ruin it for everyone.

Remember kids: birds fly from the ground up. If you think you can fly, start from the ground.
Restitution and Charges
Comment by MaggieJo on 17th September 2011
I suspect this male is already embarassed enough. Perhaps when he gets through this difficult time he may indeed offer to share his experience with others to remain away from illegal drug activity.

Perhaps the male may be convinced to disclose where he purchased the drugs so the dealer can assist in paying for the Search and Rescue costs. If this male was injured or died due to the illegal drugs he consumed from a particular trafficker ( we don't have a clue who THAT could be)...the trafficker could be charged in drug dealing; causing injury or death.